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Traveling With Cats In A Fifth Wheel (Is It Safe?)

If you have a Fifth Wheel you maybe wondering if it is a good idea, or if it is safe to travel with your cat.

Can cats travel in a Fifth Wheel?

Cats should not travel in a Fifth Wheel while it is motion because you have no view of what’s happening or if your cat is in distress. Therefore, while traveling you should have the cat in the vehicle with you while you haul the Fifth Wheel.

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So, now you know it isn’t a good idea. But, what other problems can there be with a cat in a Fifth Wheel? Is it better to use a motorhome instead of a Fifth wheel for these reasons? Keep reading for these answers, ad so much more.

What is a Fifth Wheel?

Traveling with cats in a fifth wheel
A fifth wheel traveling on a road.

A Fifth Wheel is commonly known as a travel trailer that requires a fifth wheel hitch to secure it to a vehicle. This U shaped hitch allows the vehicle to move the trailer around for overnight sleeping while traveling.

The term “Fifth Wheel” is used interchangeably but could refer to the connection or “hitch” or the trailer itself. However, most people who say Fifth Wheel typically mean the trailer attached to their vehicle.

Problems with cat travel in a Fifth Wheel?

There are several problems with your cat traveling in a Fifth Wheel while you drive that you need to understand. Here are some examples:

01. Temperature fluctuations

While you travel in the vehicle you have no idea of the temperature in the Fifth Wheel. Upfront in your truck may feel fine but it could be drastically different where your cat is.

Therefore it is risky leaving it there. Hence the reason why most cats will have to stay in your vehicle so you can regulate the temperature.

02. Moving objects

As well as issues with the temperature there is a good chance that objects in the Fifth Wheel can roll around by accident. For example, you make a sharp right turn and the contents of a shelf come falling, are you with me?

Therefore you should avoid leaving your cat in there while in motion.

03. Lack of visibility

As you can see most of these issues revolve around one thing, lack of visibility. There could be many things, more than I can list here, that can be resolved with more visibility.

So, this is another reason why a cat in the Fifth Wheel, out of sight, is not recommended.

How is a Fifth Wheel different from a Travel Trailer?

A Fifth Wheel and Travel trailer are similar and both come under the term “Recreation Vehicle” (RV). However, the difference is how they are connected to the towing vehicle. A Fifth Wheel uses a Jaw Hitch.

This Jaw hitch is sometimes called a Fifth Wheel hitch. Whereas a travel trailer uses a ball and coupler to connect it to the towing vehicle.

Is a Motorhome better for cat travel?

A motorhome is a better option for a cat to travel than a Fifth Wheel because you are in the same vehicle as your cat and have better visibility and control of the temperature, etc.

If you are researching vehicles for travel and taking cats with you is a priority then a motorhome is more of a viable option.

What prep do you need for cat travel in an RV?

Before you travel with a cat in a motorhome you need to prepare well. So, here are some things you will need to consider before you head off on your journeys:

01. Check for updated ID

When you in an RV there is a chance that your cat could escape. Therefore you need to make sure that you are prepared for this. Meaning, does it have a collar? Is it microchipped? Does it have an ID tag on its collar?

These are just a few things to consider before you head out on your travels.

02. Keep proof of ownership near by

Earlier I talked about having some ID with you. But, as well as this you should have some other proof of ownership. This will be handy if you find your cat and need to prove it’s yours.

Simple things like photos of your cat, vet bills, vaccination records, etc. There have been stories of cats being found, even close to their home, and the finder not giving the cat back.

03. Exercise your cat

Keeping your cat well exercised before you even travel is very important, but often overlooked. Just simple things like playing with interactive cat toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) will help.

04. Get your cat used to the RV first

Before you even venture out with your cat you need to make sure it’s used to the RV first. Even just some simple familiarisation will help it feel more relaxed before being put in for a long 12-hour journey.

I remember getting car sick on long journeys as a child. It was a real problem at first until I grew up and managed to learn how to deal with it.

I feel that, like a cat in travel, some simple familiarisation before a long journey would have helped.

05. Keep the litter clean & tidy

On a long journey, you will need some cat litter. However, you can get travel litter (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) to make it easier to travel with.

But, whatever you choose you need to make sure to keep it clean and tidy for your cat.

How can you keep your cat happy while traveling in an RV?

One of the challenges of traveling with your cat in a motorhome or any kind of RV is keeping your cat happy. If your cat is content it will make your journey easier. So, with that said, let me share some tips for you:

01. Variety of comfortable sleeping spots

Making your cat comfortable is mandatory while you travel (will you need an enclosure for this? click here) so, small things like a comfortable cat bed (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) that is not too big for your RV is mandatory, in my opinion.

02. Regulate the temperature

If your cat gets too hot while you travel it will not enjoy the journey, period. So, make sure that you try your best to regulate the temperature while you are moving.

03. Entertainment for your cat

Another important thing is stopping your cat from getting bored while you are on the move. So, simple things like cat toys (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), a cat tree (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), etc, will help it feel happier (what about a playpen? click here).

How Long Can cats hold their pee?

Cats are very good at holding their urine. It is common for a cat to hold it for 24 hours or even longer. Also, because they are tidy animals they are unlikely to pee in their carrier.

But, while you travel with your cat do not take this fact for granted, accidents do still happen. So, you will need to have some absorbent material in its carrier while you travel.

Lindsey Browlingdon