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Will A Cat Use The Bathroom In The House?

If you are worried about what your cat may do to your home you may be concerned if it will use your home like a bathroom and wonder if it could even be trained to use your bathroom neatly…

Will A Cat Use The Bathroom In The House? 

Training a cat to use the bathroom in the house is usually an easy task. It doesn’t take long to get a cat used to their litter box. That being said, some cats are pickier than others. It might take some experimentation with litter type and litter box placement before your cat gets into the habit of using their box. 

So, now you know. But, Why do cats poop in your home? Could a cat be trained to use your actual toilet seat? How can you prevent a cat from soiling up your home? Keep reading for these answers and much more…

Are Cats Likely To Make A Mess While They Are Bathroom Trained?

A cat staring while sitting in a sink.

A cat staring while sitting in a sink.

Don’t be surprised if your cat makes some messes before they get accustomed to their new home and new bathroom. You don’t want to yell at them or punish them, as stress will make the situation worse. 

Some people have even managed to train their cats to use a toilet to go to the bathroom. This takes a little bit more work, but if your cat is a quick learner, it might be worth an attempt. 

Why Do Cats Poop In Your Home?

There are a few reasons why your cat might poop outside of the litter box. Sometimes, it’s simply a behavioral issue. They could be trying to communicate that they are stressed out, possibly because their litter box is too dirty, or they don’t like the litter you’ve used. 

They could also be pooping outside of the litter box because they are territorial. If you have introduced a new cat into the home, they might be trying to make the area smell like them so the other cat knows who is boss. 

There is also the possibility there is a medical reason your cat is pooping in your home. Be sure to monitor your cat’s behavior, as there will usually be another sign that they are not feeling well, such as lethargy, limping, or decreased appetite. 

Can A Cat Be Trained To Use The Toilet Seat?

It is possible to train your cat to use the toilet, and many cat owners have successfully done this with a lot of patience and research. Typically, the best way to try this is by bringing the litter box into the bathroom and slowly moving it closer to the toilet. This helps the cat associate the toilet with going to the bathroom.

You can then either get a training box or turn the toilet into a training box by placing wax paper over the toilet bowl and sprinkling some litter on it to entice your cat to use it. Once your cat starts going to the bathroom on the wax paper, cut a hole in it so their business goes through the hole and into the toilet. 

Be sure to reward your cat when they do each step successfully. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Cat Using The Toilet Seat?

One benefit of toilet training your cat would be not having to clean up a messy litter box. You can also save money, as litter is expensive. That being said, keeping a litter box around might be wise until your cat is totally accustomed to the toilet seat. 

Being able to remove the litter box from your home can also save you space, which is ideal if you live in a small space without many private places to keep a litter box. 

How Can You Prevent Your Cat Pooping In Your Home?

You want to start by making sure their litter box is big enough for them and easy for them to climb into. You might also have to experiment with different litters until you find one your cat is okay with using. Be sure to clean the litter box at least twice a day so it’s pleasant for your cat. 

If you have multiple cats, you should have more than one litter box. Have one for each cat and an extra one. Your cats might not want to share litter boxes and will go outside of the box if another cat has already used one of the litter boxes. 

Where Do Cats Usually Pee In The House?

A black and white cat on a bath tub.

A black and white cat on a bath tub.

Cats might pee in an area where other cats like to hang out. They might want that area to smell like them instead in order to establish dominance over the other felines. If you have recently moved, they might pee in the area they want to take over to make it smell like them, and remove other foreign scents from the area. 

Your cat might also pee in an area where they feel like they have the most privacy. This could be because your cat doesn’t like where their litter box is. If it’s out in the open, they might get too nervous to use it so they’ll just pee in another area. 

Ultimately, your cat will pee where they feel comfortable. If their litter box isn’t ideal for them or isn’t in a good location for them, you might have to move it around until they either get used to it or get more comfortable in the area where you want the litter box to be. 

How Do Cats Know Where To Use The Bathroom?

As cats have evolved to become more domesticated, their instincts for knowing where they are supposed to go to the bathroom have become quite sharp. This is why most cats will automatically go to their litter box when nature calls after showing them where it is a couple of times. 

In the wild, cats would usually cover up their business so that the scent didn’t attract predators. When they have to go, they will instinctively seek out a location where they can comfortably go in private and be able to bury their pees and poops. Unless they are currently battling for territory, they will go in their litter boxes with no issues. 

Do Cats Like Privacy When They Poop?

Most cats don’t want an audience when they are trying to poop. This is why some cats will go to the bathroom outside of their litter box if it’s out in the open. Before cats became domesticated they would want to be able to conceal their business, and those instincts haven’t completely gone away. 

Why Has My Cat Started To Pee In My Room?

Similar to a cat pooping outside of the litter box, your cat could be peeing in your room or outside of the box if they are stressed or are trying to spread their scent around. There are also multiple medical conditions that could cause your cat to pee wherever they are when they need to go, so watch their behavior to look for other signs. 

Why Is My Female Cat Peeing Standing Up?

There is a good chance that if you catch your female cat peeing standing up, they might not actually be peeing. They could be spraying, although this act does sometimes cause them to release a small amount of urine. 

This is your female cat’s way of claiming their territory. If your female cat is not fixed, they might do this behavior somewhat often until they are spayed. 

There is also a small chance that your female cat is peeing while standing because she isn’t feeling well. She might possibly have a urinary tract infection, crystals in her urine, or cystitis. Be sure she is getting enough water, and see if her behavior has changed in other ways.

It could be worth taking her to the vet to double-check that everything is okay.

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