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How Do I Get Cat Pee Smell Out Of My Laptop?

If you have noticed cat pee in your laptop you are unhappy, and looking for reasons why, and what to do about it…

How do I get the cat pee smell out of my laptop?

Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove the cat pee smell from your laptop. Use gentle motions to remove the scent from the computer until it is gone. You may need to repeat the process several times to remove the smell entirely.

The main objective is to remove the top layer of grime, then sanitize the odor underneath. 

Never try cleaning the smell with water or soap, or you can cause a grime build-up on your laptop’s surface. Always turn off your computer before removing the pee smell with rubbing alcohol. You should always turn off your computer before any internal interference so you do not ruin it.

Why do cats pee on laptops?

A laptop on a brown wooden table.

A laptop on a brown wooden table.

Cats may pee on your laptop accidentally if you leave it in a compromising location. Laptops are warm, which triggers the cat’s bladder-releasing response. The warmth of your laptop initially attracts your cat, making them comfortable.

You can find most laptops and other personal computers in remote locations of the house. A remote site combined with the warmth of the personal computer will comfort your cat.

The comfort and privacy of your laptop can prompt your cat to relieve themselves on your computer, especially if the laptop has peculiar smells. Cats may try to establish their territory by peeing on the computer if it has a strong ammonia-like smell (something that resembles the smell of cat pee).

How can I prevent my cat from peeing on my laptop?

Preventative measures are the best way to keep your cat from peeing on your laptop. Taking preventative measures like keeping your computer in a locked room, somewhere your cat can never access without your supervision, is a great way to keep your cat from peeing on your laptop. Otherwise, your cat may accidentally urinate on your computer if they smell something peculiar or confuse it for a litter box.

To prevent your cat from peeing on your laptop:

  • Lock the laptop away
  • Close the room door
  • Use a laptop cover
  • Keep their litter box clean

Clean your litter box regularly, ensuring that your cat has somewhere clean to urinate. Cats without somewhere clean to urinate might search for other places. A small, rectangular laptop might be confused for a litter box, especially if it has a strong ammonia odor from internal parts.

Why does my cat bother me when I am on my laptop?

An orange cat lying on a bed next to a laptop.

An orange cat lying on a bed next to a laptop.

There are several reasons cats may bother you while you use your laptop, like needing attention or wanting the warmth of your computer. The primary way that your cat will bother you while using your laptop is by jumping on your lap, meowing at you, and jumping on your laptop keyboard.

Cats are independent animals, but they also love attention from their owners. Cats who do not get enough attention may bother you while you are on your computer. They will bug you in several ways, like meowing at you or even sitting on top of your computer.

The root of the issue is sometimes jealousy or separation anxiety which can be fixed by spending more time with your cat if you do not want your cat to bother you while you are on your laptop.

Some cats may sit on top of your computer, which can be highly bothersome to any user. The main reason cats sit on your computer is the warmth your laptop emits. This warmth from your computer feels excellent on your cat, so they may relax and sleep on your computer keyboard if possible.

Do cats know you do not like them peeing on your laptop?

Cats may not know you do not like them peeing on your laptop because punishing your cat can be pointless. Cats follow their instincts. If their instincts tell them to urinate on your computer, they may not understand why you punish them after they use the restroom, especially if you keep your laptop in a confusing location.

Why does my laptop smell like pee?

Some parts inside your computer can cause your laptop to smell like cat urine. Certain brands of laptops, like the Dell computer, have been known for permeating the smell of cat urine because of bad parts. The plastic emits a strong cat urine-like odor when these parts get hot.

The ammonia-like smell may linger temporarily, or it can be permanent. If your computer has this strong odor, consider looking up the brand online to see if it is eligible for a recall.

If you keep your laptop on the floor, it is more prone to being accidentally peed on or sprayed by your cat. It is less common for your laptop to smell like pee because your cat relieved themselves on it. However, cats sometimes use the restroom on laptops because you place them in remote locations, and they confuse them for litter boxes.

Putting your computer in the wrong place can result in your cat peeing on your laptop because they can become confused.

Does the smell of cat pee ever go away?

The smell of cat pee will go away. Cleaning and disinfecting your computer will cause the smell of cat pee to go away. Rubbing alcohol cleans and sanitizes, removing the odor as it wipes grime away.

Isopropyl alcohol will completely remove the cat pee smell from any material if you implement it correctly. Vinegar is a strong and natural odor eliminator that can remove odors from any surface, including your computer.

In addition to cleaning your laptop’s surface, be sure to clean the surrounding area to remove cat urine smells. Use blotting methods for removing cat urine from the carpet so you do not cause staining. Vinegar is a strong odor-eliminator that can distill all smells of cat urine from any surface or material.

Use vinegar as a base cleaner instead of soap to eliminate odors without leaving behind soapy grime. Followed by rubbing alcohol, this combination will entirely clean your laptop of any cat pee smell.

Lindsey Browlingdon