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Can You Use A Dog Leash On A Cat? (Bad Blunder?)

If you are considering walking your cat you may be looking at suitable leashes for it. This may lead you to consider a dog leash, but it’s likely you may question if this is a viable option…

Can you use a dog leash on a cat?

You should not use a dog leash on a cat because it’s not designed for them. Firstly, it’s unlikely to fit a cat, and even if it is a leash without a harness is dangerous for a cat. Your cat needs the added security of the harness.

What you will need to walk your cat on a leash

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So, now you know. But, can you use a cat leash without a harness? What are the benefits of a cat harness? Could you use a dog collar on a cat? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Can you use a cat leash on its own?

A cat in a harness and cat leash looking forward.

A cat in a harness and cat leash looking forward.

A cat should not use a cat leash on its own. They need a harness with a leash. Also, the harness should be a real cat harness, not a dog harness. Why? Because these are designed for cats.

Because they are designed for cats it’s easier to fit and reduce the chances of your cat escaping or choking from an ill-fitted harness.

What are the benefits of using a cat harness with a leash?

Cats are not naturally happy to be walked like dogs are. Dogs, on the other hand, have been conditioned to be walked and take to it quite easily. Therefore, the harness offers extra security, meaning your cat is less likely to escape while they are on the walk.

Also, because it’s likely that your cat will put up resistance, especially at first, a harness reduces the chance of your cat pulling against the lead and applying direct pressure to its neck. If this happens it can hurt itself or even run the risk of choking itself.

Can you use a dog collar on a cat?

A dog collar is not safe for a cat. This is because a dog collar is designed to hold them securely. Whereas, a good cat collar is designed to break away if they are snagged or stuck.

Therefore, if a standard dog collar is used for a cat, they could stand the risk of getting choked if they are out in the wild and get the collar caught.

What happens if you put a leash on a cat?

If you put a leash on a cat it’s likely to put up resistance. Especially if it’s the first time. This is because cats do not take to leashes as well as dogs. The theory is they naturally crave freedom and independence.

Whereas a dog tends to be happy being led and pampered and does not have the same desire to be independent like cats do.

Do cats like to walk on a leash?

No, not all cats like to walk on a leash. Some owners say it’s good for indoor cats because it gives them a chance to explore the outdoors under their supervision. And, this makes them feel comfortable exposing them to the big outdoors.

Should I take my indoor cat on walks?

A cat in a harness and cat leash.

A cat in a harness and cat leash.

So, now you know not all cats like to be walked. But some do. So, what about if you have an indoor cat should you consider walking her?

Yes, some cat owners should consider taking their indoor cat out for a walk. Especially if you plan to train her to go outside soon. Or, if you feel that your indoor cat will benefit from it.  Such as a cat that is feeling stressed or wanting to go out.

If you do consider taking your indoor cat out for a walk they must get used to the harness and leash before taking them out. But, are there particular breeds that like to walk on a leash more than others?

What cat breeds will walk on a leash?

So, now you understand, in some cases, cats can benefit from walking on a leash (Click here to see the best ones for your balcony). But, are there any particular brands that prefer to do this more than others?

Cat breeds that are known to like to walk include the Savannah and the Siamese cats. These two breeds tend to appreciate it. In general oriental cats seem to do well with walking based on their intelligence and curiosity. Siamese cats in particular show great enthusiasm.

So, now you know some cat breeds that like to walk on a leash. But, what about cats that are skittish and are scared of almost anything? Can they benefit from being walked?

Can scared cats benefit from being walked?

Why is my cat licking the couch?

A cat hiding in couch.

So, if you have a skittish cat that always seems to be scared and running away from almost anything you may be wondering if they could benefit from being taken out for a walk.

Yes, it has been found that scared cats can gain confidence by being walked. It allows them to explore their area and build confidence with the added security of being with their owner. However, it may take time for them to adjust.

So, now you know, scared cats can benefit from being walked. But, how do you start training a cat to walk on a leash?

How do you start training a cat to walk on a leash?

So, you may be sold on the idea of taking your cat out for a walk and understand the benefits. But, how do you start training a cat to walk on a leash?

To start training your cat to walk on a leash you should begin very slowly. In the beginning, just offer her the harness to smell and get familiar with it. Once you’re past that stage you need to put the leash & harness on, but do not take them out yes, give her familiarization time.

Once she has become familiar with the leash you can then consider taking her out for a walk. The technique is to do it slow and steady.

Do not force it. If you take her out too quickly it could freak her out and make her anxious about it.

What type of cats should be walked on a leash?


Now you know the best way to start walking a cat. But, what types of cat should be taken out on the leash?

The cats that should be taken out for a walk on a leash are ones that love looking outside and show a genuine interest in going out. Or, cats that seem to be bored. These cats may be acting aggressively indoors or overgrooming themselves. Or, if you live in a really small home.

So, now you know the types of cats that can benefit from being walked outside on a leash. But, when they are out being walked, are there certain plants that should be avoided while they are out and about?

What plants should you avoid while walking your cat?

You may have heard some horror stories about certain plants making cats ill. But, what plants should you be looking out for, according to this site?

The plants that should be avoided while you walk your cat include the lily. This Lily can cause kidney failure for a cat even just with it being licked. However, other plants should be avoided such as tulips. They can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

There are other plants to look out for. But, these two, in particular, are quite obvious to spot and should be avoided. But, why do people say that cat harness is so essential when you walk your cat?

Why is a cat harness essential?

If you are considering taking your cat out for a walk, you may have hoped you could just attach the leads directly. But, why is this not a good idea?

A cat harness is essential when you are walking your cat. This is because it stops your cat escaping, holds her in securely, and avoids choking. However, a collar should still be worn as identification just in case she escapes.

Also, don’t be tempted to use a collar, especially breakaway collars. They will not work when walking your cat because they would simply snap off when you walk, as they were designed for.

Why is building trust essential for cat walking?

So, now you are thinking of taking your car out for a walk. By now, you should understand what you need to do. But, why do people say that trust is essential for cat walking?

Trust is essential for cat walking because they are different from dogs. Cats find it hard to trust their walkers.  They tend to lead their walker and try to keep away from you. It helps if you can build more trust to improve the walking experience for both of you.

So, now you know why it is essential to build trust with your cat when walking her. But, how is cat and dog walking so different?

How is cat and dog walking different?

So you may be considering taking your cat for a walk and wondering how this is any different from walking your dog?

Walking a cat is very different from a dog. Dogs are great walkers because they play along and walk side-by-side. But, cats will not do this. They tend to walk a few steps then stop and explore the area. You could be waiting a few minutes for her to do this. Essentially the cat is taking you for a walk.

So, you must understand that you need to be quite patient when you are walking your cat. It can take a long time to get used to.

Do some cats get stressed out walking on a leash?

So, if you are still considering taking your cat for a walk. You may wonder if they do get stressed while they’re walking.

Yes, cats do get stressed when they are out walking on a leash. Sometimes walking may not be the best option for you. If you find that is too stressful for your cat then it may be better to look for another indoor activity instead.

So, now you know some cats can get stressed out while walking on their leash. But, what is the best age to start walking them?

What age can cats walk outside on a leash?

So, now you have a new kitten and you are keen to take her out for a walk. But, what age can you consider doing this?

The best age to walk your cat outside on a leash is when they have been vaccinated. This will keep them safe from any diseases that they may come across when they are exposed to the outside world. The earlier you start to walk them the better. This is because older cats are harder to train.

So now you know what age is a good time to start walking your cat on a leash.


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