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Why Does My Cat Sleep Pressed Up Against Me?

If your cat is sleeping pressed up against you it may make you wonder why and if it is a good sign…  

Why Does My Cat Sleep Pressed Up Against Me?   

When your cat presses up against you, they are transferring their scent onto you. This is their natural way of claiming territory. They are marking you as their owner and safe space.  Your cat also enjoys the warmth you radiate, so pressing up against you is an easy way for them to keep warm.

So, now you know. But, should I even let my cat sleep with me? Could it get injured? How do cats choose who to sleep with? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more… 

Should I Let My Cat Sleep With Me?

A person holding a cat while lying in bed.

A person holding a cat while lying in bed.

There are scientifically proven benefits to sleeping with a cat at night. Not only can gently stroking your cat at night while falling asleep help reduce your stress hormones, but it can help your body release your happy hormones. 

Sleeping with your cat also gives you an opportunity to bond with your feline and spend some quality time with them. That being said, it’s really up to you whether or not you want to indulge your cat in some nighttime cuddles. 

Some pet parents worry about the allergens and other contaminants cats can bring into the bed, while other parents are concerned they won’t get a good quality sleep with their cat laying on them or moving around all the time. 

Could My Cat Get Injured Sleeping Pressed Against Me?

You might be concerned that you might accidentally roll over on them or kick them off the bed. There is much less of a risk of you doing this than you might think. 

The majority of the time when cats sleep, they don’t fall into a deep sleep as we do. Their senses are still activated, as their instincts tell them they need to be ready to run or attack their prey at any moment. If they feel you stirring, they will most likely get out of the way. 

Cats are also very resilient creatures and recover easily from an accidental shove.

Could My Cat Hurt Me While I Sleep?

Your cat would never intentionally hurt you while you are sleeping. But because they are nocturnal, they might take you moving around as an invitation to play. Furthermore, they don’t realize that waking you up for pets is interrupting your much-needed slumber. 

This could potentially lead to them scratching or biting you innocently, thinking that you are playing with them. If they are in a deep sleep and you are moving around scares them, they might possibly jump and accidentally scratch you. 

It’s usually not recommended to allow a cat to sleep with a young child. It’s also possible your child could startle the cat at night, and your cat might lash out if they get too scared. 

It could take some adjusting if you want to try to let your cat sleep with you, but once you are used to it, the benefits are worth it. 

Does It Mean My Cat Loves Me If It’s Pressed Up Against Me At Night?

Your cat pressing up against you at night is a sure sign that they love you. Using you as some type of pillow or bed is one of the many ways your cat initiates bonding with you.

Cats also don’t like to expose themselves to anything that could potentially harm them. This is especially true when they are tired. If your cat feels comfortable enough around you to let loose and sleep with you, it’s a surefire indication that they love you and trust you completely.  

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?

Cats are pretty methodical in their choices, so their choice of who to sleep with depends on a number of factors. Cats might choose who to snuggle with at night depending on who they’ve bonded with more, who they feel safer with, or even something as arbitrary as who feeds them more. 

Your cat might also enjoy your scent and associate you and your scent with a safe space they can feel comfortable getting vulnerable around. It is said that our breathing patterns are soothing to cats, just as their purrs are soothing to us. 

While it might be sad for the rest of your household, your cat might also choose to sleep with you because you are simply their favorite human. They might feel a special bond with you that they don’t have with other members of your household. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep Pressed Up Against My Legs?

An orange and white cat on woman's lap.

An orange and white cat on woman’s lap.

When cats are babies, they would usually press up against their mom when it was bedtime. Since you now take on that parental role for your cat, they might see pressing up against your legs before going to sleep as a comfort. 

Alternatively, if you’re someone who fusses over your cat all day, they might not want to cuddle during the day. They might only come to you at night because you’re sleeping. Cats, especially older ones, like it to be their idea to get your attention.

If you are constantly picking them up and getting in their space, they might feel smothered. 

They might also simply be trying to have a sweet bonding experience with you, as they will typically only sleep with someone they trust completely and want to protect.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Sleeping Next To Me?

Your cat might go from sleeping on its own to cuddling up next to you during a weather change. Cats are sensitive to temperature, and they prefer to be warm. If there is a draft that comes in your house at night, they might snuggle up to you until it gets warm again. 

While it shouldn’t be cause for alarm, sometimes cats will turn to sleep with you at night when they experience a big change. This could be them getting older, feeling more dependent on you, or they could be sick. It would be wise to keep an eye on them to look for behavioral changes, but don’t panic. 

On the other hand, if you are experiencing a period of sickness or even sadness, your cat might sense this and want to offer you comfort while you rest. They really are much more intuitive creatures than we give them credit for. 

Why Does My Cat Choose To Sleep Right Next To Me On A Large Bed?

Your cat doesn’t really care how big your bed is. They will snuggle up right next to you on your bed because they want your warmth, and because they love you. 

It might confuse you as to why your cat would choose to push up against you when they have the entire bed to sprawl out on. This is especially true if your cat is not very affectionate at any other time of the day. Take this as a sign that your cat feels comfortable with you and safe with you.

Do Cats Feel Secure When They Sleep Next To You?

If your cat is willing to fall asleep next to you, it is a good sign they feel secure with you. Cats know that they are vulnerable when they are sleeping, so they see you as a beacon of protection and security. 

When cats are in the wild, they would search for a safe place before allowing them to sleep, knowing that if they weren’t aware of their surroundings even when trying to get some sleep, they could be putting themselves in danger. Your cat also believes they are protecting you at night when they sleep next to you.

Lindsey Browlingdon