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Best Cat Enclosures for Caravans

What is the best cat enclosure for caravans? This is the best one (Click here for the reviews on Amazon #Ad). Read on for more info.

Quick Comparison of Cat Enclosures

Cat Enclosures Images My Rating
01. ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House
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5 stars
02. Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee
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03. Best Choice Habitat
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4 stars
04. RORAIMA outdoor Cat Tent or Habitat
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3.5 stars
05. Pawhut Outdoor Enclosure
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Growing up I remember some great camping trips, one of the biggest moments was setting up the tent in a hurry before nightfall. Fast forward to today and I have a family to consider. But what do you do if you are traveling with your cat in your caravan? How do you keep them under control?

You travel with your kitty, and it’s starting to get restless riding around. You want it to get some time outside, but since cats are little escape artists, you want to be sure your cat will be in the same place you left it.

There are a few different ways to accomplish this, but the way a cat will probably appreciate is by having an enclosure system that you can set up on beautiful days for your cat to play and get fresh air.

We’ve compiled a list of some excellent enclosures and we’ve answered your questions about how to choose below. Let’s take a look.

What is a cat enclosure for a caravan?

A cat enclosure for a caravan can be any enclosed structure that is used to house your cat while you are traveling. They can be temporary or permanent enclosures depending on your needs.

They are mainly used to keep your cat comfortable and secure while you are away from home. However, they can be used while at home if you need them.

Do you need an enclosure when traveling with your cat?

A cat enclosure is not mandatory when traveling because some cat owners leave their cats in the caravan (RV.Motorhome). But, many cat owners like to have them also for extra comfort for their cat while traveling.

In addition to this, a good harness and lead may be required. This is because some cat owners fear, once their cat gets out of the caravan, for example, a walk, it may run away or get lost.

How to choose a cat enclosure

There are a few different things to consider for your cat enclosure. You may want to consider any of the following features.

Temporary or permanent?

Enclosures made of fine mesh are great for travel, but you’ll need to set them up each time. If you pick up to travel a lot, and you’re available to supervise your cat’s outdoor time, then a temporary cat dome might be the best option.

If you stay in one place for extended periods of time and want to be able to set the enclosure up and leave it out for a while, there are metal structures similar to kennels that you can pop into place and leave outside.


What’s the environment like? If your cat is exposed to harsher elements, you might want something with a dedicated rain fly or sunshade so that your cat can be outside without being miserable.

You also want to consider predators. If you are in a remote space and plan to leave your cat outside unsupervised, there’s a good chance you’ll need a stronger enclosure than the typical mesh one. Enclosures that are metal offer some measure of protection from predators, especially if you have kittens, but you will need to have some moderate supervision.


Sturdier enclosures, or ones that offer multiple levels, are not as easy to set up, but they do provide some degree of durability and permanence. They allow your cat to climb and offer better protection than mesh enclosures.

The downside is that you might need two people to set up the enclosure, or it might take you longer than a few seconds to get things situated. If you must set up the enclosure and take it down again every day, this could get old.

A mesh enclosure is ready in seconds. You pop it out and place it where you want your cat to play. The downside is that it isn’t as durable and you need to offer a lot more supervision of your cat’s playing.

If you don’t need to set it up and take it down every day, then you might enjoy something that can be assembled and left outside for a period of time. Your cat can climb higher and be kept safer.

Why use a cat enclosure?

It’s essential to give your cat some time to spend outside. Indoor cats that receive access to the outdoors are less likely to be bored and destructive inside your house or camper. They need to be able to fulfill their evolutionary needs by spending some time outside.

Juggling your cat’s mental and physical well-being. This video explains both:

The outdoors can offer some dangers. First of all, your cat can climb out of any barrier that you might put around it, so the enclosure must be fully enclosed to retain your cat.

Second, outdoor cats are highly likely to die in a traffic accident. In fact, this is the leading cause of outdoor cat death.

