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How Much Do Ragamuffin Cats Cost Normally? (Guide)

If you are researching ragamuffin cats one of the first things that people consider is the cost to get a good idea of how much they will set you back.

How much do Ragamuffin cats cost normally?

Ragamuffin cats can be adopted or purchased from breeders. If they are purchased from a breeder you can expect a price between $800 to $1300. If they are adopted you can expect this to be from $75 to $150. This assumes it is from a quality seller.

Now that you know the costs keep reading to learn how long they live for, their expected weight, if they shed a lot, and so much more.

What do ragamuffin cats look like?

Before we dip int more facts about the Ragamussin cat, to help you get more information before purchasing one. It is a good idea to be clear on what they look like to make sure you get what you pay for.

The Ragamuffin is quite a large and strong cat. It has a big head, and some would say quite broad. Their body shape is rectangular looking. And they have a beautiful large and fluffy tail that you will adore.

What is a ragamuffin cat?

A ragamuffin cat is a large, long-bodied domestic cat. They have a thick, plush, almost rabbit-like coat. Apart from their fur, they are known for their friendly personalities and big, round eyes. Because of their muscular form and heavy size, they take around 4 to 5 years to fully mature.

Despite ragamuffins now being loved pets, they actually originated from street cats. They were once considered to be a variant of the ragdoll cat, however, in 1994 they were established as a separate breed. Although, the two breeds do share the common factor of being incredibly lazy, meaning they are often suitable for being indoor cats.

How long do ragamuffin cats live?

Now that you know the average cost of a Ragamuffin cat it is a good idea to understand how long you can expect them to live for. Therefore, in this section, I will explain their life expectancy.

Usually, you can expect Ragamuffin cats to live for 15 years. Some live longer than this, for example, a few years more. But, in general, this the standard you can expect, assuming they are in good health and cared for well.

So, you have learned that they can live for 15 years assuming all is well. Keep reading to learn their expected weight to gauge if they are in good health.

How much should my ragamuffin cat weigh?

Before you invest in a Ragamuffin cat, it is a good idea to prepare for it. Therefore getting an idea of how big they will get, in particular, their average weight, will help you get a good idea of what to expect. Therefore, in this section, I will explain what you should expect.

Ragamuffin cats typically weigh from 12 to 20lbs. Also, females will usually weigh a bit less, like most animals. The female Ragamussin will usually be in the region of 8 to 15lbs. This is assuming they are in good health and eat well.

Now that you know how much your male or female should weigh, keep reading to understand how her fur is. In particular, is she a big shedder or not.

Do Ragamuffin cats shed a lot?

If you have ever had a cat before you know that some shed more than others. And, it’s a good idea to understand how your cat may behave before you commit to that purchase. Therefore, in this section, I will explain if they shed a lot or if it’s just a bit.

Ragamuffin cats shed a lot and quite regularly. To help you to manage this it is a good idea to groom their fur regularly. This is ideally every week. This will avoid cat fur on your furniture.

Tools you can use to manage the shedding

Earlier I mentioned that it is a good idea to groom them regularly. there are two tools you can use to help this:

  • Steel rake
  • Grooming Glove

Steel rake

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The steel rake will help you to comb out the loose fur out of your Ragamuffin’s fur easily. And, as I said, it’s better to comb it out in a controlled manner than leaving it all over your furniture, which is difficult to tidy after.

Grooming Glove

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The grooming glove is a great addition to the rake. The rake will do most of the heavy lifting. But, where this glove excels is getting the bits of fur that the rake will miss, are you with me?

You have learned that Ragamuffins are big shedders and how you can get in front of it and control it easily. Keep reading to learn more about their behavior, in particular, if they are vocal or not.

Are ragamuffins vocal?

Having a winning cat can be a nightmare, right? So, it’s worth knowing a specific cat breeds vocality before making that costly purchase. Therefore, in this section, I will explain how vocal they are to prepare you.

Ragamuffin cats can be vocal. But, they are not aggressive. They may use their voice when required, but they are known to be good around other pets and children. This is one of the reasons why they are quite popular domestically.

Now that you have learned that they are vocal, but typically behaved well. Keep reading to learn if they are ok to be left alone.

Can ragamuffin cats be left alone?

