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my 7 month old kitten is aggressive

My 7 Month Old Kitten is Aggressive (What now?)

If you have a young kitten of 7 months (or near to that), you may be shocked to see some ...
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my roommate wants to get a cat

My Roommate Wants to Get a Cat (Should I Allow it?)

If your roommate wants to get a cat you may be wondering what you should say. I am assuming its ...
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why does my cat hiss at my dad

Why does my cat hiss at my dad?

If your cat is going crazy when your Dad is at your house, you may be left wondering what her ...
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why did my neutered cat pee on me

Why Did My Neutered Cat Pee On Me? (5 reasons)

If your cat has peed on you, you may be left confused and wondering how this is happening, especially when ...
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why does my cat pee in the sink

Why Does My Cat Pee in the Sink? (Can I stop it?)

If your cat is acting up and peeing in your sink, you may be desperately looking for reasons why and ...
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how to make a cat an outdoor cat

How to Make a Cat an Outdoor Cat (Transition Safely)

If you are looking for clever ways to transition your cat to an outdoor cat, you are in the right ...
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cat attacks house guests

Cat Attacks Houseguests (What can I do?)

If you worried about inviting guests over because your cat is going crazy (Click here to see my best pheromone ...
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do cats like cat trees

Do Cats Like Cat Trees? (Benefits/Features/Reasons)

If you are contemplating picking up a cat tree (Click here for the reasons why I think these are the ...
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why does my cat sleep under my bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed? (7 Reasons)

If you are a proud cat owner and wondering why your cat is hiding and sleeping under your bed, it ...
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why does my cat sit at the front door

Why Does My Cat Sit at the Front Door? (Escaping?)

If you have noticed your cat is hovering at the door, you may be wondering why it's happening (Click here ...
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do cats need night lights

Do Cats Need Night Lights? (See in the dark?)

If you have a new cat you be wondering how to deal with them at night (click here for my ...
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new kitten crying at night

Why is my new kitten crying at night? (Lonely/Meowing)

If you have received a new kitten, there is a good chance she is keeping you up at night with ...
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Why do cats poop when you get home

Why do cats poop when you get home (Is it Normal)?

Are you wondering why your cat is waiting for you to poop after you get in after a long day's ...
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Why do cats like fuzzy blankets?

Why do cats like fuzzy blankets? (Obsessed?)

Has your cat been taking over your Fuzzy blanket recently? We know they love these things, but why do they ...
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how often clean cat bowl

How often Should You Clean Your Cat Bowl?

If you are keen to keep your cat clean and healthy, their cat bowl (Click here for my best cat ...
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Why do cats get scared easily?

Why do cats get scared easily?

If you have a scared cat, it can be frustrating. It could be for a number of reasons, such as ...
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why do cats get in your face while you sleep

Why Do Cats Get in Your Face While You Sleep? (+Pic)

If you have ever woken up to a cat on your head, you may be wondering why, of all places, ...
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why do cats fear cucumber

Why Do Cats Fear Cucumber? (Plus viral video)

If you are thinking of food to feed your cat (Click here to see the price of one of my ...
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why are cats afraid of water

Why are Cats Afraid of Water?

If you have ever seen a scared cat being touched with water, you may be curious to understand why they ...
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can an indoor cat become an outdoor cat

Can an Indoor Cat Become an Outdoor Cat? (Is it safe?)

You may have an indoor cat and wondering about taking her outside, maybe you have seen people using cat harnesses ...
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is it weird to walk a cat

Is it Weird to Walk a Cat?

Have you got an indoor cat that you are thinking of walking (click here for my best cat harness and ...
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why do cats lay down when on a leash

Why Do Cats Lay Down When on a Leash (Real Reason!)

Are you having some challenges walking your cat? Maybe it's because you don't have the right lead/harness (Click here for ...
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do cats usually follow you around

Do Cats Usually Follow You Around? (Is this weird?)

Are you wondering if the fact that your cat is following you around like a shadow if this is normal? ...
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why is my cat getting fat

Why is My Cat Getting Fat? (Is this normal?)

If you are noticing your cat gaining weight, you may be wondering why, and how you can stop this happening ...
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teach cat to climb down tree

How to Teach Your Cat to Climb Down a Tree (Easy?)

