Monthly Archives: August 2019

Why do cats get scared easily?

If you have a scared cat, it can be frustrating. It could be for a number of reasons, such as anxiety (Click here for my best solution for this, see the price on Amazon). However, what is the main reason for this behavior? Let me explain… Why are cats scared all the time? This can […]

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Why are Cats Afraid of Water?

If you have ever seen a scared cat being touched with water, you may be curious to understand why they hate water so much. Especially when they love drinking water from water fountains (click here for my best water fountain & see the price on Amazon), let me explain where this fear comes from… Why […]

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Is it Weird to Walk a Cat?

Have you got an indoor cat that you are thinking of walking (click here for my best cat harness and see the price on Amazon)? Maybe you are self-conscious and wondering if it’s weird, let me explain what people really think and if you should care. Is it weird to walk your cat? Yes, it […]

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