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Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Apples?

If you have noticed that your cat is crazy about apples you may be wondering why, and if this is normal behavior… Why is my cat obsessed with apples? Cats are characters and they like what they like. It might be the shape of the apple, which makes it roll around a bit ‘off’ when […]

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​​Why Is My Cat Afraid Of Apples?

If your cat is afraid of apples this may alarm, or confuse you. Which will inevitably lead you to wonder why this is happening… ​​Why Is My Cat Afraid Of Apples? With apples we are uncertain what the association might be. They do have a very distinctive shape to them, however, and it is likely […]

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Why is my cat dumping her water bowl?

If your cat keeps dumping its water bowl you may be getting annoyed and wondering why this keeps happening… Why is my cat dumping her water bowl? Most commonly, when your cat is splashing their water bowl, then it is a sign of anxiety. Anxiety can cause fairly odd behavior in cats, and this can […]

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