If you work a lot or have a quiet home you may be interested to know how a Ragamuffin will cope on its own, or if they generally like this. In this section, I will explain how they cope with being alone and their sociability.

Ragamuffin cats are very friendly and social cats. They do not like to be alone. However, they do prefer to interact with humans that they know and trust. Fortunately, their personality makes bonding quite easy so you can build trust with them.

One thing to note though, if they are not trained well, and they lack trust in you, they can become introverted and be fearful of social interaction.

Now that you have a better understanding of their social behavior and know that they do not like being alone keep reading to learn to see some of their key differences between Ragdoll cats.

What is the difference between a ragdoll cat and a ragamuffin cat?

If you have been comparing Ragamusffins with Ragdolls because they are often mentioned together. You may be keen to understand what makes them different.

The main differences between a Ragdoll and Ragamuffin cat is their eyes and behavior. The Ragdoll has oval and blue eyes. Whereas a Ragamuffin has round eyes of nearly any color. Regarding behavior, the ragdoll is known to go limp when picked up, unlike the Ragamuffin.

Now that you know the key differences between a Ragamuffin and Ragdoll, keep reading to learn more bout how the Ragamuffin was originated. In particular, what it was mixed with originally.

What is a RagaMuffin cat mixed with?

It is a good idea to fully understand the cat’s origins before you commit to a purchase. So, you can get a well-rounded view of them. Therefore, in this section, I will explain what they were originally mixed with.

It is believed that the Ragamuffin cat was cross-bred with the Ragdoll and other longhaired cats. For example, the Turkish Angora, Persians, etc. This will explain why they are often compared to Ragdoll cats. But, have their unique traits.

You have learned how these beautiful Ragamuffins were originally bred and mixed to help you understand their origins.

Are Ragamuffin cats playful?

If you are a fan of playing with your cat you may want to know, ahead of time, if they enjoy this before you bring one home. Therefore, now I will explain if they are playful or not.

Ragamuffin cats are quite playful. They enjoy running after cat toys and picking up new tricks. They are ideal for cat owners that like to interact with their cat and love being with them.

So, you have learned that these cats do like playing. You can make sure you are well equipped for them by getting some great toys for it and enjoying your time together.

How much are ragamuffin kittens?

The price of ragamuffin kittens can vary from breeder to breeder, however, you’re not likely to find a ragamuffin kitten for less than $600. The average range is from $600 and $1,300, although depending on the breeder, quality, location, and the colour of the kitten, you could be paying $2,000 or more.

Ragamuffins can be bought for a much cheaper price if they are adults from 3 years or over. As the desire has greatly dropped for fully grown cats, you could now purchase a ragamuffin from as little as $30 up to $150.

Ragamuffin vs Ragdoll: what’s the difference?

The two breeds are very similar, which can make it difficult to tell them apart. The main difference is the colouration. Ragamuffins are usually white, although they can come in a variation of colours. Ragdolls are generally one solid colour with dark points around the body. If your cat has darker sections, it’s most likely a ragdoll.

Another few differences about the ragamuffin include;

  • They are slighter bigger and heavier
  • They are more trainable
  • They exercise less
  • They have longer lifespans

Are ragamuffin cats rare?

As of yet, ragamuffin cats are still fairly unknown, however, popularity will likely grow as knowledge of the breed spreads. Despite becoming its own breed back in 1994, they were only really fully introduced to pet owners in 2003.

How do I know if my cat is a ragamuffin?

You can identify your cat as a ragamuffin using a mixture of physical attributes, and personality traits.

Physical attributes

White paws – Although there is some variety, most ragamuffins have pure white paws.

Long tail – Ragamuffins always have fairly long tails. They are never short or stumpy.

Coat and pattern – Ragamuffins are born white, then their coat develops over time. The most common colours are white, tabby, mink, or tortoiseshell. They never have short coats.

Personality traits

Energy level – Ragamuffins are placid in nature, and have fairly low energy levels.

Sociableness – Ragamuffins enjoy cuddles, and are friendly with other cats.

If you are still unsure after doing this analysis, it would be best to take your cat to your vet for a blood sample or DNA test. It would also be good to ask for proper documentation from the breeder and buy through breeders who have a good reputation.

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