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Why do cats like fuzzy blankets? (Obsessed?)

Has your cat been taking over your Fuzzy blanket recently? We know they love these things, but why do they adore them so much? Let me explain…

Why do cats like fuzzy blankets? They love the way it makes them feel. In particular, the soft, cozy, and fluffy texture that the blanket has. This is even more appreciated in the winter months when it’s “snuggle” season.

Now that you know why they love them so much, let me explain exactly what I mean by the term “Fuzzy Blanket”, what they are made of. Also, let me reveal some of the deep psychological issues linked to their fascination with these blankets. Keep reading.

What do I mean by “fuzzy blankets”?

Why does my cat bite my blanket and knead it?

A cat wrapped in a blanket.

You may have noticed that cats just simply love to cozy up to Fuzzy blankets. When I say “fuzzy” blankets, I’m talking about the fleece material that is used on most blankets these days (more on this later).

Fuzzy blankets are very comfortable for cats, but more than anything, they love the fact that it feels soft and it locks the warmth in very well, which is one of the materials best qualities.

The “Yam”

I remember the “Yam”, it tasted delicious. My mother prepared this delicious Caribbean delight for me on some occasions. For some reason, as I crunched into its soft texture I recalled being in front of a lovely warm color gas fire, yes, that was the rage back then.

As I laid there in ecstasy I remember snuggling up with my warm Fleece blanket thinking, nothing could be better. This reminds me of the feeling one of these cats must feel as they are wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket.

What are Fuzzy Blankets made from?

As I mentioned earlier, they are made from a material called Fleece. Ironically, it’s named after the woolen fleece of a sheep, however, it has no real connection with wool at all.

Its only real connection is, it’s been designed to mimic the qualities of a sheep’s wool. Such as warmth and the ability to let your skin breathe while you wear it. However, it is 100% synthetic and is actually made from plastic.

Magic Material

magic fuzzy blanket fleece material

Many people refer to it as a magic material because it has a very soft texture and keeps people warm in the winter months. Hence the reason why it’s very popular not just for cats, but also amongst us humans too.


This was the sound I could hear in the back of my mind as I reminisce on my days of martial arts. My instructor would ring out this call “Lazatoo”! as he pilled in the demonstrations in the dojo, as he thrashed his fists into the air.

I just recall rolling up the arms of my martial arts fleece jumper after every session, and it reminded me of this magic material and flashbacks to feeling comfortable after each session with it on.

Who invented Fuzzy blankets?

The Fleece, used in these Fuzzy blankets, also known as “Polar fleece”, was created by the company called Malden Mills in 1979, according to Wikipedia.

It was created to mimic wool, with the ability to scale production, which was achieved using plastic as its main ingredient.

This material was deliberately not patented by the Malden Mill’s CEO Aaron Feuerstein. It is believed the reason behind this was to make the fleece material become widely available and more importantly, from a commercial perspective, mass-produced.

In hindsight, if this was their objective, it worked really well. And even to this day, it is still used for day-to-day items. These items are not just limited to blankets. This includes tracksuits, jumpers, and a whole host of different products.

Let’s be honest, where would we be without these Fleeces in this day and age? Who knows, where we would be, right?

Using fuzzy blankets for separation issues.

One of the reasons cats love fuzzy blankets is linked to separation issues. This is also closely linked to “blanket sucking”, which some cats tend to do. If you are a cat owner maybe you’ve seen your cat do this?

It is believed that this behavior is due to early separation from its mother. It is strongly advised to not separate kittens from their mother until they are at least 8 weeks old. However, in reality, it still happens.

Are certain breeds of cats more inclined to do this?

For some reason, oriental cats, in particular, Siamese breeds, are more inclined to be attached to blankets like this.

There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why they are more inclined to act like this, it is just one of the facts of life. They are often known to take longer to wean off their mother as well.

The art of blanket relaxation.

Why do cats like fuzzy blankets?

A cat relaxing.

Earlier, I touched on the subject of kittens suffering from separation issues, and being reliant on fuzzy blankets. However, general relaxation is another big reason for this fascination with blankets. These fuzzy blankets offer them relaxation and comfort.

