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15 Facts: Maine Coon vs Siberian vs Norwegian Forest Cat


Are you weighing up getting a Maine Coon, Siberian, or a Norwegian Forest Cat? Well, you are in the right place. Today I will share with you my research, comparing these three wonderful cats, and my best way to treat them (click for price on Amazon #Ad) :

What is A Norwegian Forest Cat?

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon vs Siberian.

A Norwegian forest cat outside near some grass.

The origin of this breed of a domestic cat is Northern Europe. The Norwegian Forest Cat, which is also commonly referred to as Skogkatt in its native country, Norway, is a rather large cat with semi-long cat fur whose name fits its rugged appearance.

Its long shedding hairs, woolly undercoat, and glossy top coat help with insulation which shows that this type of cat is adapted to extremely cold weather conditions. The history of this cat dates back hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of years ago. Quite a long time, no?

This domestic breed is a large and strong cat that has several similarities to the Maine Coon cat breed (click here to see if a Black Maine Coon cat variation Exists). Just like the Main Coon, it has a sturdy body, a bushy tail, and long legs.

The fact that this breed has very strong claws makes them expert climbers (click here to see how to train your cat to climb down a tree). They live until about fourteen to sixteen years of age, however, many reports claim that this breed is usually prone to suffering from heart as well as kidney diseases.

These cats are normally moderately active. They usually have bursts of energy that are quickly followed by long naps.

Sensitive yet very social, you’ll fast realize that this breed of cat is quite intelligent and easily and readily adapts to change, Breeders always wonder whether it’s best to live them inside the home or outside, but, like with most cats the most suitable and safest environment is inside the home

How Big is the Norwegian Forest Cat?

The Norwegian Forest Cat is much larger than your average domestic cat and has a stronger built as well. Female species that have reached adulthood will typically have a weight of around three to five kilograms or seven to ten pounds.

The male species, on the other hand, weigh in at around six to eight kilograms or twelve to seventeen pounds or more in some cases. These weights show that the females are usually somewhat smaller than their male counterparts.

They are generally very big domestic cat breeds. It has a long head that kind of has a shape that looks like an equilateral triangle, a medium-length muzzle, and a strong chin. and Its ears are not only large but pretty wide at the base as well.

The Wegie, another name for the Norwegian Forest Cat, has a slow maturity rate and isn’t fully grown until it attains five years of age.

What is The Norwegian Forest Cat’s Personality Like?

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a friendly and gentle cat that does not demand constant petting and attention and is normally fond of all members of the family.

This cat is both equally satisfied when it’s in a room filled with people and can entertain itself during those times it happens to be all alone. Even though it much rather prefers the company of humans, it can sometimes tend to get a little reserved in front of visitors or people it doesn’t know too well.

This breed rarely sits on laps, even with family members, but a polite scratch beneath the chin or between the ears is always most welcome. It uses classic Scandinavian restraint to communicate.

The voice it has is a quiet one and it’s employed in situations where it needs something, such as supper time, perhaps. Only when it’s ignored is when you’ll hear its voice rising. As mentioned earlier, this cat is not only large but, it’s very athletic as well which in turn helps encourage its climbing expertise. You’ll often find it chilling at the highest points it can reach.

Another thing about its climbing is that, unlike some other breeds, this cat has no problem coming down from long heights and trees headfirst.

Also, Its wilderness and farm cat heritage, not forgetting its waterproof coat, gives this cat the ability to fish for food. It thinks nothing of hunting for fish in a small or large body of water.

Another thing is, while it loves being outdoors, it’s also perfectly content with living quietly in the house. This cat is independent, intelligent, smart (learns a lot of things by itself as well as with the help of its owners), and is always alert by nature. It loves to play and have fun and will thrive in a family that adores it.

How to Entertain Your Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cats love human affection, however, they may sometimes require a little space. As much as they are loving, they’re also very independent as well.

Try giving it attention when you notice it’s in that type of mood. For instance, when your cat climbs onto your laps, that’s a pretty obvious sign that it’s in the mood for some human love and affection.

