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Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me Then Bite Me?
If your cat has suddenly headbutted you and then gives you a bite you might be wondering why its happened.[...]
Should I Be Worried if My Cat Bites Me? (Serious?)
If you have a cat that has recently bitten you, you may be wondering if you should just leave it[...]
How Do You Discipline a Cat That Attacks Another Cat?
If you have a cat that is attacking another cat it can be quite stressful but what can you do[...]
Why Does My Cat Bite My Kitten’s Neck? (Aggression?)
If you have a kitten and a cat and notice that she keeps biting your kitten's neck, you may be[...]
6 Month Old Kitten Biting and Scratching (Why?)
If you have a kitten around the 6-month age or maybe even a little bit less you may be getting[...]
How to Mix Miralax for Cats (Guide & Tips)
If your cat has constipation and you are planning to use MiraLAX you may be wondering how you should be[...]
How to Make Wet Cat Food From Dry (Is it hard?)
If you are wondering how you can make wet cat food from dry there is a simple way that you[...]
How long does it take for a cat to pass a hairball?
If your cat has a hairball and you're wondering how long it usually takes to get rid of it keep[...]
What is spiral flea dirt? (+ Can Cats Be Treated?)
If you have a cat and you have noticed that it has weird spiral-shaped specs of dirt on it. you[...]
How long does it take for Cyproheptadine to work in cats?
If you are planning on or in the process of giving your cat Cyproheptadine you may be wondering how long[...]
Do female cats hump? (Or is it just male Tomcats?)
If you have a female cat you may be assuming that humping is not possible because it's only male cats[...]
Do Cats Like to Walk On a Leash? (Is It Comfortable?)
So, you may have heard people talk about walking their cats. Or, maybe you have seen if for yourself. But,[...]
Do Cats Hate Citrus? (What is it? Will it harm them?)
You may have heard the rumors that cats do not like citrus. But, is this true or just rumors? Do[...]
Do Cats Get Munchies From Catnip? (Is this normal?)
You may have heard rumors about the crazy effects of catnip but cats get the munchies from it? Do cats[...]
Cat Won’t Eat Wet Food Anymore (Why & What now?)
You may have a new cat. Or, one that is old but, all of a sudden will no longer eat[...]
Can Cats Eat Feathers? (Will it make them sick?)
You might be wondering if cats can eat feathers maybe because she has feather toys and you are worried,  or[...]
Should I Take My Cat’s Collar Off At Night? (Guide)
If you have a new cat or just researching on the best practice with collars, you may be wondering if[...]
My Male Cat Doesn’t Know How to Mate (Why? + What Now?)
If you have an unneutered male cat that is having difficulty mating, you may be wondering why this is happening.[...]
Cat Leaving Little Poop Nuggets (Why & What now?)
So, you may have noticed that your cat is leaving poop nugget all over your house and it may be[...]
Can Polydactyl Cats Open Doors? (+ What are they?)
If you have heard the rumors about polydactyl cats you may be wondering if they have the same ability to[...]
How Do You Cat Proof a Door Handle? (Guide)
You may be wondering how you can stop your cat trying to open your door, right? But, what is the[...]
How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Collar? (Regular?)
You may have recently purchased a cat color for your cat and wondering, going forward, if this is something that[...]
Cat Won’t Stop Trying to Open Door (Why & What Now?)
If you have noticed your cat trying to open your door this may be annoying you. And, you may be[...]
Why is My Cat Scared of Her Collar? (Is it normal?)
If you have a cat color and you have noticed that she's acting a bit sheepish and scared of it[...]
Does Catnip Stimulate a Cat’s Appetite? (Is it safe?)
You may have heard the rumors about catnip and wondered if it can be used to stimulate your cat's appetite[...]
Can Laxatone be Mixed With Food? (Will it work?)
If you have a cat that has issues with hairballs or even constipation you may be considering Laxatone. But, is[...]
Why Does Food Fall Out of My Cat’s Mouth?
If you have noticed that food is falling out of your cat's mouth and it just doesn't seem natural to[...]
How Much is a Female Calico Cat Worth? (Cheap?)
If you are researching calico cats and wondering about picking up a female, you may be wondering how much they[...]
Does My Cat Need a Collar If It’s Microchipped?
If your cat is microchipped you may be wondering if you need to even bother with a cat collar. Does[...]
Why Does My cat Stand on My Foot? (Is it Love?)
If your cat is continuously stepping on your foot you may be wondering why this keeps on happening. Why does[...]
