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Can Maine Coon Survive In India? (Is It Too Hot?)

If you live in India or are just curious, you may wonder if Maine Coon’s can live there…

Can a Maine Coon Survive in India?

Maine Coon’s can survive in India. They can survive anywhere in the world, be it in extremely cold places, in North America, or even in hot countries, such as India. 

So, now you know that they can. But, where can you buy them? can they be adopted? What about importing them to India? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

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Why are Maine Coon’s Associated with Cold Climates?

A Maine Coon, a breed of cat, is known for its rich fur. Due to this reason, they are often found in regions having a cold climate.

However, if one is planning to keep a Maine Coon in India, one must do it with the utmost care.

What precautions are needed to raise a Maine Coon in India?

To raise a Maine Coon in India it’s necessary to maintain their inner body temperature, by giving them more water than the standard amount, keeping them indoors, letting them sleep on the cold ground, and turning on the fan or air-conditioning.

It is also important to groom the Maine Coon regularly. Once, a person follows all of the given steps, a Maine Coon can survive in India or any other place too.

Water requirements

In this climate plenty of water is mandatory. Therefore a constant flow of water should be made available rather than the odd bowl or two when you remember.

Ideally, a water fountain should be used so there is water on demand for your cat. In these climates, due to the heat, they are more likely to attend this fountain more regularly than in a cold climate.

Avoiding sunburn

Due to the heat in India, and the direct sunlight, sunburn is a real issue. Therefore you have to be on the lookout for this and keep your cat away from these risks.

Little things like being careful when you groom it and offering it some shady areas to relax will help to avoid this.

Plenty of shade & air conditioning

Because of the extreme weather air conditioning in your home is important, as well as enough shade for your cat to hide from the direct sunlight.

Air conditioning is helpful inside your home. But, if you have an outdoor cat, then having areas of shade is just as important for them.

Restricting time outside

It’s important to restrict your cat’s time outside to keep them away from the direct sun. This is even more important at the time of day when the sun is most intense. For example, midday.

During these times it’s a good idea to call for your cat to come back indoors. This can be done by offering it some food to coax it back indoors.

Providing a Cooling Mat

A cooling mat is a great investment for your cat in these hot countries. This is even more important if you do not have cool surfaces, such as tiling.

Once they are set up your cat can escape to this surface whenever they feel they need to and give you some reassurance that they feel comfortable.

Where Can You Buy a Maine Coon in India?

If you are searching for a Maine Coon in India, there are mainly three ways that can help you find one.

These three ways include:

  • Pet Stores: Many pet stores across India may have Maine Coon in their shops. You can try calling your nearest pet store and ask them regarding a Maine Coon cat.
  • Adoption Centers: Did you know that there are many adoption centers all across India that may have Maine Coon cats with them? So, if you don’t want to buy a cat from a pet dealer, you can always find pet adoption centers in any city and ask them if they have a Maine Coon cat or not.
  • Online Stores: Maine Coon’s are not available everywhere in India. So, if you want to buy one, you can import one too. Some sites sell dewormed and fully vaccinated Maine Coon cats in India.  So, you can also look out for that option if you want.

What Is an Average Cost of a Maine Coon in India Rupees?

The price of a Maine Coon cat may start from $400, which is around 29,000-30,000 in rupees. Moreover, you should also expect import charges if you’re importing a cat from outside.

Factors that affect the price

But, understand this, the cost of a Maine Coon cat depends on various factors, such as their gender and even age.

Usually, female Maine Coon cats may cost more than male ones as female ones are capable of producing offspring. When it comes to age, kittens are usually more expensive than adult Maine Coon cats as they are high in demand.

As discussed earlier, if you don’t wish to pay for a cat, you can also consider looking for one that is up for adoption.

What Temperature Is Best for a Maine Coon?

As long as their body temperature remains between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, they won’t face any trouble.  But, with their thick and furry coat, Maine Coon cats are best suited for areas having freezing temperatures.

However, keep in mind that even if your Maine Coon has thick fur, it is better to keep them indoors during extreme winter temperatures (below 30 degrees Fahrenheit)

Do Maine Coons Live in Hot Countries?

