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Will a Cat Clean Poop Off Itself? (Or Not?)

If your cat has poop on itself you may be wondering if this will be something you have to deal with (Click here to see my best solution, on Amazon #Ad), or will your cat sort it out itself?

Will a cat clean poop off itself?

Cats are known for being very clean animals, however, they clean themselves with their tongues. If your cat comes down with a stomach ache and gets poop on itself then they most likely won’t clean it off. You wouldn’t want to lick poop off of yourself either.

What you will need to clean up the poop

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Some cats may try to clean the poop off by rubbing their bum on a rug or carpet. In most cases, you will need to help your cat get cleaned up. But, do cats need baths sometimes? What about older cats? How can you prevent these accidents? Keep reading to get these answers, and much more…

Why do cats groom themselves?

Cats have several reasons for grooming themselves constantly, and it’s more than just being incredibly hygienic. However, all that grooming does help them distribute natural skin oils, which keeps their coats silky and smooth.

Cats love to be warm and regular grooming helps them to maintain their body temperature. On hot days their saliva helps them cool down as well.

Stimulate circulation

Constant grooming also helps them stimulate their circulation. When a cat is clean they can keep infections, parasites, and allergies to a minimum. Another reason they are always grooming themselves is that it also limits hairballs (Click here to see how long it takes for your cat to get rid of these).

Sometimes excessive grooming can be a behavior issue. The route of their grooming could be from embarrassment or even anxiety. If your cat is ever in a conflict they may groom a lot as a way of coping.

How often do cats groom themselves?

Will a cat clean poop off itself?

Will a cat clean poop off itself?

When I say that cats groom themselves a lot, I mean it. The average cat will spend 30 to 50 % of its day grooming. That is one clean kitty you have. However, if you ever notice that your cat is spending more than half their day grooming then it is a good idea to consult your vet.

Grooming too often could lead to fur loss or skin lesions, and maybe a sign of another medical condition. Things such as fleas, parasites, stress, or anxiety are among the many things that could lead your cat to obsessive grooming.

Do cats need baths sometimes?

Anyone who has ever bathed a cat (Click here if your cat peed is often peeing in there too) knows just how dangerous it can be. While some people are lucky enough to have cats who don’t mind a bath, most people have felines who think water is the scariest thing on the planet.

For the most part, your cat can keep itself clean, especially if it’s an indoor cat.

In the case that your cat poops itself, or has any other sort of accident, then it may need your assistance and that could mean bathtime for the kitty.

If you are ever in a position where you have to bathe your cat, always approach them calmly and try to handle as much of the grooming as possible before getting them wet.

How do you clean feces from your cat’s fur?

One of the easiest ways to get poop off of your cat’s fur is by using wipes for cats (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad). These are made to be gentle and safe for your cat’s fur, and they are a much easier option than trying to bathe your cat. Remember, you don’t want to scare your cat so try not to chase them when you notice they have poop on them.

If your kitty has a poop emergency now and you don’t have any wipes then you can always make your own with a rag and a bucket of cat shampoo (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad) diluted with water.

Use this solution to dampen the rag and clean off your cat. Whether you use bath wipes or a rag, it is always a good idea to make sure you are wearing gloves and to try to get some of the poop off first with a paper towel.

If your cat has long hair you may need to trim some of the poop out. It is a good idea to keep the fur around their backside trimmed to avoid poop getting stuck in it.

Can you clean your cat’s bum?

Yes, you can clean your cat’s bum. In the case of an emergency, they made need your help doing it. You can use a bath wipe for cats or a wet rag as mentioned above. If you don’t have wipes for cats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) use a rag instead of substituting for baby wipes.

They use different ingredients from each other and baby wipes could irritate your cat’s skin or makes them sick if they ingest them.

Will older cats need more assistance?

Cats, just like humans, aren’t quite as flexible with their old age. Some senior cats suffer from arthritis. This makes it hard for them to bend as far as they need to so they can clean properly. They may have trouble reaching back so they will need your help to stay clean and smell good.

