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Do cats like to be under blankets? (Can You?)

Have you ever wondered why your cat is in your bed (Click here to see the solution, on Amazon #Ad) for the umpteenth time? Maybe you would be better off with a cat bed? (Click here for my 5 best cat beds for kittens) Let me first explain if this happens to other people and why it happens…

Do Cats like to be under blankets? Yes, it makes them feel warm and your body is a source of heat. It is also a way for them to show affection toward you. In some cases, you may notice your cat prefers sleeping in your bed more than their own.

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Now let me explain why kittens sleep under the blanket if they prefer their bed if it’s safe to have them under the sheets, and more.

I remember my brother getting down to his last bonbon sweet in the packet, he looked at me and offered this delicious sweet to me. Firstly I was shocked, but more than this I was appreciative. He didn’t have to do this.

It occurred to me that this was one of the most subtle shows of affection. In a way, this is similar to your kitten hopping into your bed and cuddling up to you under the covers.

Why do Kittens Sleep under the Blanket?

By now you know that cats like sleeping under blankets, but do you fully get why? Let me explain several different reasons why cats sleep under your blanket to help you to understand.

Keeping themselves warm

As briefly discussed earlier, they love to keep warm (Click here to see why cats love Fuzzy Blankets). When they burrow under the sheets, believe it or not, you are like a hot water bottle to your cat. They simply love the warmth that your body gives off.

As you know, cats are notorious for looking out for warm spots. Even if there is a slight crack of sunlight peering into your lounge through an open curtain, they will be lapping up that heat by throwing themselves in its path.

A Sense of Security

When your cat snuggles up with you, they feel an element of security. When they sleep they are at their most vulnerable. Simply because any predator could attack while they in this state. Even though this is unlikely in a domestic environment, it is still an instinctive concern.

Therefore, in this state they feel secure in your presence under the sheets snuggled up to you, are you with me?

Showing Mad Love

The final fact is affection. Your cat simply likes to show you, love. Assuming you have treated your cat right, you will not be surprised to see her snuggling up with you. This is her showing you love.

Do Cats Prefer Their Own Cat Bed?

This depends on the cat. But what I would say is, they prefer their own cat bed (Click here to see why I rate this one, on Amazon #Ad) even more, when an item of yours is on it. If you have an old clothing item, that you no longer need, they will love to chill on their cat bed (Click here for my 5 best cat beds for kittens).

The reality is some cats just want to be near you, wherever you are. While others feel proud of their cat bed. The latter see this as part of their territory. For these cats, this will make them feel secure in their own territory.

Is it Safe For Them To Be Under the Blanket?

Do cats like to be under blankets?

Kittens under a blanket.

According to Canidae, their vet did not have any concerns about this. The understanding is that an adult cat is unlikely to starve of oxygen under the sheets.

They believe that if the cat is uncomfortable under the sheets she will simply relocate to a different location where there is more oxygen.

However, it is not recommended for kittens. The reason for this is they do not have the same level of strength as an adult cat and could be at a risk for this.

It seems the general conscientious, amongst cat owners, is that they see no issue with this and have done it for years without any problems.

Ultimately it will come down to your preference and tolerance for risk. Some people will not even give this a second thought, while others may panic about it. If you are worried I say don’t do it.

Why do cats sleep on your head?

I have always been a fan of peanut butter (Click here to see if cats can eat margarine). I remember my cousin entering the room with two plates, one with cheese sandwiches, the other with peanut butter. As I snatched the peanut butter sandwich, I munched on that sweet peanut butter and felt stuck in that position.

Almost like my feet were welded to the ground. This is similar to why cats sleep on your head, it is just less likely to move…

The reality is you lose most of the heat from your body through your head (Click here to see why cats get in your face while you sleep). This means that it is a great heat source. This is why your cat is relaxing on your head. It is emitting a heap of heat, which your cat loves.

As well as this, your head is less likely to be thrashing around in the night. Your hands and legs are much more likely to do this. That is why your cat may have selected this area to relax on.

Should you even be sleeping with your cat?

This is a personal preference. There are pros and cons to both sides of the fence. To help let me explain some of the pros and cons of this:

Pros of letting your cat into your bed at night:

Firstly it is quite warm and cozy. Especially in the winter months when warmth is at a premium, you will benefit from your cat snuggling up to you.

Arguably this can be seen as a type of stress relief. It is an opportunity to switch off and relax and snuggle with your cat.