Well, the truth is that a Maine Coon can live in hot countries too. It is because many of their ancestors and forefathers have lived in hot and arid Middle Eastern countries.

Yet, a Maine Coon living in hot countries requires some extra care compared to the one living in cold countries.

For instance, the cat may have to drink more water, sleep in shady and cool areas, and shouldn’t go out too often. They should be under a fan or air conditioning for as much time as possible. Moreover, they may also require more grooming.

Do You Need to Trim a Maine Coons Fur if They Live in India?

When it comes to grooming, you may want to trim your Maine Coons’ fur if you live in India. However, it is okay to trim your Main Coons’ hair if you want. But, it should only be in a slight amount.

You need to make sure that you don’t get their fur shaved off completely or give them a lion cut. It is because Maine Coons are still susceptible to sunburn and as India is a hot place with ample sunlight, the risk increases further!

So, in short, you can get their fur trimmed but not shaved off completely (could it change color? click here).

Can You Import a Maine Coon to India?

You can import a Maine Coon to India. For this, you can find online breeders that can help in buying and importing a Maine Coon from other regions.

Maine Coon is a cat breed usually found in the North American countries, or other cold regions. So, if you are planning to get a Maine Coon in India, the chances are that you may not be able to find it in your local pet stores or adoption centers either.

Can You Adopt a Maine Coon in India?

Yes, it is possible to adopt a Maine Coon in India. Even though the chances are quite low that you’ll find a Maine Coon in adoption centers in India, you can still try looking out for them.

If you know anyone around you owning a female Maine Coon with kittens, you can always ask them too if you can adopt a kitten.

Although, keep in mind that a Maine Coon requires high maintenance to sustain healthily in warm countries, like India. So, you may have to spend some extra bucks even after you have adopted a Maine Coon cat.

Can You Find Maine Coons in Rescue Centers in India?

Well, yes and no. Most of the time you won’t find Maine Coons in rescue centers as these cats are mostly kept indoors by their owners. Also, as they are quite expensive, no owner leaves them simply on the street.

However, sometimes, you may find a Maine Coon in Indian rescue centers. There have been many experiences of cat enthusiasts who found a Main Coon in a rescue center.

So, before you start your search online or in pet stores, you can consider paying a visit to the rescue centers in your city.

Where Can You Find a Maine Coon Kitten in Bangalore?

In Bangalore specifically, you can find a Maine Coon kitten from online pet breeders, such as this site. There are other sites too, such as OnlyKittens from where you can get one.

Apart from these sites, you can consider visiting some pet stores or adoption centers in Bangalore to see if they have a Maine Coon or not.

What temperatures can a Maine Coon tolerate?

A temperature gauge.

A temperature gauge.

A Maine Coon is believed to have the ability to tolerate temperatures from 30 – 100 ℉. But, even though they can does not mean that it is ideal for them.

To keep a cat like this in these high temperatures there needs to be some precautions taken to keep them safe and healthy. 

How do Maine Coons deal with hot weather?

You may be wondering how this large furry cat can actually, practically speaking, deal with this hot weather. Therefore, in this section, I will explain: 

Drinking a lot of water

The Maine Coon will naturally drink more in these hot conditions. This is why it’s important to have running water on demand for them.

This may sound hard to believe, especially when compared to a cat that lives in colder climates, like the UK. In these climates you have to push your cat to drink more, right?

Well, this is not the case in hot countries like India. For example, if you are from a colder country, like the UK, have you noticed how much more you drink on holiday in a hot country? It’s the same concept for a Maine Coon in India.

Using its fur

Believe it or not, a Maine Coon’s fur is a benefit to it in the heat. This is, contrary to popular belief, they use it to trap the air and keep them cool.

Earlier I said it’s important to keep them groomed, for this reason, remember? Well, it’s for this reason. If their fur is groomed it will help them do this easier.

Also, as you groom them you will remove dead fur that is stuck. This will help them to trap the air with fresh fur.


Like us humans, Maine Coons use sweating as a tactic to cool down in the hot sun. They will do this through their pads, on their feet, and also through their nose.

This will be at a faster rate than in a cold country, like Switzerland in the winter, for example. 