8: Why would poop get stuck to your cat’s fur?

One reason your cat’s poop might be getting stuck to their fur is because of its consistency. Do you have your cat on a diet of dry food only? If this is the case then it is likely that your cat’s stools are dry.

A dry stool has little rough areas on it, which are similar to a thistle, and that causes them to get stuck in your cat’s fur. A good way to loosen up their stool is to try including some wet food in their diet.

If this isn’t the case, then the poop could simply be from an accident. A new type of food could have caused a stomach ache for your cat, which is why they had diarrhea. They may have a cold (Is Vicks VapoRub OK around them? Click here) or other illnesses that could be affecting their stomach.

How can you prevent these poop accidents?

Your cat’s food could be the main source of poop problems. Try switching what they’re eating to either loosen or harden the stools, depending on your cat’s situation. If you are unsure of what to feed them always consult your vet for recommendations. They will be able to guide you based on your cat’s health and history.

Long-haired cats (Click here to learn how to clean the mess out of their fur) can always benefit from trimming, especially in the back. If the poop situation isn’t coming from a food or medical problem, then a haircut might be your best solution. If you have trouble doing this yourself, book them an appointment at a local groomer.

Just to be safe, check your litter levels. If they are too high the poop might be smudging on your cat even though they are healthy and using the box properly. Cats like to bury their poop, but that doesn’t mean you need to fill the box to the very top with litter.

Could your litter box be the problem?

You may need to observe your cat in the litter box to see if the box itself is the problem. If your litter box is too high then the cat could be too close to the edge, which is why the poop might be getting stuck.

Some cats will back their bum up the very edge of the wall to do their business, which is how they end up wearing it.

What can happen if a cat cleans its own feces?

There is a chance that a cat can consume germs or parasites that can lead to them being sick. And, in some cases, it can cause them to have diarrhea.

There is a reason that nature made feces smell. It is logical to tell us that it is foul and not to be eaten. As humans, we know to steer clear of foul-smelling things. The only exception I know of is strong-smelling cheese.

Can parasites in cat litter affect humans?

Yes. There are parasites in cat litter that can affect humans such as intentional worms, or giardia. So, it is important to keep it clean and handle it with care, to avoid this.

I remember, when I was a young child, I contracted worms, these were known as tapeworms. And, it was one of the worst experiences. Fortunately, once discovered and diagnosed it was easily cured.

It’s unclear where it came from. But, when dealing with cat litter, it’s best to be safe to avoid catching anything.

What should I do if I see diarrhea in the cat litter?

If you see diarrhea in the cat litter you must take action immediately. Meaning, cleaning it out as soon as possible. This can help to avoid the cat reinfecting itself and the mess it can make if it gets it on its paws.

You may have heard of “tracking” before. If not, this is when your cat trails dirty soiled paws, from the litter tray, through your home. And, take my word for it, soft diarrhea feces is a whole lot worse.

Do long-haired cats get poop on their fur?

Yes. Long-haired cats are known to get poop in their fur. In particular, the hind fur. This can be a combination of poop and litter stuck together.

This is one of the challenges that long-haired cats face. There may be times when you have to help to clean your cat, especially if it’s a young kitten.

Why does my overweight cat not clean itself properly?

An overweight cat may not clean itself properly because it may struggle to reach all areas of its body. This is mainly for obese cats.

However, it’s not just limited to these cats. You may notice elderly cats having similar issues. In this case, it’s normally due to health issues, such as arthritis, that cause pain in their joints when they attempt to clean certain areas.

Other issues could be dental issues that can change their cleaning habits, due to the pain. Obviously, if it’s this, it’s not limited to elderly cats.

Should I throw away badly soiled cat litter?

If the cat litter is soiled badly then it is a good idea to replace it completely after each usage. This can be costly. But, it is a temporary measure until they are well again.

Also, during this time it is worth considering using a low-cost litter. For example, a wood pellet litter, or other biodegradable offerings that are cheaper than your usual litter of choice.

