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Cat Peed On The Electric Blanket (What Now?)

If your cat peed on your electric blanket you may be angry and looking for ways to stop this and understand why it happened… 

Why does my cat pee on my electric blanket?

There are a number of different scenarios which may cause a cat to do this. Stress is one common example, or if your cat is going potty in other parts of the house then they might be marking their territory (spaying or neutering can help with this), or the litter box might not be clean.

So, now you know. But, what health conditions can cause this? How can I prevent this from happening? What can happen to a blanket when this happens? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How can I prevent my cat from peeing on my electric blanket?

Electrical plug near an electrical outlet.

Electrical plug near an electrical outlet.

If your cat has decided that they like to use the electric blanket more than their litter box, then there are a few strategies that you may try in order to discourage this:

  • You can simply close the door to the room where you have the electric blanket, keeping the cat away by removing their access to the blanket altogether.
  • You can clean and store the blanket away, hiding it until you want to use it again.
  • You can replace the electric blanket with a nice, warm comforter that your cat will be less likely to mark.
  • You can try to train the cat not to pee on the blanket. This involves a little supervised time, catnip, and treats when your cat simply settles down on the blanket and relaxes, instead of trying to mark the blanket. Be patient, as this takes a little time!

What health conditions can cause a cat to pee on an electric blanket?

Certain health issues can cause this behavior as well, such as diabetes, urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and more. If your cat is urinating frequently in places outside of their box and the box is being regularly cleaned, then a vet checkup is a good idea to rule out any health issues.

What can happen to an electric blanket with cat pee on it?

Typically, the resistance wire for the electric blanket is going to be durable enough that the blanket will simply get wet and it will smell awful. The wires have very good insulation, although with an older electric blanket there is an increased chance of a break in the insulation, and the high salt and liquid content of urine makes it an excellent conductor.

So, there is a small possibility of a shock, provided that the wire layers have a break that exposes the metal. Thankfully, the chances of this are very low and it is more likely that you will simply need to thoroughly clean it and keep your cat away from it or train them not to potty there.

How can I remove the cat pee smell from my electric blanket?

Plastic spray bottle.

Plastic spray bottle.

Vinegar is very good for neutralizing the odors from cat urine. You will want to pick up a plastic spray bottle at your local grocery or dollar store, along with some distilled white vinegar. Inside the bottle, you’ll want to pour a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, and then you will need to spray it liberally in the affected areas.

This may take a few treatments and don’t worry about the vinegar smell – that will go away as it evaporates – but this homebrew solution is one of your best options. That is because some cleaners can damage the insulation layers on the resistance wires, while vinegar and water should not. After a few treatments, the urine smell should be removed.

Why should you NOT discipline your cat for peeing on your blanket?

Unless you catch your cat in the act, they won’t even know why you are mad. Disciplining your cat, either with a light spanking or ‘putting their nose in the urine is not going to do anything but make your cat think that you are mean and you might even get bitten or scratched!

It is better to simply keep your cat away from the blanket if they can’t resist it or you can sprinkle some catnip on top and try to teach your cat that this is a warm, comfortable place for both of you to nap. Include lots of treats and be prepared to invest a little time.

Most cats won’t urinate right in front of you where they are not supposed to unless they are stressed or ill. With a little quality time together your cat may feel more comfortable with the electric blanket and stop using it for a potty.

Do cats pee on objects out of spite?

No. While those cute, fuzzy predators sometimes look mad, they don’t pee on things out of spite. It generally occurs when a cat is ill or if they are very stressed. In cases of stress, your cat is resorting to scents to feel comfortable.

By peeing on something that has your scent on it, your cat is mingling their scent with yours, and as strange as that sounds to us, it makes your cat feel more comfortable. Take inventory of your week and see if anything has changed that might be stressing your cat out.

This can include arguments with your significant other, new animals or people in the environment, or even if you are going out more than usual. Cats love everything to run like clockwork – smooth and scheduled – and they can take a while to adjust to changes. Try to find what is stressing them and spend a little time with them to help your cat adjust.

Are electric blankets safe if they get wet?

While you don’t want to make a habit of getting your electric blanket wet, for the most part, they are going to still be safe. This is because the resistance wires in the blanket have many layers of insulation in order to prepare for this possibility.

That said, over time and with frequent usage and bending, breaks can and will eventually develop. It is not likely to electrocute you, but you might well get a good jolt if there is a small break in the wiring.

 If your electric blanket is very old, then you might want to consider replacing it with a new one and either keep your cat away from it or spend some supervised time with them on it so that they will learn that it is a place for napping, not for going to the potty.

Can an electric blanket be washed?

If your electric blanket is listed as machine-washable (Click here to see one on Amazon #Ad), then you may wash it from time to time, but try to keep at least one month of time between washings to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. When you are drying it, try drying at half the normal time and then letting it air dry in front of a fan after that.

This will help minimize potential damage from too much tumbling and heat. Finally, be sure to check your owner’s manual, as some electric blankets may require extra steps or very specific care.

Just to be on the safe side!

Can I leave my electric blanket on all night?

While you shouldn’t have any problems simply leaving the blanket on all night, this is not recommended. The best practice with an electric blanket is to go into your room and turn it on about 30 minutes to an hour before you intend to go to sleep.

This way, the bed is nice and warm when you crawl into it, and you can turn off the electric blanket so that it is not running all night. A great strategy you can use is to pull your blankets down and let your electric blanket warm the sheets and mattress for 15 to 20 minutes, then pull up the blankets and put your electric blanket on top.

This will trap the heat and then you won’t have a warm blanket with cold sheets and the mattress beneath it. Try it out – you’ll thank me later!

Can you use a heating pad instead of an electric blanket?

Yes! A heating pad is fine and you can simply put it under the blankets so that it heats up the bed nicely for you for when you are ready to go to sleep. Try putting it in for one hour before you are ready to sleep and don’t be surprised if you come back into your room and find your kitty on top of it.

Everybody loves a nice heating pad!

Lindsey Browlingdon