Why is My Cat’s Fur Turning Yellow? (Is this normal?)
If you have noticed that your cat is turning yellow you may be scratching your head confused wondering why this[...]
How Long Does it Take For a Cat to Get Used to a Collar?
If you want to put a collar on your cat you may be wondering how long you can expect for[...]
Is It OK to Leave Dry Cat Food Out All Day?
If you have a very busy lifestyle and go out to work throughout the day, you may be wondering if[...]
Can a Cat Forget Where She Put Her Kittens?
If you have a cat that is currently carrying some kittens you may be worried or wondering if there is[...]
Cat Stopped Kneading (Why? Should I be worried?)
If your cat has stopped needing all of a sudden it may alarm you keep reading to understand if this[...]
Will My Cat Forget Me After 2 Weeks? (+ Miss me?)
If you are planning a trip abroad, or vacation, you may be worried that your cat will forget you after[...]
Cat Won’t Eat Leftover Wet Food (Why? + Solution)
If you have saved your cats leftover food to save waste but she is not eating it you may be[...]
How Long Do Tomcats Stay Gone? (Will He Come Back?)
If you have a tomcat and he is gone you may be stressed out wondering how long he may be[...]
How Much Water Do Kittens Drink? (+ Avoid Dehydrating)
If you have a new kitten you may be keen to understand how much to give them. In particular, how[...]
Why Does My Cat Scratch the Wall at Night? (+ Solution)
If you are getting stressed about your cat scratching up your walls at night you may be keen to understand[...]
Can Cats Eat Margarine? (Is it Dangerous or Toxic?)
If you are looking out for food options for your cat, you may be curious about margarine. Is this even[...]
Why Does My Clumping Cat Litter Not Clump? (+ Tips)
If you have noticed that your clumping litter is not clumping, you may be left puzzled and wondering why this[...]
Why Won’t My Cat Sit On My Lap Anymore? (+ Solution)
If you have noticed that your cat is acting differently. In particular, not sitting on your lap anymore, you may[...]
Can Cats Eat Pink Salmon? (Is it toxic or Safe?)
If you are looking out for the best food for your cat you may be curious about pink salmon. Keep[...]
How Much Do Ragamuffin Cats Cost Normally? (Guide)
If you are researching ragamuffin cats one of the first things that people consider is the cost to get a[...]
How to Make Kitten Gruel (Guide/Ingredients/Tips)
If you have a new kitten or adopted one you may be wondering how you can feed it. In particular,[...]
How Long Does it Take Frontline to Dry?
If your cat has fleas and needs treatment. Then there is a good chance you are planning on using Frontline[...]
Can Cats Eat Blueberry Muffins? (Make them sick?)
If you are keen to find the right food for your cat, you may be curious about blueberry muffins. Are[...]
New Cat Won’t Come Downstairs (Why? & How to stop it)
If you have noticed that your cat is not joining you downstairs (Click here for the best solution on Amazon),[...]
Why Does My Cat Paw at Smooth Surfaces (Is it normal?)
If you have seen your cat pawing one of your smooth surfaces, you may be wondering why this has happened[...]
Do feral cats regurgitate food for their kittens?
If you have been watching or finding yourself interested in feral cats you may have wondered how they feed their[...]
Should You Pick Your Cat’s Nose (Is it dangerous?)
If you are noticing your cat's nose getting dirty and gunky (In a hurry? Click here for the best solution[...]
How to Keep Cats Out of Cabinets (Without Tools!)
If you are sick and tired of your cat trashing your cabinets (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon)[...]
Cat peeing on hardwood floors (Why? & How to clean)
If you are noticing that your cat is peeing on your hardwood floor (Click here for the best solution to[...]
Can Cats Drink Lemonade? (Is it dangerous? | Guide)
If you are wondering what food and drink to provide to your cat. You may be wondering if lemonade is[...]
Cat Attacks TV Screen (Why? + How to stop it)
If you are tired of your cat attacking your TV screen (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon) you[...]
Cat Takes off its Breakaway Collar? (How to stop it)
If you are tired of your kitty taking off her breakaway collar (Click here to see the best solution for[...]
Why does my cat chew the shower curtain? (+ Solution)
If you are tired of your cat chewing your shower curtain (Click here for the best option to stop this[...]
How to Train Your Cat Not to Jump on Your Bed (Guide)
If you are tired of your cat jumping on your bed (Click here to see what you will need to[...]
How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing on Towels (Guide)
If you are noticing your cat peeing on your towels (Click here to see what you need to help stop[...]
