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Will Maine Coons Run Away? (Why “Just Hoping” Won’t Do)

If you have a Maine Coon, or researching them, one thing that may concern you is the chances of it running away…

Will your Maine Coon run away?

There is a possibility that any breed of a cat could run away. However, when it comes to Maine Coons, some are more likely to run away than others. Male Maine Coons are more likely to run away than females.

So, now you know it can. But, are indoor cats more likely to run off? How can you find it if it runs off? What are the best ways to prevent this? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Are Indoor cats more likely to run away?

Will Maine Coons run away?

An indoor Maine Coon looking outside.

If the cat spends all of their time indoors then they are more likely to run away when they get the opportunity.

This doesn’t happen with every Maine Coon cat, but cat owners who have unneutered males seem to have more issues with their cats fleeing than those who have neutered or female cats.

Although unneutered males are more likely to run away (what if it was just following you? click here), this usually only occurs during mating season.

Can a Maine Coon be an outdoor cat?

Do Maine Coons get jealous?

A Maine Coon outdoors.

Maine Coons are very laid back cats, making it easy to keep them as indoor cats. They can be outdoor cats as well, but it is up to the owner to carefully determine the pros and cons of letting their cat outside. Some cats are more adaptable than others when it comes to being around new scenery.

When it comes to whether or not they can stand the outdoor conditions, Maine Coons are built to handle harsher weather. Their large paws, thick coat, and tuft ears are no match for anything Mother Nature throws their way. Although you may be more comfortable keeping your Maine Coon indoors, their bodies can still adapt to the outdoors during any season.

5 Reasons why your Maine Coon might not return:

  1. They’re injured: There is a possibility that your Maine Coon may have had a confrontation with another animal and got hurt.
  2. They’re lost: Cats are very smart animals and usually find their way back home. However, if something caught their attention and they have wandered further off than normal they may be having trouble finding their way back home.
  3. They’re mating: If the Maine Coon is unaltered then there is a good possibility that they have hooked up with another cat they met while they were outside.
  4. They were scared off: It’s a big world out there, and there are many animals that are much bigger and scarier than a Maine Coon. They may have been chased away by another animal and are afraid to return.
  5. They were hit by a car: Unfortunately, this is one of the risks of having an outdoor cat.

Are Maine Coons better as Indoor cats?

Most people find that their Maine Coons are better being indoor cats. This is because they have laid back personalities and love spending time with their owners.

These cats make such good house cats because they become very loyal to their favorite humans. Once they fall in love, they want to devote all their time and affection to their owners.

So it’s safe to say a Maine Coon cat is much happier when they are inside spending time with their favorite person than roaming outside on their own.

When they are indoors they have someone to pet them on command at almost all hours, they don’t have that luxury on the outside.

How can you find your Maine Coon if it’s gone?

If your Maine Coon got outside and hasn’t returned, there are few things you can do to find them. Start by choosing a few quality pictures of them that show off any key features or markings they have that would help people recognize them.

Use these photos to make missing cat posters to put up locally.

Since Maine Coons are such social cats there could be a chance that they are stopping by another person’s house they met on their journey. If you have moved recently, they could be returning to their old neighborhood. With any luck, someone will recognize the cat in the poster.

However, most Maine Coons don’t trail off far from their own home. Make sure you do a thorough check of your own property. They may have found a new hiding spot that you’re unaware of, cats are funny like that.

It’s a good idea to also let your neighbors know in case the cat is hanging out on their property. You’ll be surprised how close they could actually be.

How can you prevent your Maine Coon from getting lost?

Although Maine Coons are usually loyal to their owners, sometimes these curious cats take off. When this happens, there are some things that you can do to prevent them from getting lost on their journey.

01. Using a cat collar

Start by getting them a collar with a custom tag that has your phone number or address on it. Since they are social animals, it’s likely they will approach other people while they’re out.

02/ Using a pet tracker

If your cat seems to take off more often, then consider attaching a pet tracker (Click here to see my best) to their collar when you let them outside. This is basically a GPS for pets.

When it’s time to go to bed and you’re not sure where they are, this device will help you locate them.  Another way you can prevent your Maine Coon from getting lost is by getting it microchipped.

This is used as permanent identification for pets. If they ever get lost, it increases the likeliness of finding them safe.

Do Maine Coons wander far?

In most cases, cats don’t wander far from their home. However, Maine Coons are a bit more adventurous than the average housecat. Sometimes they go wandering and end up going too far.

While most cats are afraid of their own shadows, Maine Coons are a little braver and want to see who and what is out there.

Is it cruel to keep a Maine Coon indoors all the time?

Maine Coon cats adapt very well to indoor life, so well that some even believe they are royalty. It isn’t cruel to keep them indoors all the time.

Some owners actually feel more comfortable with their cat remaining indoors because Maine Coon cats are more likely to get stolen than other breeds.

Most are well behaved

Most Maine Coon cats are very well behaved, so if they are curious about the outdoors there’s still a way to let them enjoy it. Since Maine Coons love to be by their owner’s side, they are often well behaved when their owners take them outside. They are more likely to listen to them and stay nearby.

So if you’re spending time outside on a nice day, let your Maine Coon come out to play too. They are less likely to wander off if their owner is out there with them.

Will a pet door help if you let your Maine Coon out?

This will all depend on the cat. Most Maine Coons will use a pet door (click here to see why I rate this one), as long as it is the right size. These doors are very easy for them to figure out how to get through, so it doesn’t take long for them to get comfortable using them. However, these doors could create a problem.

While it may be easy for your Maine Coon to come in and out as they please, these doors make it easier for other cats to enter your home as well. Even though Maine Coons are large, they still get frightened when unknown cats invade their home and steal their food.

Lindsey Browlingdon