The position they sleep in

If you have a Maine Coon in India or another hot country, you may have seen it sprawled out sleeping. This is a sleeping position they have chosen, tactically.

I say tactically because it is advantageous. Meaning, this can help them to feel cooler while they sleep.

Hiding in shady locations

Another tactic used to keep cool is to find cooler locations. For example, if you have tiled flooring inside your home, your Maine Coon may be found relaxing there.

Why? Because these tiles are likely to be cooler than the carpeted parts of your home if you have this.

What could happen if your Maine Coon gets too hot?

If a Maine Coon gets too hot it could become dehydrated, or in extreme cases, it could get heatstroke. If it’s the latter, then it’s quite serious and would require medical attention.

Therefore, it’s better to take precautions way before this happens so that you avoid this ever happening. Just following some of the tips in this article can help you to avoid this.

What are the symptoms of heatstroke in cats?

Spotting heatstroke is not always obvious. However, there are some known symptoms to look out for if you have concerns such as vomiting, diahrea, muscles tremoring, heavy breathing, etc.

Apart from these symptoms, you should be able to see differences in your cat’s behavior because you know your cat more than anyone else. And, this early detection can make it a lot easier to fix.

What should I do if I think my cat has hyperthermia?

If you fear that your cat has hyperthermia then you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. This means you need to get it to a vet asap.

However, whilst this is being organized there are a few proactive things you can do, such as the following:

  • Wrap it with damp cloths
  • Use of a cooling mat
  • Apply cool water
  • Provide plenty of shade
  • Lots of drinking water

Wrap it with damp cloths

In an attempt to keep your cat cool damp, not wet, cloths can be used. Simply dampen them and cover over your cat until you can get it to the vet.

Use of a cooling mat

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A cooling mat can be helpful. This is quite a simple device that can be layed down and offer your cat a chance to cool down while you get some professional help.

Apply cool water

Depending on how your cat reacts to being bathed, it may be a good idea to place them in a cool bath. This will help to bring down their body temperature. However, if you know your cat hates baths, and it may freak it out, then this may not be a good idea.

Provide plenty of shade

Where possible, offer your cat some shady locations to try and help it to cool down, while you look into medical support.

Lots of drinking water

It goes without saying that drinking water is required. But, even more so in this situation. Make sure your cat has plenty to help them through this.

Can my cat recover from heatstroke?

Yes. A cat can recover from heatstroke. However, it is classed as a serious condition that can cause a fatality. But, if it is not too severe, in particular no damage to the cat’s organs, it stands a better chance of recovery.

Depending on the severity, it could recover as soon as a few days. But, bear in mind that if it is bad, it may not recover.

Should I shave my Maine Coon when it’s hot?

No. You should not shave your Maine Coon’s fur if it gets hot. This is likely to cause them discomfort in the short term, and long term it won’t benefit them. 

Their fur, as discussed earlier, can help them to keep cool, as shocking as that sounds. It will trap the air and help to cool them down. So, let nature take care of your cat instead of trying these unnatural measures.

Can Maine Coons get cold?

Yes. Maine Coons can get cold. Like any animal, there is a limit to anything. However, they are built to survive cold conditions more than other breeds, such as a sphynx, for example.

Their fur, as you would expect, heavily protects them in cold conditions. And, this is why they also have wide toes. These can help them walk in the snow in cold countries.

Can Maine Coon cats travel?

A plane in flight.

A plane in flight.

Yes. they can travel. But, like any other cat breed, they may need time to adjust before they calm down. And, the time for this depends on how they are traveling.

For example, traveling in a carrier on a plane is going to be more traumatic than being put in your car for a short journey.

Do Maine Coons wander far?

Yes. these cats are naturally curious and not scared to venture into new areas. So, if they are given an opportunity, they will take it.

How long can you leave a Maine Coon cat alone?

Not longer than 12 hours, ideally, assuming it’s an adult cat. If it’s a kitten, not more than 8 hours. But, even less for younger kittens that have not been weaned yet.

Each cat is different, so you may find you have an adult cat that is needier than others, which could mean it reduces this recommended maximum time to be left alone.

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