How Do I Keep My Cat From Going Under the Recliner?
If you are concerned about your cat going under your recliner (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon) then[...]
Are Cats Attracted to Leather Furniture? (How to Protect it!)
If you are worried about your cat on your leather furniture (Click here to see the best solution to protect[...]
Kitten Proof Railing Needed? (Here is How)
If you are worried about your kitten falling through the railing in your home (Click here to see the best[...]
Kitten Hissing at Older Cat? (This is how to stop it)
If your kitten is hissing at your older cat (Click here to see my best solution for this, on Amazon),[...]
How to Get Your Cat to Use a Hooded Litter Box
If you are looking for a way to get your cat to use a hooded litter box (click here to[...]
How to Measure Cat Weight (Is it easy?)
If you are concerned with your cat's weight and want an accurate reading (Click here to see the best solution[...]
How to Get Ink Out of Cat Fur (Best 3 Ways)
If you have been in the unfortunate position to get ink on your cat's fur (Click here for one of[...]
How to Get a Skittish Cat Into a Carrier (Easy Way!)
Getting a good cat carrier is one thing (Click here to see why I rated this one as the best)[...]
How to Protect Your Couch from Cat Scratching (Guide)
How do you protect your couch from cat scratching? This is the best solution (Click here for the price on[...]
My 7 Month Old Kitten is Aggressive (What now?)
If you have a young kitten of 7 months (or near to that), you may be shocked to see some[...]
My Roommate Wants to Get a Cat (Should I Allow it?)
If your roommate wants to get a cat you may be wondering what you should say. I am assuming its[...]
Why does my cat hiss at my dad?
If your cat is going crazy when your Dad is at your house, you may be left wondering what her[...]
Can Cats Eat Graham Crackers?
If you are a happy cat owner, and like me, you want to check everything that your cat eats. You[...]
What Does It Mean When Your Cat Pees on You?
If your cat has peed on you you (Click here to learn how to clean up the urine off your[...]
Why Did My Neutered Cat Pee On Me? (5 reasons)
If your cat has peed on you, you may be left confused and wondering how this is happening, especially when[...]
Maine Coon Cat Matted Fur: How to get rid of it
If you have a Maine Coon cat and noticed some matted fur, you may be looking for some simple solutions[...]
Why Does My Cat Pee in the Sink? (Can I stop it?)
If your cat is acting up and peeing in your sink, you may be desperately looking for reasons why and[...]
How to Make a Cat an Outdoor Cat (Transition Safely)
If you are looking for clever ways to transition your cat to an outdoor cat, you are in the right[...]
Cat Attacks Houseguests (What can I do?)
If you worried about inviting guests over because your cat is going crazy (Click here to see my best pheromone[...]
Do Cats Like Cat Trees? (Benefits/Features/Reasons)
If you are contemplating picking up a cat tree (Click here for the reasons why I think these are the[...]
Leaving My Cat for 3 Months (What should I Do?)
If you have a long trip planned, you may be stressed about what you can do ith your cat, right?[...]
My Cat Didn’t Drink All Day. Should I be Concerned?
If you are a proud cat owner the reality is any little issue will concern you. But, when it comes[...]
Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed? (7 Reasons)
If you are a proud cat owner and wondering why your cat is hiding and sleeping under your bed, it[...]
My Cats Fur Looks Separated (Now What?)
If you have noticed separated fur on your cat, you may be looking for a solution to get rid of[...]
Why Does My Cat Sit at the Front Door? (Escaping?)
If you have noticed your cat is hovering at the door, you may be wondering why it's happening (Click here[...]
Can you put two cats in one carrier?
If you have two cats there are quite a few considerations. Such as food, entertainment, grooming (Click here to see[...]
Do Cats Need Night Lights? (See in the dark?)
If you have a new cat you be wondering how to deal with them at night (click here for my[...]
How to Wean a Stubborn Kitten
If you have a new litter of kittens, you may be wondering how you keep them happy and comfortable (Click[...]
Do Cats Smell Bad? (Odor/Foul/Breath/Fur/Skin/Dander)
If you are considering getting a cat or just curious you may be interested to know if cats smell. If[...]
Why is my new kitten crying at night? (Lonely/Meowing)
If you have received a new kitten, there is a good chance she is keeping you up at night with[...]
How to Feed Cats Wet Food While Away (Work/Vacation)
If you are heading off on a vacation, trip or just at work, you may be wondering how you can[...]
Can you add water to dry cat food?
