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Should A Cat Sleep Alone?

If you have a new cat, or thinking about one, you may be wondering if its OK to leave it sleeping on its own…

Should A Cat Sleep Alone?

If your cat wants to sleep alone, that’s okay, but don’t worry – as your bond grows, they’re going to want to sleep next to you sometimes, too. Just remember that your cat is a predator and that while you’ve invited them to sleep in your bed or one that you’ve gotten for them, predators don’t make a habit of sleeping in the same place for too long. 

So, now you know. But, do cats have multiple sleeping places? Where is the most common sleeping place? Do cats like sleeping with their owner? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Do cats have multiple sleeping places?

Brown and white cat lying on gray couch.

Brown and white cat lying on gray couch.

Yes. In fact, studies have shown that most cats have an average of 5 places that they sleep around the house!

Nature has hard-wired your cat to avoid other predators and sleeping in the same place too often is a great way to get eaten in the wild. As such, it’s perfectly natural for your cat to seek out new sleeping spots on their own, and while it seems random if you watch you can find their 5 favorite spots!

Where is the most common sleeping place for cats?

Interestingly enough, studies show that around 34% of cats like to sleep in bed with their owners, with only 20% preferring their own bed, while another 22% will pick assorted furniture around the house for their beds.

Further, cats are nocturnal, and most owners reported that their cats only spent around 47% of their time in bed.

Do cats like sleeping with their owner?

Yes, most cats love sleeping with their owners, even sometimes when said owners are restless sleepers. In such cases, cats often choose the ‘safest’ spots, such as at our feet, as they simply love sleeping close to their owners.

Not all cats choose to be so cuddly, especially at first, but over time most are going to gravitate towards sleeping in the bed with you if you will allow it.

How can I get my cat to sleep in its own cat bed?

There are a few things which you can do that will make your cat more likely to try using their bed. First off, move it close to your own bed. Many cats like sleeping close to us, as they love us and it makes them feel safer.

Next, be sure to add a toy or two to the bed – not enough to disturb sleep, of course, and sprinkle a little catnip there for your kitty to find. Finally, if it is warm out, a fan close to where the bed is definitely won’t hurt your chances of the cat finding the bed to be much more pleasant than it was before.

Kitties like to cool down, which is why you are always catching them on the kitchen table or linoleum, and sometimes a fan near the bed is all you need to convince your cat that it’s a good place to nap after all!

Is it OK to leave a cat sleeping at home alone while you work?

Yes, this is fine, but if the cat is new then you might consider taking a day or two off to help them acclimate to the new house. For your cat, a new place can be quite scary – all the smells are new and if you haven’t closed a few doors around the house, the space enormous and frightening to them.

With a new cat, it’s best to help them learn their new home with you present to make them feel more comfortable. That said, if your cat is already used to the house, then don’t feel guilty about leaving for work.

Cat’s sleep about 13 to 16 hours a day and they are actually quite the sticklers for schedules. Your cat knows exactly when you wake up, what time you will shower, and what time you leave and go home.

That is why they are so attentive when you leave on impulse – your leaving wasn’t according to schedule and it stresses them out!

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

Yes. If the litter box is clean and your cat has eaten, you need to make sure that you avoid those ‘attention calls’ at night. Getting up and running over to your cat will just teach them that it’s okay to be vocal and that you’ll always come running.

It depends on you, really, and whether or not you want to communicate that this is okay, but we recommend that you ignore these calls so that your cat won’t meow every night and if they really need you, you can rest assured that the furry feline will find a creative way to get your attention!

Should I let my cat sleep all day?

Black and white cat lying on white textile.

Black and white cat lying on white textile.

Cats will sleep anywhere from 13 up to 16 hours normally, but if your cat seems to be sleeping more than usual lately then they might need a little more stimulation during the day.

You can help out by making some time every day to play with your kitty or if you don’t have a lot of time, invest in more toys! Some laser toys are automated and you can simply turn them on for 20 minutes when you get home and your cat can have fun and get a little exercise in the bargain!

That said, in most cases, that sleep is normal. If you notice your cat sleeping at the same times every day, then this is most often the case – cats are huge sticklers for their daily schedules!

Why is it a bad idea for a kitten to sleep in your bed?

While it’s tempting to let your kitten snuggle up and sleep with you at night, it’s better to hold off and to wait. Sleeping alone is good for your kitten, as it helps them to develop a little independence so that they don’t end up codependent on you!

There are also potty considerations – your litter one is still learning about the litter box and even if they are good about using it, there is no guarantee that they can get off of the bed in time and find it without any little ‘accidents’ occurring.

For now, get your kitten used to sleeping alone in their own kitty bed, which should be placed close to where you are.

That way your kitten feels safe, as they can see you, but you are also encouraging them to be more independent while giving them ‘quick access’ to the litter box if they need it in the middle of the night!

Will my kitten hate me if I make it sleep in a separate room?

No, your cat won’t hate you, but the first few nights it will certainly sound like they do! Sleeping alone encourages independence in cats and is actually quite good for them. While they will complain at first, when you go to check on your cat in the morning they’ll be bright-eyed and ready to enjoy the day.

Be sure that you don’t come running when they meow, however, on those first nights. Provided that they’ve eaten, there is a clean litter box present, and the room has been cat-proofed then they are simply meowing for attention and you will be encouraging this behavior if you come running.

Why do kittens snuggle up next to you on the sofa?

When your kitten snuggles up to you, it is because they like being close and it also makes them feel safer. This is always a good sign, as it means that your bond with your new kitten is progressing and will only get stronger as time goes by.

Enjoy the snuggle – it’s a very good thing!

Lindsey Browlingdon