Weirdly, it is linked to separation issues. How? Well, this warmth and comfort gives them a similar feeling that was once experienced when they were around their mother and siblings, are you with me?

Should I cover my cat with a blanket?

You can cover your cat in a blanket. However, they are likely to go under the cover themselves whenever it gets cold or they just want to cuddle up with you. Some cats may choose just to lay on top of the blanket so it’s best to let them decide how they want to play it.

It is a good idea, if possible, to assign your cat their own blanket. This will keep them off your blanket and let them know what they can have. To be truthful, some cats may get their own blanket and still decide to bother their owner.

Why do cats lick fleece blankets?

Cats lick blankets as a way of expressing their comfort and enjoyment. However, they can also lick them out of stress or anxiety. You may even see them trying to bite the blanket. If this happens it could be related to Pica which is when some cats have a desire to eat known food objects.

If it is related to Pica, some cats have this quite bad and will even swallow these objects which can lead to blockages and intestinal pain.

Why do cats like soft blankets?

Cats like soft blankets (click here if you have an electric one) because it makes them feel comfortable and it could remind them of being snuggled up to their mother as a young kitten. It gives them a safe and warm environment that they appreciate and is familiar with.

Purchasing a blanket for your cat is a great way to make them feel happier in their environment, or while they sleep at night.

Why do cats knead fuzzy blankets?

Cats will knead on fuzzy blankets because they get some degree of comfort from it. They are known to knead on various other surfaces including other bedding, pillows, or even in their owner’s lap. It makes them feel happy and this is often confirmed by their constant purring while they do it.

So, if you have a fuzzy blanket that your cat keeps on kneading you now have an idea why this is happening and other surfaces they may choose.

Why is my cat obsessed with my blanket?

One of the reasons that a cat is obsessed with your blanket is because of the smell you leave behind on it. This scent is not likely to be noticeable to you. But, your cat will pick it up immediately and find comfort in it. This means, whether you are in the blanket or not, they will naturally gravitate to it.

Related questions:

In this section, I am going to answer some questions related to Cats & fuzzy blankets. If you feel there are some questions unanswered, feel free to drop a comment below.

Q: Do cats prefer cuddle cups as opposed to Fuzzy blankets?

No. Cats do love cuddle cups, but there is no real evidence that they prefer cuddle cups over Fuzzy Blankets.

For those that do not know what a cuddle Cup is, it is basically a blanket that covers the cat (do cats like this? click here) in a kind of basket, that is cup-shaped. It is a very similar concept to a blanket and therefore the benefits of pretty much the same.

Q: Why does my cat sit and stare at me?

If you find your cat staring at you, do not be freaked out by this. In reality, there are two main reasons for this…

Firstly, they have an Instinct to always be on the lookout and stare at any movement. Why? Because they are always on the lookout for predators.

Lastly, the most common reason is, she really cares for you. And, she’s always interested in what you’re up to. Simply because she likes to follow your lead.

Q: Why is my cat being clingy all of a sudden?

If your cat is becoming quite clingy, and it is out of character, it could be an issue. It could be a sign that she is feeling ill. Some cats like to be around people that they trust during these times.

It may not be anything to worry about. But, if you are concerned, the best cause of action is to consult your vet.

In extreme cases, it could be linked to seizures. But to be honest it’s not worth overthinking it. It’s better to get it checked out and see for sure.

Q: If my cat is neutered, can he still hump blankets?

Yes, as weird as this sounds it is still possible (Click here for my full article on Why cats hump blankets). And in fact, it is quite common.

The reason for this is they still have animal instincts that are hard to overcome. Regardless if they have been medically altered.

Q: What is a Pica?

Pica is a term used for a cat that tends to suck or bite on non-food items. This is similar to what I discussed earlier about cats sucking on blankets. This is typically seen for several reasons such as anxiety stress or even illness in some cases. And obviously, as discussed, often linked to separation issues from their mother.

Lindsey Browlingdon