Provide your cat with puzzle toys. This happens to be one of the best ways to keep it entertained. The fact that they are very intelligent animals means that they will probably enjoy toys that challenge them. Few toys are more challenging to a cat than a puzzle toy.

The challenge it experiences with playing with a toy such as this one will help stimulate its mind. To make it more fun for the cat, offer it treats whenever it solves a puzzle.

You should also try providing your Norwegian Forest Cat with hunting-instinct toys as well. Most cats like playing with a variety of toys. Since this type of cat has a long history when it comes to hunting, give it hunting-instinct toys to engage its predatory instincts. Furry mice toys work the best in such situations.

What To Feed Your Norwegian Forest Cat

Try to feed your Norwegian Forest Cat high-quality cat food. If you want to keep it in peak physical condition, then high-quality cat food is the only way to go. Most high-quality cat food will meet the nutritional requirements your Norwegian forest cat may have.

One of the best ways you can select good cat food is by reading the ingredients. A good quality product usually has meat, and not meat by_products, listed as the top two ingredients. If you find it any other way, place that cat food back on the shelf and keep looking.

Cat food that contains Taurine is usually ideal for Norwegian Forest Cats. It’s basically an important amino acid that your feline requires for good heart health and vision. Most, if not all, high-quality foods designed for cats include Taurine as an ingredient.

So avoid buying any cat foods that do not have Taurine in them. Fresh, clean water is something you should also constantly provide your cat with. It will need to have access to a fresh bowl of this at all times. The bowl should be washed daily and the water changed once a day.

What is a Maine Coon Cat?

Do Maine Coons get jealous?

A Maine Coon cat.

One of the largest and most common breeds of domesticated cats is the Maine Coon. It has valuable hunting skills as well as a distinctive physical appearance.

It’s native to North America, specifically the state of Maine, and it’s amongst the oldest natural breeds they have. It’s actually even their state cat.

The fact that it usually enjoys being around the company of humans makes it seem like the dog of the cat world. Maine Coons are normally good-natured goofs, intelligent, gentle, and big. They’re basically gentle giants, which also doubles up as their nickname.

This cat is characterized by the prominent ruff it has along its chest, its rectangular body shape, robust bone structure, and its long fluffy tail.

This breed has a wide variety of colors, with only chocolate and lilac disallowed for pedigree. Reputed for its playfulness, intelligence, and gentle personality, this breed of cat is usually known for having some “dog-like” traits.

Fun fact, brown tabby-coated Maine Coons used to be referred to as Maine Shags in the past.

How Big is a Maine Coon Cat?

The Maine Coon amongst cats happens to be the largest breed. There is no other breed of a domesticated cat that can grow longer than this one. It takes about two years for most of them to reach their full physical maturity.

However, it can take some others up to four years to do so. Female Maine Coons are usually much smaller than their male counterpart. The typical size of an adult male Maine Coon is a cat that weighs in at about seven to thirteen kilograms or fifteen to twenty-five pounds.

The female’s average weight is around three to seven kilograms or seven to fifteen pounds. Their heights also have a significant difference. The males’ height is between ten to sixteen inches with a length of forty inches while the females measure in at around eight to fourteen inches with a length of about thirty-five inches.

What is the Maine Coon’s Personality Like?

This large cat socializes well with both humans as well as other animals. They are a naturally curious breed that enjoys interacting with other pets and people.

Most people that own male Maine Coons will say that they are much more outgoing and sociable compared to their female counterparts. The males usually make it a point to always try to entertain their owners. They are comical and absolutely love to have fun.

The females are relatively outgoing, but, not as much as the males. They sometimes seem a little aloof to strangers and act much more “cat-like”. However, they are still very good company. They are also relatively outgoing as well but they’ll have to get a little comfortable with you first.

Although, no matter the gender, both have been described as being equally very easy to train and quite docile. The Maine Coon cat has a long hunting history and is considered to be an excellent hunter.