If you are a fan of dry cat food, you may be concerned if they are getting enough water (Click[...]
Is it Safe to Put Ice Cubes in My Cats Water?
You may be wondering how to keep your cat hydrated on hot days (Click here to see my Best 3[...]
Why Do Cats Hate Oranges? (Does it keep them Away?)
If you have ever witnessed a cat around an orange, you may be shocked or left scratching your head, to[...]
Can I Use Baby Shampoo on My Cat (Will it hurt)?
If you are considering bathing your cat you may have looked at the best cat shampoos available (Click here for[...]
Why do cats poop when you get home (Is it Normal)?
Are you wondering why your cat is waiting for you to poop after you get in after a long day's[...]
Why do cats like fuzzy blankets? (Obsessed?)
Has your cat been taking over your Fuzzy blanket recently? We know they love these things, but why do they[...]
How often Should You Clean Your Cat Bowl?
If you are keen to keep your cat clean and healthy, their cat bowl (Click here for my best cat[...]
How to Clean Cat Fur Without Water
If you want to keep your cat clean, but are frightened of bathing him you may be wondering if you[...]
Why do cats get scared easily?
If you have a scared cat, it can be frustrating. It could be for a number of reasons, such as[...]
Why Do Cats Get in Your Face While You Sleep? (+Pic)
If you have ever woken up to a cat on your head, you may be wondering why, of all places,[...]
Is Fancy Feast Good for Cats? (The Real Answer?)
If you are looking for some nutritional and popular food for your cat (Click here to see one of my[...]
Why Do Cats Fear Cucumber? (Plus viral video)
If you are thinking of food to feed your cat (Click here to see the price of one of my[...]
Why are Cats Afraid of Water?
If you have ever seen a scared cat being touched with water, you may be curious to understand why they[...]
Can an Indoor Cat Become an Outdoor Cat? (Is it safe?)
You may have an indoor cat and wondering about taking her outside, maybe you have seen people using cat harnesses[...]
Is it Weird to Walk a Cat?
Have you got an indoor cat that you are thinking of walking (click here for my best cat harness and[...]
Why Do Cats Lay Down When on a Leash (Real Reason!)
Are you having some challenges walking your cat? Maybe it's because you don't have the right lead/harness (Click here for[...]
3 Best Cat Harnesses For Hiking (Guide, review & Pics)
If you are looking for a cat harness. No doubt you want a good one, but what is a good[...]
How to Get Flea Dirt Off Your Cat (Pics, Guide & Tips)
If you have sen flea dirt on your cat, you may be thinking of how to get rid of it[...]
How Do Feral Cats Deal With Fleas? (The reality!)
If you are curious about feral cats, you may wonder how they deal with fleas, right? We know a normal[...]
How Much do Calico Cats Shed? (Prevention, Tips & Guide)
If you have a Calico cat and wondering how to get rid of their shedded fur (click here for my[...]
Can I Use Human Shampoo on My Cat? (Is it safe?)
If you are keen to clean your cat you will need shampoo to get it done (click here to see[...]
Vet’s Best vs Tropiclean Cat Shampoo (Waterless & Flea)
If you are looking for cats shampoo, no doubt you stumbled across Vet’s Best vs Tropiclean. But, which one is[...]
Do Cats Usually Follow You Around? (Is this weird?)
Are you wondering if the fact that your cat is following you around like a shadow if this is normal?[...]
Do Cats Like their Fur Shaved? (The real answer!)
If you have issues with your cat's fur, such as matted (click here for my best De-matting comb), tangled or[...]
How to Remove Matted Hair from a Persian Cat (2019 Guide)
If your Persian cat has issues with her fur matting (click here to see why these De-matting Combs are the[...]
Why is My Cat Getting Fat? (Is this normal?)
If you are noticing your cat gaining weight, you may be wondering why, and how you can stop this happening.[...]
Is it OK to Feed Expired Cat Food?
If you want to save food waste, you may be curious if you can still use expired food. Or maybe[...]
Should I Leave Food Out For My Cat at Night?
If you are planning a short break or weekend away, you may wonder if it's a good idea to leave[...]
Iseebiz vs WOpet Automatic Cat Feeders (Reviews & Guide)
If you work all day or have a short trip planned in the near future then a cat Auto-feeder is[...]
How to Make Your Cat a Vegan (Should you do this?)
Many people are curious if vegan cat owners feed their cat meat, should they? and can this even be possible?[...]
Can I Feed My Cat Mice? (Risks & Why they do it)
If you are thinking about what your cat can eat, you may have been curious about mice. Or maybe your[...]
