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Can Calico Cats Be Long Haired? (5 Surefire Breeds)

If you are researching calico cats or just curious you may be wondering if they can have long hair…

Can calico cats be long-haired?

Calico cats can be long-haired. This is because the name “calico” simply refers to the tricolored fur on the cat and not the cat breed. As a result, many cat breeds can have calico coats, including those with long hair. Maine Coon, Siberian, Persian, and Turkish Angora are just a few examples of long-haired cat breeds that can also have a calico coat.

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So, now you know they can. But, what calico breeds have long hair? Are they more expensive when they are long-haired? Are they quite rare? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What defines a calico cat?

Long-haired calico cat in hay.

Long-haired calico cat in some hay.

A calico cat is simply a domesticated cat breed that has a tricolor coat. Although coat will vary from cat to cat, most calicos are about 25% to 75% white.

The rest of their body is covered in orange and black patches. Sometimes, these patches can be cream or gray. You may also hear calico cats referred to as “tricolor cats” or “brindle.”

Since calico refers to coat coloration, many breeds can produce calico lines. Below is a list of both long-haired and short-haired cat breeds that can produce calico coats:

  • Scottish Fold
  • Arabian Mau
  • Cornish Rex
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Maine Coon
  • Manx Cat
  • British Shorthair
  • Persian Cat
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • American Shorthair
  • Turkish Angora
  • Turkish Cat
  • Exotic Shorthair

Could a Calico cat also be short-haired?

A calico cat can also have short hair. Because “calico” only refers to the color of the coat. Since many breeds can have this coloration, short-haired cats can have calico coats as well.

In fact, short-haired calico cats are slightly more common than long-haired ones, making them less expensive and easier to find.

What breeds of cats have long hair and calico fur?

Long-haired calico cats are rarer than short-haired ones, but there are a variety of long-haired breeds that can produce a calico coat. Below is a list of long-haired calico cat breeds:

  • Japanese Bobtail (can produce short and long-haired cats)
  • Maine Coon
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Persian Cat
  • Turkish Angora

How do you maintain a long-haired calico cat’s fur?

You maintain your long-haired calico cat’s fur, just as you would any other long-haired cat. Regular grooming and maintenance are a must for their easily knotted coat.

Daily brushing

Most importantly, you should brush your cat’s fur daily. This prevents it from becoming tangled or matted. It will also help prevent dandruff, minimize hairballs, and help allergy-suffering family members in the home from inhaling cat dander.

Focus around the ears, armpits, groin, and along the back of the legs. If you see any minor tangles, gently comb them out, but your cat may resist. Any larger tangles or matted hair should be cut out.

If the mat or tangle is close to the skin, seek professional care to prevent accidentally cutting your cat.

Bathing your cat

In addition to brushing, bathe your cat occasionally. Young and healthy cats will require almost no baths. However, older cats or overweight cats may need an occasional bath since they have trouble grooming themselves.

When bathing your cat, make sure to brush out any tangles before getting them wet. Only use a shampoo specifically formulated for cats. Their skin is different from human skin. Do not use any human shampoo, including baby shampoo.

How much do long-haired calico cats cost?

Long-haired calico cats cost between $400 and $2000 to purchase. Adopting costs between $60 and $125. Calico cats are very rare, and they cannot be bred. This makes them more expensive than many other cats. Expect to pay a heavy price tag for these stunning felines.

Several factors will go into the final price of your calico cat. Its age, sex, and lineage are the most important factors. Purebred cats and kittens will cost notably more. Similarly, male calico cats are incredibly rare. They will cost more than the females.

Is a Maine Coon cat a long-haired calico?

A Main Coon cat is a breed of long-haired cats. They can also produce a calico coat, making them a potential for one of the long-haired calico cat breeds.

Are most long-haired calico cats female?

Most long-haired calico cats are female. In fact, over 95% of calico cats are female since the coloring is transmitted from the X chromosome. In other words, orange and black coloration is passed on by the X chromosome, meaning you need two X chromosomes to have both.

Females genetically get two X chromosomes. One from their mother and one from their father. This allows female calicos to have black, orange, and white fur.

The Male Calico genetics

On the other hand, males only have one X chromosome, which they get from their mother. They get a Y chromosome from their father. This prevents them from having orange and black fur. They can have one or the other, as well as white.

Interestingly, there are some male calicos, but they are incredibly rare and almost always sterile. This is because male calicos require a rare genetic mutation.

They must have an extra X chromosome, meaning that their chromosomal pattern is XXY, instead of XY like other males. The Y chromosome is what makes them male, while the two X chromosomes create the tricolored fur.

Are long-haired calico cats rare?

Calico cats, regardless of fur length, are rare because they cannot be bred. Long-haired calico cats (what if you love them with fluffy fur? click here) are rarer than their short-haired counterparts. Long-haired calico cats are so rare that many cultures believe they bring good luck.

For example, long-haired calico cats are sometimes called “money cats” in the US. Similarly, they are called “Maneki neo” in Japan, which roughly translates to “lucky cat” or “beckoning cat.”

3 Best Ways to Maintain a Long Haired Calico Cat’s Fur

1. Comb Regularly

The biggest issue long-haired calico cats’ face is tangled and matted fur. You can help them avoid this issue by brushing out their coat every day. Specifically brush around the armpits, ears, groin, and along the backs of the leg.

For daily combing, there are multiple different brushes or combs you could use. Long-haired cats typically benefit the most from long-tooth steel metal combs (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). During the shedding season, you could also get a specially designed comb (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) for removing clumps of loose undercoat.

When you are combing through your long-haired calico’s fur, be sure not to excessively pull any tangles or mats. Though you will be able to get small tangles out with a comb, cut away any more severe tangles or mats. If your cat is skirmish or the mat is close to the skin, consult a professional’s help.

2. See a Groomer Occasionally

Grooming cats can be a bit difficult since they like to groom themselves. This makes it a great idea to visit a groomer every once in a while.

A groomer is specifically trained in grooming cats, who are naturally against the idea. Seeing a groomer will ensure that the correct shampoos are used if your cat needs a bath. They will also be able to cut out any mats safely.

3. Only Give Baths Occasionally

Cats generally groom themselves, but older and overweight cats can struggle to groom themselves completely. If you think your cat is struggling to groom themselves, bath them occasionally. This may be likely if your cat has arthritis or some other similar illness.

Be sure to brush out any tangles or mats before getting them wet. When in the bath, only use a shampoo formulated for cat skin. This would be a great time to visit a groomer, but you can bathe your cat yourself if you cannot afford a groomer.

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