If you have ever witnessed your cat stuck, and vulnerable in a tree, you would do anything to find a ...
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what to do after cat throws up

What to Do After Your Cat Throws Up (Serious?)

If you have witnessed your cat throwing up, it may just be she has eaten too fast (click here for ...
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how do you stop a cat from scratching walls

How Do You Stop a Cat From Scratching Walls? (+Pics)

If you are sick of your cat scratching your walls, then you need to look at solutions such as scratch ...
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why does my cat scratch the area around his food

Why Does My Cat Scratch the Area Around His Food?

If your cat is scratching around near its food bowl, it could be causing some damage to your flooring or ...
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Do cats hump blankets?

Do cats hump blankets? (Why? & how to stop it)

Maybe you have seen your cat humping and are freaked out, or maybe you are just curious if your cat ...
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Why does my cat bite my blanket and knead it?

Why does my cat bite my blanket and knead it? (+Pics)

If you have ever witnessed your cat bite and need your blanket, you may be confused and wishing they had ...
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Do cats like to be under blankets?

Do cats like to be under blankets? (Can You?)

Have you ever wondered why your cat is in your bed for the umpteenth time? Maybe you would be better ...
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do you need a litter box for an outdoor cat

Do you need a litter box for an outdoor cat?

If you have an outdoor cat, you may question if it is even worth your time having a litter box ...
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best cat litter mat for urine

3 Best Cat Litter Mats for Urine (Guide, Reviews & Pics)

If you have ever cleaned up the mess from excess litter spilling out of the box, you will know why ...
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why is my older cat peeing everywhere

Why is My Older Cat Peeing Everywhere?

If you are sick and tired of seeing cat urine around your house, you are in the right place. Cat ...
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how often can cats have catnip

How Often Can Cats Have Catnip?

If you have ever witnessed the effects of catnip, you may be surprised. Maybe comparable to Pheremones (Click here to ...
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is it dangerous to clean cat urine with bleach

Is it Dangerous to Clean Cat Urine with Bleach?

If you have ever smelled stale cat urine, for example, if you have behavioral problems with your cat (Click here ...
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cat pheromones affect humans

Can Cat Pheromones Affect Humans?

If you have ever considered purchasing a pheromone related product (Click here for 3 of the Best Pheromone Collars for ...
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why do cats fold their paws

Why Do Cats Fold Their Paws? (Real Reason)

Have you ever seen your cat fold her paws and get into a rectangular position? I am sure you must ...
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cat smell in house

Getting Rid of Cat Smell In Your house – Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t love keeping adorable cats as pets? But, loving your pet cat endlessly comes with certain challenges as well ...
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indoor cat fleas

Indoor Cat Fleas? Why it’s not Cool & Why it’s Happening

Can indoor cats get fleas? They definitely can. Let's start by telling you what a flea is capable of so ...
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norwegian forest cat vs maine coon vs siberian

15 Facts: Maine Coon vs Siberian vs Norwegian Forest Cat

IntroductionAre you weighing up getting a Maine Coon, Siberian or a Norwegian Forest Cat? Well, you are in the right ...
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how to stop my cat from biting and attacking me

15 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Biting and Attacking You

IntroductionAs much as we all know how much you probably love your cat, there are times when it might occasionally ...
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my cat doesn't like my new kitten

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like My New Kitten?

So, Why Doesn't My Cat Like the new Kitty?Adorable and cute cats come with various mood swings and tantrums as ...
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cat litter smell in small apartment

How to get rid of stinky cat litter smells in small apartment?

So, How do you get rid of that smell?Stinky cat litter smells? We all hate that smell of the litter ...
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do indoor cats need grass

Do Indoor Cats Need Grass?

Do Indoor Cats Need Grass?Everyone knows that cats are carnivorous, thats why I love this food for them (click for ...
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Best cat playpen cages guide for your home

Best Cat Playpen Cages Guide for Your Home

I don't know about you, but I always dreamed about a tree house. A place where I could hide away ...
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9 Reasons Why Your Cat's Peeing in the House all of a Sudden

9 Reasons Why Your Cat’s Peeing in the House all of a Sudden

It's safe to assume that you've clicked on this article because you're dealing with a cat who is all of ...
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Best Cat Bed Big Enough for Two Cats

Best Cat Bed Big Enough for Two Cats

Every cat deserves to be treated with a lot of dignity. Instead of letting them sleep on the cold floor, ...
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