Third, other issues involve your cat’s immune system. Kittens are susceptible to diseases and parasites they pick up freely roaming outside. Serious transmittable diseases and parasites include toxoplasmosis, feline leukemia, and feline immunodeficiency virus. All of these shorten your cat’s lifespan or are quickly fatal if left untreated.

Cats can also be detrimental to local wildlife. Cats are hunters at heart, and the risks to local bird and small animal populations are severe. Although nothing can be done about feral and wild cats, by enclosing your pet cat, you allow the bird and small wildlife population a short respite from hunting.

Fourth, cats that can play outdoors show fewer signs of physical issues such as unnecessary weight gain. They remain more flexible and can stimulate their senses more frequently. They also have a chance to wear down claws more naturally which causes less scratching indoors.

My 5 best cat enclosures:

Let’s take a look at the list of my favorite cat enclosures. Many of them are easy to set up, and offer the necessary protection from elements but allow cats plenty of room to play.

01. ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House

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ABO Gear’s playhouse is a tent-style enclosure that requires no tools to assemble. It just pops out of place so you can set it on the ground and go. It comes with two stakes to keep it from being moved around.

It comes with a tunnel piece to add extra interest to the enclosure. You can use the tent piece without the tunnel if you don’t have space or you can use the tunnel alone. You can also connect it to other products from ABO to create a habitat.

Both pieces have their own storage bag, and directions are sewn directly inside the enclosure, so you don’t lose them. It also has zippered doors at both ends, and the end of the tunnel piece can also be closed off so your cats can run down but not out of the tunnel.

Getting the zippers together to attach other pieces can be a bit of a challenge since you have to fit male and female zippers together. It’s also a learning curve to place the enclosure back in the storage bag, so make sure you note how it looked before popping it out.


  • Takes seconds to set up
  • Large enclosure at 120 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Compatible with tunnel and other ABO offerings


  • Zippers can be difficult to match
  • Getting the cat back out can be challenging if they don’t come willingly.

02. Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee

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Kittywalk Systems Cat Teepee is a multifunctional cat enclosure designed to accommodate multiple cats. It’s made of steel framing with a nylon net designed to keep cats in when the area isn’t secure. It’s also possible to use without netting in protected areas.

There are a few platforms for cats to sleep up high, satisfying their urge to move upwards away from danger when vulnerable. The bottom part is open to the ground so they can get some time with the earth while they play.

The entire piece can be put together in just about 20 minutes, and it’s easy to take down for transportation. Although the levels aren’t just pop-out-and-go, it does offer your cats space to jump and climb that single-level enclosures don’t.

It is compatible with other Kittywalk products and has two standard doors to connect to other things. It comes with its own storage bag for easy transport.


  • Designed for multiple cats
  • Plenty of space for cats to jump from one level to the other.
  • Easy and quick to assemble


  • The top layer is only big enough for a small cat or kitten
  • Cannot be left outdoors permanently
  • Doesn’t come with an optional floor piece for areas with less than ideal ground space.

03. Best Choice Products Habitat For Indoor Cats 

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Best Choice is another tent-style enclosure that snaps into place in seconds. This enclosure is slightly smaller than the ABO at 75 x 75 x 42 inches. It’s made of a durable mesh that resists moderate amounts of claw contact.

It doesn’t attach to tunnels or other types of enclosures. Instead, it’s a standalone shelter that allows cats to get outside while still being fully enclosed. It has a full zipper door to make getting cats in and out of the tent easy. Although the quality isn’t as good as some other tent enclosures, it makes a great backup option or travel option.

This tent is a more straightforward version of some of the more elaborate cat enclosures and is best for someone who needs a temporary outdoor play space or is sure that they won’t want to attach other products such as a tunnel. If you are traveling a lot, this folds down and slides into a carry case, and weighs just over two pounds.