It has a natural predatory instinct which makes it great at catching mice. Even though it’s unlike them to show aggression toward people or other pets, it can certainly hold its own in a fight. It’s for this reason when introducing it to a new cat, you should still ensure it’s done under your supervision, for caution’s sake.

How to Entertain Your Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats love it when you spend a lot of time being around them. They are highly sociable animals and love hanging out where people are. You’ll need to remember to accommodate the social needs a Main Coon cat has.

They may sometimes even try participating in your daily routine by following you around the house. Try to carve out some time daily in your schedule where you just sit, relax and pet your cat. Do this while it sits by your side because most Maine Coon cats aren’t usually fond of sitting on their owner’s laps.

Maine Coon cats are natural hunters so providing them with mouse-like toys can keep them thoroughly entertained. They’re actually world-renowned for their excellent mouse hunting skills.

These kinds of toys are guaranteed to keep their minds adequately stimulated. Furry mice and crinkly ball toys are some of the best options when it comes to Maine Coon cats. Open cardboard boxes also give them something to explore.

What to Feed Your Main Coon Cat?

Just like Norwegian Forest Cats, Maine Coon Cats require high-quality cat food as well if you want them to stay fit and healthy. Brand name foods designed for cats are your best option.

If your vet has set out some specific dietary needs for your Maine Coon then you best ensure the food you buy meets those particular requirements.

For instance, if you have an overweight Maine Coon Cat and your vet recommends cat food designed for overweight cats then you should stick to those recommendations. If you don’t know what high-quality cat food is do not be afraid to consult your vet.

However, one way to ensure the cat food your buying is high quality is to check whether taurine happens to be one of the ingredients. Most high-quality foods designed for cats have taurine as one of the major ingredients.

Also, ensuring that your Maine Coon has access to plenty of clean, freshwater throughout the day is pretty important. Wash its water bowl daily and change out the water at least once a day.

And make sure not to place bowls next to its litter box because they usually don’t like drinking nor eating next to their litter boxes.

What is a Siberian Cat?

The Siberian Cats are native to Russia and have been there for centuries. It’s actually Russia’s national cat. As befits a Russian cat, the Siberian breed spots a wonderful fur coat that not only looks absolutely gorgeous but, protects it from extreme weather as well. All this covers a cat that is warm and gentle in nature.

This cat is also commonly referred to as Moscow Semi Longhair. This cat and the Norwegian Forest cat actually share a lot of similarities and are pretty closely related. In fact, its full names are the Siberian Forest Cat. While it initially started as a landrace breed, to date, it has grown to be pedigreed and selectively bred in around seven major breeders and cat fancier organizations and groups.

If you’re not keen you might confuse the Siberian for a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, but, what sets the breeds apart is the Siberian cat has a much more rounded head and body. Also, its big yellow-green eyes are specific to the Siberian breed and not the rest.

Its neck-ruff and tufted ears are very different from the rest as well. It happens to be an exceptionally agile jumper and is strong as well as powerfully built. It has big, well-rounded paws alongside rather strong hindquarters. Their slight back arch (what if it arches and moves sideways? click here) is because their front legs are a little shorter than their hind ones.

How Big is a Siberian Cat?

The Siberian Forest Cat is usually a large, sturdy, and very strong cat. This is a breed of cat that has a muscular physique with big, circular, powerful paws. The male Siberian cats weigh about nine to thirteen kilograms or seventeen to twenty-six pounds.

Females, on the other hand, weigh between seven to nine kilograms or thirteen to seventeen pounds.

Siberian cats normally take their sweet time to mature, however, most of their growth takes place between birth and eighteen months. But, it usually takes around five whole years before your Siberian grows into a full adult. So, if you’re considering introducing a Siberian into your home, you can prepare to enjoy a lengthy kitten-hood.

What is the Siberian’s Personality Like?

The heart of a Siberian cat is as warm as its homeland is cold. It usually loves being in the company of people so when you get this cat you can expect one that will be constantly looking to follow you around the house, including your bathroom breaks, TV viewing, meal preparations and so and so forth.