Will cats avoid getting poop on their fur?

Yes. Cats will go to great lengths to avoid getting poop in their fur. For example, they have been known to stand on the edge of the litter tray to avoid the mess in the middle.

Therefore, it’s important to keep the tray clean and keep on top of the litter maintenance. This can just be as simple as clearing it out regularly.

And, if you have clumping litter, it can be easier because you mainly need to remove the soiled clumps for the most part.

What should healthy cat poop look like?

A healthy cat poop should look like a tootsie roll. And, in particular, a lumpy one. It should not be too runny or too hard.

If the poop is too hard it could suggest that it is dehydrated. Meaning, it is not getting enough water in its diet. This can be helped by using a water fountain or switching from dry to wet food, to increase its water consumption.

However, if it’s too runny, this could suggest it has diarrhea. This is more complicated because there could be several reasons. Such as it’s feeling sick, or has eaten something that has disagreed with its stomach.

How do cats attempt to clean poop off themselves?

Cats have been known to attempt to remove poop from themselves by using their owner’s carpet or rug. For example, rubbing its soiled bum on it to remove the mess.

This is not ideal for the cat owner. So, you can help to avoid this by helping your cat clean the mess. Some cats will appreciate it, others will not.

What do cats do right after they poop?

Right after a cat poops, they are known to bury it. This is believed to be for two main reasons. Firstly, they are tidy animals and want to hide the mess.

Also, it is a defensive tactic used to hide their tracks. This is an instinctual behavior picked up from their wild ancestors that used this as a survival tactic.

Why do cats bury their poop?

As you may know already, cats have a strong sense of smell. Therefore, their ancestors used to bury their poop to stop any predators from picking up their scent from their poop.

This behavior is still followed by domestic cats today.

Do all cats bury their poop?

Not all cats bury their poop. For example, in the wild big cats, such as lions or tigers, may use this as a tactic to let their opponents know they’re in charge and the dominant ones.

The beta, or submissive male cats, are more likely to bury their poop to avoid conflict. This will avoid their scent being picked up and confrontation.

Do cats clean off their own bum?

Yes. Cats do clean their own bum. This is either done by licking or rubbing it on a surface, such as your carpet.

This may sound gross, and to us it is. But, cats see no other practical way of doing it. Remember they do not have access to toilet paper as we do.

Why do cats wipe their paws right after pooping?

Cats are known to wipe their paws after pooping to remove the traces of poop and the odor from it.

This can be caused by a dirty litter box or accidentally stepping in their feces. This can be avoided by keeping their litter box as clean as possible.

Why does my cat rub itself after pooping?

Your cat may rub itself after pooping as part of its grooming process. This can include licking its paws, to remove any minute traces of feces.

This may seem like some weird habit, but in reality, it’s more likely a practical method to clean itself up after pooping.

Why won’t my cat clean itself after pooping?

Some cats may not clean themselves after pooping for several reasons such as old age, joint problems, general health issues, or obesity.

Each one of these has one common issue, they encounter trouble getting to parts of their body that they used to before they had these issues.

Some of these cats can be helped, such as an obese cat losing weight, or a sick one getting medical attention. However, an elderly cat may not be so easy, because it’s a natural path of old age.

Do cats track germs from their litter boxes?

Yes. Cats do track germs and minute traces of feces from their litter box. This is caused by accident as it leaves its dirty litter box and gets soiled litter stuck to its paws, commonly known as ‘tracking’.

Cats are a lot cleaner than dogs in this regard because dogs will just poop and go. Whereas cats will cover their poop with instinct. And, typically clean themselves after. However, these accidents will happen.

Also, these small germs are invisible to them, so they are not even aware they are there.

Do cats like cleaning themselves?

Cats seem to like cleaning themselves. But, it’s hard to say if it’s triggered by enjoyment or just habit.

For example, we humans wash our hands regularly, or shall I say, some of us do. But, I have never heard anyone say they love this, right? Therefore, it’s just a practical task that needs to be done.

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