How to Teach Your Cat to Climb Down a Tree (Easy?)
If you have ever witnessed your cat stuck, and vulnerable in a tree, you would do anything to find a[...]
What to Do After Your Cat Throws Up (Serious?)
If you have witnessed your cat throwing up, it may just be she has eaten too fast (click here for[...]
3 Best Slow Feed Cat Bowls for Wet Food (& Guide)
If you are concerned about your cat eating too fast and making itself feel sick, then you need to consider[...]
How Do You Stop a Cat From Scratching Walls? (+Pics)
If you are sick of your cat scratching your walls, then you need to look at solutions such as scratch[...]
Why Does My Cat Scratch the Area Around His Food?
If your cat is scratching around near its food bowl, it could be causing some damage to your flooring or[...]
3 Best Bewishome Cat Trees (Reviews, Guide & Pics)
Heard of the Bewishome cat trees before? Well, I have too and I understand they are great. But, there are[...]
Do cats hump blankets? (Why? & how to stop it)
Maybe you have seen your cat humping and are freaked out, or maybe you are just curious if your cat[...]
Why does my cat bite my blanket and knead it? (+Pics)
If you have ever witnessed your cat bite and need your blanket, you may be confused and wishing they had[...]
Do cats like to be under blankets? (Can You?)
Have you ever wondered why your cat is in your bed for the umpteenth time? Maybe you would be better[...]
5 Best Cat Bed for Kittens (Without the Fluff!)
If you have a new kitten, chances are you are hoping to get your bed back. It's cool when your[...]
How Do Cats Know to Use the Litter Box? (Really?)
If you have ever seen a cat just naturally gravitate to a litter box (Click here for 3 of the[...]
Why Do Cats Meow Before Pooping?
If you are freaked out by your cat making weird meowing sounds just before she poops (Click here to see[...]
Do you need a litter box for an outdoor cat?
If you have an outdoor cat, you may question if it is even worth your time having a litter box.[...]
3 Best Cat Litter Mats for Urine (Guide, Reviews & Pics)
If you have ever cleaned up the mess from excess litter spilling out of the box, you will know why[...]
Why is My Older Cat Peeing Everywhere?
If you are sick and tired of seeing cat urine around your house, you are in the right place. Cat[...]
How Often Can Cats Have Catnip?
If you have ever witnessed the effects of catnip, you may be surprised. Maybe comparable to Pheremones (Click here to[...]
Is it Dangerous to Clean Cat Urine with Bleach?
If you have ever smelled stale cat urine, for example, if you have behavioral problems with your cat (Click here[...]
3 Best Pheromone Collars for Aggressive Cats
If you have an aggressive cat, it is also stressful for the owner. The challenge is finding a solution that[...]
Why do Cats Lick Their Paws then Wipe Their Face?
Understanding why cats lick themselves is confusing and weird at times. In particular, I have often wondered why cats seem[...]
Can Cat Pheromones Affect Humans?
If you have ever considered purchasing a pheromone related product (Click here for 3 of the Best Pheromone Collars for[...]
Cat Mate vs SureFlap (Which Cat Flap is Best?)
When you are comparing Cat flaps you may see quite a few quality products from SureFlap and Cat Mate, but[...]
Why are Maine Coon cats so big?
Maine Coon's are lovely big cats that are very popular (Click here to see the coziest cat beds for Maine[...]
Why Do Cats Fold Their Paws? (Real Reason)
Have you ever seen your cat fold her paws and get into a rectangular position? I am sure you must[...]
Can a Maine Coon be Black? (+ Photos & Vid)
If you are one of the many Main Coon cat lovers out there, maybe you have thought or wondered if[...]
Traveling With a Kitten On a Plane? Heres how
Can You Take Your Kitten on a Plane?Most pet owners don't like the idea of leaving their pets behind when[...]
What Does an Abyssinian Cat Eat? The Definitive Care Guide
IntroductionAbyssinians are one of the most domesticated pets, and they have a characteristic look like that of a small mountain[...]
Looking After a Birman Cat at Home – Definitive Guide
Quick Navigation What is a Birman Cat?What is the Birman Cat's Personality Like?How Much Does the Birman Weigh?Colours of the[...]
Getting Rid of Cat Smell In Your house – Ultimate Guide
Who doesn’t love keeping adorable cats as pets? But, loving your pet cat endlessly comes with certain challenges as well[...]