Cons of doing this:

Unfortunately, there are some negatives. They are notorious for having dirty feet. Just think about where their feet have been. They could be walking in and out of the litter tray and transferring the mess into your bed, yuk!

They also are not good night sleepers. Cats tend to be active at the night. They like to have various cat naps in the day and then go crazy in the night. This is great for them, but not so good for you.

If you are prone to allergies, then this is not a good idea for you. Some people have allergic reactions to cat hairs, especially long cat hairs.

Do cats like blankets?

So, by now you know that cats like to be under blankets, but do they like blankets in general?

Yes, cats like blankets. They love the comfort and associate it with you, as their trusted owner. This is even more so in the winter. And, unfortunately, they prefer your blankets because you are usually wrapped in them and it has your scent on it.

So, now you know that cats like blankets and why this is.

Do cats need blankets in winter?

So, now you know that cats like blankets you may be wondering if they need them in the winter.

Cats do not need blankets in the winter to survive. But, they would prefer them. This is because they offer comfort and warmth. But, more because of the comfort because they are naturally suited for the winter anyway.

So, now you know that cats do not need blankets in the winter, but they appreciate them.

Do cats like being tucked in?

While your cat is snuggling next to you in bed, you may be wondering if she would like to be tucked in aside you, right?

Cats do like to be tucked in. This is because they appreciate the warmth and comfort it offers them. Also, they will be closer to you. You may even notice that your cat starts to burrow and crawl (what about army crawling? click here) under the blanket to snuggle with you.

So, now you know, cats love to be tucked in.

Do cats get cold at night?

You may be curious to know if cats get cold at night like we do, right?

Cats get cold at night if it is exceptionally cold, such as below freezing. Apart from that, they are fine. They are naturally equipped to deal with mot cold nights. This is because of their fur and layer of fat between their skin and flesh.

So, now you know that cats do not usually get cold at night.

Do cats need blankets?

Cats do not need blankets. But, they really appreciate them if they are offered. They love the warmth and comfort they offer. And, if they can get closer to you in the process this is even better. Once you offer one you will see how quick your cat will take it.

Without a blanket, a cat can survive fine, same as they can live without a cat bed. But, they appreciate these things especially as they are highly domesticated.

Can cats sleep under blankets?

Cats can sleep under blankets but they are likely not to for several reasons. Such as avoiding suffocation and having a view of their surroundings if they hear something and wake up. Inder the blankets is not ideal for these reasons.

You may come across a cat sleeping under a blanket but it is more likely to be on top, or with its head exposed.

Do cats like to cuddle under blankets?

Cats do like to cuddle under blankets. One of the reasons they go under their owner’s blanket is because they can get closer to them and cuddling is part of that. This is why they may opt for their owner’s bed even when they have their own purpose-made bed.

So, if you are a cuddler you may appreciate your cat being there with you and encourage this.

Do cats need a blanket at night?

Cats do not need a blanket. But, they do love to have them if they are available or offered. If non is offered they will seek another warm area of your home. This is why you may see your cat snuggling up next to a radiator to keep warm in the cold months of the year.

Many cats do not have access to blankets that survive fine. But, if they get the chance to get a warm blanket they will take you up on it without hesitation.

Should I put a blanket on my cat?

If your cat naturally gravitates to your blankets it’s a good idea to offer it one. But, if you do, make sure it is not too heavy to avoid it struggling to breathe underneath it. A thin but warm blanket is ideal for them. Also, if you offer them their own it can stop them from trying to claim your best one.

Related Questions:

What does it mean when a cat licks you? This is a show of affection as well as an instinctive reaction passed down from their mother. As kittens, cats are groomed and licked by their mother. You may even notice cats licking other cats.

If she is doing this to you, take it as an honor. The fact that she is doing this means that she trusts and loves you. She will not lick any random person, that’s for sure.

Can I put a blanket on my cat? Yes, it’s fine. The reality is, if she does not like it she will just move it out of her way. Soe cats love this and will thrive on it.

Others prefer to lay on top of the covers and will immediately remove the sheets and use them as their mat. If you are curious, best to just try it and see how she reacts to it. The reality is, she will much prefer her own cat bed (Click here for 3 of my best cat beds).

Why does my cat cover his face when he sleeps? This is because he is blocking the bright light from his face. The fact is most cats flock to the warm spots. Often this is in direct sunlight or a gap of the sun that enters a room through a crack in the curtains (Click here to learn how to stop your cat chewing on your shower curtains).

If your cat is in this direct light the chances are it will irritate his eyes. Hence the reason he covers his face when he sleeps.

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