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Why Does My Cat Groom Herself On Me? (Genuine Love?)

If your cat is grooming itself on you it could make you wonder why this happens and if you should allow it to continue…

Why does my cat groom herself on me?

Your cat may groom itself on you because it feels secure and comfortable with you. If you see this happen it is a clear sign that it appreciates and loves you. You may also see it occasionally groom you while it does this as a way to mark you as theirs.

So, now you know. But, should you allow this to happen? Can you pet your cat while it doing this? What about your cat licking you while it does this, is that OK? Keep reading fr these answers, and much more…

How can you prevent your cat from grooming itself on you?

Why does my cat groom herself on me?

A cat grooming/licking itself.

If you are not keen on your cat grooming itself on you there are a few things you can do to stop this. Personally, I think you should leave it but here are some suggestions if you have a good reason for not wanting this:

01. Distract your cat

Once your cat jumps on your lap, on your bed, chair, or wherever it usually starts grooming on you this is an opportunity to distract it. This can be as simple as throwing a ball on the floor, or a tasty treat (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

Once your cat is distracted you can relocate yourself to avoid it returning to do the exact same thing. Hopefully, in time, your cat will get the message and stop this behavior. Truthfully, its not an overnight solution though, and sometimes cats are stubborn and will not always react as you expect.

02. Subtly move your position

Another technique is to change your position while your cat is grooming itself. The important thing here is to do it subtly. If it’s too much it could shock and startle your cat.

To be clear, you do not want to jump up as soon as your cat sits on you, this will just freak your cat out (click here if this happens when you shower). So, do it gently.

Should you prevent your cat from grooming itself on you?

You should not stop your cat grooming itself on you unless you genuinely need to move and do something. For example, you need to visit the bathroom at that time. However, some people may not enjoy this sand wish to discourage it.

The reason I say not to is that your cat sees this as a compliment and will feel rejected when you do this. So, it’s best to appreciate the compliment. Unless your cat is licking you (more on this later), it is generally OK, unless it is inconveniencing you at that time.

Why do cats groom themselves?

Cats groom themselves for several reasons such as keeping themselves clean, keeping their body temperature regulated, keeping their fur smooth, avoiding hairballs. Therefore, there is more to grooming than just cleaning.

As you can see cats have a lot of fur, unless its hairles, so they need to groom themselves on a regular basis. Meaing, its a daily activity. Also, even if cats do grrom themselves, this does not mean that they do not need your help to groom them. This should also be done.

Is it OK to pet the cat while it’s grooming itself?

It is OK to pet a cat while its grooming but its better to wait until it has finished. Cats preferto finish their grooming then move onto their next task for the day, whether that be eating or sleepimg.

The reality is if your cat does not appreciate you doing this they will let you now. Either it will move away or give you a more obvious warning. Ideally, its worth avoiding this but nature has a way of correcting these thigs.

Should you discipline your cat for grooming itself on top of you?

You should not discipline your cat for grooming itself on top of you. In fact, discipline your cat is not an effective method in general. This is because it rarely gets the results you desire especially when this is in the form of ngatove reinforcment.

For example, if your cat hears you shout at it, it is not clever enough to understand your frustration. Therefore, it will see it as a random outburst. And, if this keeps happeing it will start to fear you rather than love you.

If you are wondering what is a better alternative to negative reinforcement like this, it is positive reinforce,met. This could be by offering it a tasty treat (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) when it does what you want it too. This is usually way more powerful than any negative tactics.

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Could your cat lick you while it is grooming itself?

A cat licking its owner's hand.

A cat licking its owner’s hand.

A cat is very likely to lick you while it grooms itself. And, if this happens it is often an honor, in their mind. Meaning, it sees you as a trusted person that they love. This is their way of marking you.

Also, remember earlier when I explained the many different reasons cats groom themselves? Well, whie it licks you it may believe that it is helping you i the same manner.

3 Reasons why do some cats lick you?

There are several reasons why cats groom themselves, as discussed earlier. However, there are many reasons thy they may do this to you as well, such as:

01. Survival trigger

Cats instinctively clean themselves after eating to clean off the evidence of what they have eaten and to avoid their predators detecting their trails. This is also why they bury their poo too. So, if they are licking you it may be one of their instincyual survival triggers.

02. Being social

Cats ae social animals. As kittens they were used to being surrounded by their mother and siblings and licking each other was standard practice. So, this may be another reason why it might lick you.

03. Keeping you clean

One of the most obvious reasons lickthemselves is to keep themselves clean. So, when they do this to you it could simply be to keep you clean.

Could it hurt if your cat grooms you?

It could hurt if a cat grooms you. This is because of how their tongues are. Meaning, they have barbed endings that help them grrom their fur. This barbed ending is why their tongue feels rough if they lic you. These barbs are made from the same material as their clawd and the reason why it may hurt.

Althogh it is not usually very painful, if at all. Some sensitive people may not like it but generally it just feels rough like some sand paper.

Is it safe for your cat to groom on top of you?

If your cat grooms on top of you it is generally safe. Howver, if it also licks you, while doing it, there is a chance that it could ingest what is on your skin. For example, if you had some ointment to heal your skin, your cat could ingest this. And that is not safe.

So, it is not encouraged to let cats lick you. The problem is you may not even remember what you have put on your skin, or touched until its too late.

Lindsey Browlingdon