Indoor Cat Fleas? Why it’s not Cool & Why it’s Happening
Can indoor cats get fleas? They definitely can. Let's start by telling you what a flea is capable of so you[...]
Can Persian Cats Eat Fish? 15 Reasons Why its Risky!
So, can the Persian Cat Eat Fish?Persian cats (Click here for my favourite Persian cat book & see the price[...]
15 Facts: Maine Coon vs Siberian vs Norwegian Forest Cat
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15 Ways to Stop Your Cat From Biting and Attacking You
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Can i Use a Box Instead of a Cat Carrier?
So, Can I use a box instead of a cat carrier?In the case where you don’t want to spend money[...]
The Crazy Effects Catnip Has on Cats – That You Don’t Know
So, What are These Crazy Catnip Effects?Cats are adorable pets and we always want to keep them happy, as they[...]
Why Doesn’t My Cat Like My New Kitten?
So, Why Doesn't My Cat Like the new Kitty?Adorable and cute cats come with various mood swings and tantrums as[...]
How to get rid of stinky cat litter smells in small apartment?
So, How do you get rid of that smell?Stinky cat litter smells? We all hate that smell of the litter[...]
Is it Bad to Give Your Cat a Bath?
Quick Navigation Is it a Bad Idea to Bathe Your Cat?So, is it bad to give your cat a bath?[...]
Is Travelling with a cat on Westjet even possible?
Not many of us would like to leave our pets at home when we travel. This is especially so if[...]
How Can I Keep My Cat Entertained While I am at Work?
Quick Navigation How Might I Keep My Cat Entertained While I am at Work? In a perfect world, I would[...]
Do Indoor Cats Need Grass?
Do Indoor Cats Need Grass?Everyone knows that cats are carnivorous, thats why I love this food for them (click for reviews[...]
Best Cat Playpen Cages Guide for Your Home
What is the best cat playpen cage for your home? This is the best playpen (Click here for its availability[...]
Best Cat Enclosures for Caravans
What is the best cat enclosure for caravans? This is the best one (Click here for the reviews on Amazon).[...]
Best Wireless Electric Fence for Cats Above Ground
What is the best wireless electric fence for cats? This is the best wireless fence (Click here for the reviews[...]
9 Reasons Why Your Cat’s Peeing in the House all of a Sudden
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How to Take Your Cats Camping in Your Own Tent
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Best Cat Bed Big Enough for Two Cats
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Best Airline Approved Carriers for Cats
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Best Cat Traveling Backpacks with a Window Bubble
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Best Cat Tree Shelf Accessories for Your Home
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Best Wheel Around Travel Pet Carrier For Cats
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How to transport a cat without a carrier
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9 Dangerous Plants your Cat must avoid while camping
It’s awful to think any form of greenery can harm your cat, but there are quite a few plants that[...]
7 natural cat sedatives for travel
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15 Tips for moving your cats across country in a car
If you are heading on a long journey across country in your car, you need to make sure that you[...]
Healthiest Cat Food Brands Review for Indoor Cats
Cats have specific requirements for their dietary nutrients. Human foods will not provide high Protein, Taurine, Arginine, Arachidonic acid, Active[...]
5 of the Best Cat Strollers for Travel
Pet strollers are a great way to transport your cat in comfort. You may need to transport your pet for[...]
9 Tips for Traveling with your Cat in an RV
When you are considering a trip in an RV with your beloved cat, there are a number of things to[...]
The 9 Best Canned Cat Foods to Buy
Although many cat owners praise the convenience of dry cat food, true feline aficionados know that canned food is a[...]
How to travel with a cat on a plane without pulling your hair out!
Caring for your cat is a glorious experience. However, the thought of travelling with them is another thing. If you[...]
How Much Food Should I Give To My Cat?
Bringing a cat home can be a magical experience. But...“How much do I feed my new furry friend?”This is a[...]
What is a Cat Popsicle? Is This a Catsicle?
Of course, cat lovers would know that cats are food lovers whether they love their owners or not. You should[...]
What is the best protein for Cats?
Ever wondered why your cat is getting more sluggish or sleepy? Many cat owners get really worried about their cats[...]
How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?
Without water/fluid, your cat will not be able to survive more than a few days, but according to Best1x, without[...]
what can cats eat? 20 Human Foods They Can Eat
Cats are naturally friendly by nature, playful that crave for love and attention. They are very timid, lazy but independent.[...]
What is The Best Food For Your Cat?
Keeping your cat healthy and active is important, and as such considering a healthy and a more appropriate diet is[...]
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