  • The simple design allows for set-up and take-down in seconds
  • A single door makes things easier to get in and out of
  • Great for temporary play spaces or travel


  • No ability to expand to a habitat style enclosure
  • Lesser quality than other tent-style enclosures

04. RORAIMA outdoor use Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat

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Roraima is another tent-style habitat that’s easy to fold out and comes with a convenient travel bag for storage. It measures 75″ long by 60” wide by 36” high and has 30 square feet of space.

It’s intended to use for multiple cats outdoors or on a large porch area. It has breathable mesh enclosures to ensure that there’s plenty of ventilation while your cat plays outside. The mesh is strong enough to withstand light clawing. It’s open at the bottom so your cat can come in contact with the ground.

It has a rain fly to keep light rain away and provide some shade while your cat plays. You can choose to attach it or not. It has two zipper doors to make getting in and out easy. You can stake it to the ground to prevent it from moving around too much. There’s no tunnel available yet.

The design of this tent is to allow maximum playspace while still being simple to set up and takedown. It can’t be left outside, and you will need to stake it securely to prevent your cat from escaping from the bottom. The company plans to release other habitat offerings but doesn’t have anything yet. It’s a simple design for a temporary play space.


  • 30 square feet of space
  • Attachable rain fly for shade or light rain protection.


  • No other attachable habitat pieces though it might be compatible with other company’s products.

05. Pawhut 88″ Metal Outdoor Small Animal Enclosure 

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Pawhut’s enclosure is a sturdy metal kennel-style enclosure with plenty of space for your cats to run around. It has a fully enclosed roof, plus top and side entrances for placing your cats inside and feeding them. It measures 87.75” long by 40” wide by 40.5’ high.

It’s more permanent than mesh-style enclosures and can withstand some weather while outside. If you need something you can leave out for more extended periods of time, the metal frame is an excellent way to do that.


It doesn’t require much assembly. Snap the pieces together to bring up the frame. Taking things down isn’t hard but might take more time than the tent-style enclosures. It’s a large and better-protected space.

The metal frame is galvanized and weather protected. It has a polyethylene cover, so you don’t worry about rust when it rains. You might need some help getting things to snap together the first time and to take things down, but after that, you should be good to go.


  • Durable, weather-resistant galvanized metal with polyethylene covering.
  • Spacious
  • Can be left outdoors


  • Heavy and there’s no carry case or bag
  • Might require two people to set up and takedown

My Best Choice Cat Enclosure

My favorite cat enclosure is the ABO tent habitat (Click here for the price on Amazon #Ad). It offers a quick setup so you can move it around and store it easily, and it’s compatible with an extensive line of other ABO cat habitat products. It comes with a fun run that’s fully enclosed to give your cat an interesting, stimulating environment.

Although it doesn’t offer full protection from predators, it does prevent your cat from causing predatory harm to the local wildlife. It’s large and has plenty of room for your cat to play, lounge, and have access to outdoor stimulation.

What kind of cat enclosure do you need and what are your cat’s personalities like? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently asked questions for cat enclosures

In this section I will answer some questions often asked by researchers of the best cat enclosures:

Do cats like outdoor enclosures?

Some cats are fine with outdoor enclosures right away. However, others may need some tie to adjust. And, in some cases, they may need to be trained to use them. But, it’s safe to say there is a chance your cat will put up resistance when they first use it.

This is similar to when they are transported in a cat carrier. Most cats will need time to adjust to these carriers before they relax while traveling.

How big should a cat enclosure be?

Ideally, a cat enclosure will have 2 meters from the ground up in height and a circumference of 2 meters. But, depends on how many cats you have, where it will be located, and if there is any potential conflict between your cats.

So, take this as a rough guideline. Also, each country has different guidelines on these measurements, so it’s worth checking locally to verify your specific requirements.

Can you build your own cat enclosure?

You can build your own cat enclosure. There have been reports of a cat owner building a cat enclosure that connected to their motorhome, via a tunnel. This is so the cat could roam seamlessly from the motorhome and the enclosure.

This also allowed them to keep the cat enclosed while they were traveling in the motorhome and keeping their cat safe on their journeys.

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