Spending some interactive time with you might be the highlight of its day. The Siberian is also known to be gentle toward visitors and people it doesn’t know too well. It’s rarely ever shy in the company of strangers. Aside from being attentive and loving, this cat is very playful as well as very active. It will instigate fetch games by bringing you its favorite throw toy.

This intelligent cat can turn anything into a plaything, so keep your jewelry and other intriguing things out of sight. Teaching it tricks is not only a great way to stimulate its brain, it’s pretty easy because of how intelligent they happen to be.

Because of its forest-dwelling heritage, the Siberian cat loves playing with and in water. Probably a genetic memory when it had to go fishing for supper.

Don’t be surprised when you find it likes to splash around in the tub with you, make puddles, or drink water from the faucet.

How to Entertain Your Siberian Cat

Providing your Siberian Cat with entertainment is very important. They are an extremely intelligent breed of cat that requires constant stimulation. A bored Siberian cat may tend to scratch up your furniture or overeat.

Both those things are unacceptable to most cat owners. Provide your Siberian with sufficient room to move around as well as high-ceiling artificial trees, or window perches (Click here to see why this one is best) it can use to climb and survey its territory with.

This will keep it physically and mentally stimulated whenever it’s by itself. Puzzle games are also perfect cat toys for the Siberian. It keeps them mentally stimulated for long periods of time. They also usually enjoy playing fetch. Entice it and keep it interested by rewarding it with treats or kibble.

Introducing a second cat will certainly make your Siberian less lonely as well. Especially if they happen to be littermates. However, if you don’t want to have to deal with other kittens you’ll have to ensure you spay or neuter your cats.

What to Feed Your Siberian Cat

The Siberian Forest Cat, just like its cousin the Norwegian Forest Cat, requires to be fed high-quality cat food if you want it to stay fit and healthy. When it comes to the Siberian, what you feed it may actually cause lower or higher allergen levels.

High-quality food specifically designed for cats can also help prevent several other potential medical conditions and complications. Also, try and feed your Siberian only the amounts that were recommended by your vet.

These cats have a tendency of getting overweight very easily. Don’t forget to take into account its treat consumption when you’re measuring these amounts. If you’re not too sure how to identify healthy, high-quality cat food, then you should consult your vet. However, for any cat food to be recognized as being of high quality, it has to have taurine as an ingredient.

If you read the ingredients and find that that cat food product lacks this ingredient, then stay clear. It also shouldn’t be made up of meat by-products, it should be manufactured using actual meat.

Which cat is bigger Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat?

The Maine Coon cat is bigger than a Norwegian Forest Cat. This is because the male Maine Coon, which is the bigger of the sexes, can be as big as 26 pounds. However, Norwegian Forest cats are known to be smaller on average.

Both of these cats are very big, in comparison to the average domestic cat. To put this into perspective, the average domestic cat can be about 10 pounds, so these cats are substantially bigger.

Are Siberian cats bigger than Maine Coons?

Maine Coon cats are bibber than Siberian cats. This is because some of the biggest Main Coons can weigh up to 26 pounds, and average around 18 pounds. Whereas the average Siberaina is approximately 17 pounds. Both of these cats are still classed as large cats.

How do you tell if a cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat?

To tell if you have a Norwegian Forest cat you need to look at their body features, in particular their ears, chin, legs, fur, and toes. There should be some noticeable fur in between its toes. The ears should be not too large, but not too small, basically medium size. Their legs should also be well-toned and muscley.

what is the difference between a Maine coon and a Siberian cat?

To tell the difference between a Maine Coon and a Siberian cat you should first focus on their body shapes. The Maine Coon’s body is likely to be more rectangular, whereas expect a rounder-looking body on the Siberian. Also, their ears should be different as well.

What is the difference between a Norwegian forest cat and a Siberian?

The most noticeable difference between a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Siberian is the head shape. The Siberian, in particular, has a more rounded head than the Norwegian. Once you compare the two, side by side, you should notice this right away.

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