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Why Does My Neighbor’s Cat Come To My House?

If you have noticed that your neighbor’s cat is coming to your home you may be wondering why and what should be done about it…

Why Does My Neighbor’s Cat Come To My House?

When the neighbor’s cat is visiting, it is likely looking for food, shelter, or possibly even evading other cats that are outside. You can leave a little food outside if you want, just put it on an elevated space so that the cat can get to it easily but raccoons and other animals will have a harder time.

So, now you know. But, should I just ignore it? Will it learn to trust me? Should I be encouraging this cat to come round? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Can I just ignore my neighbor’s cat?

A brown cat seated outside next to a door.

A brown cat seated outside next to a door.

You can also simply ignore the cat and eventually they will go away – right now the cat knows that you are friendly and is hoping that you have a little cat food to spare.

If you already have a cat, then that’s another reason that they might visit, and it might be time to invest in some heavy blinds to keep them out of easy view.

Can my neighbor’s cat learn to trust me?

Yes, the neighbor’s cat can certainly learn to trust you and you can even become friends. If you like, a little food left out for the cat will certainly be welcome – just don’t try to pick them up. If you are hoping to strike up a friendship, you can squat down and hold out a treat and call the cat to you.

If they come, put down the treat and back away, and you can call them again to see if they come. Let the cat sniff the back of your hand (no open palm, a nervous kitty might scratch you), and if they seem okay with you petting them then you can give it a go. Congratulations – you’ve just made a new friend!

Should I encourage my neighbor’s cat to come to my house?

Ultimately that’s between you and your neighbor, so it’s best to simply knock on the door and introduce yourself if you don’t know each other already, and ask if they care if their cat visits. Most neighbors won’t mind if you start feeding the cat and making friends, but it’s only good manners to ask first.

Usually cat owners will be happy to know that the neighbors love their little cat too and will be looking out for them, so most likely it’s not going to be a problem if you want to make a new feline friend.

How can I prevent my neighbor’s cat from coming to my house?

If you don’t want the neighbor’s cat in your yard or messing about in your garden, then there are a few things which you can do. Certain plants, such as lavender and rue, smell good to us but bad for kitties, so planting these can make a nice natural barrier for the garden.

You can also sprinkle a little coffee grounds in the yard or leave out some orange peels, as these often have much the same effect.  Finally, citrus spray cat-repellent is harmless and cat’s don’t seem to like it, so you could spray it around the fence and the porch and this might well keep that curious cat at bay.

Could my neighbor’s cat start living at my home?

This is something that you had best take up with the neighbor. If the cat is visiting and friendly with you, then the odds are that they might happily move in, but you don’t have any way of knowing how the neighbor might feel about it. They might be wondering where their cat is all the time and worried sick!

Plus, if the cat is getting fat, then it might just be a bit of a glutton and getting extra ‘unapproved’ meals at your place. Obesity can cause all kinds of health problems, and your neighbor might not appreciate you ‘enabling’ their cat. It’s best to get a fruit basket and some sodas and to go and visit your neighbor.

That way you can find out the whole situation and if they don’t mind their kitty visiting you while they are away, then you can let them come in from time to time and that lucky kitty will have two loving homes!

What can I do if my neighbor is trying to steal my cat?

If you have spoken to your neighbor repeatedly and they still keep feeding your cat or letting them ‘sleep over’ then it’s going to be time to cat-proof the house and the yard in hopes that your cat will stop going there.

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do legally, unless they have actually started taking the cat into their house. At this point you could bring them to small claims court and get a judgment so that they must leave your cat alone.

Beyond this lengthy and costly process, the only thing that you can really do is try to keep your cat from going there. You can plant lavender and rue around the yard edges or help keep the kitty away, but they will likely still scale the fence if they want to.

You can also keep them inside, but if you do, then you need to invest in lots of toys to keep your cat occupied.

How do I stop neighbor cats coming into my garden?

A black and white cat walking outside past a brown wooden door.

A black and white cat walking outside past a brown wooden door.

Mostly it is about making the garden pleasant for plants, but unpleasant for kitties. You can use things like sharp pinecones for fertilizer, for instance, or even put a layer of chicken wire in the soil to discourage digging.

You can plant things like lavender or rue, as well, as cats do not like these scents and will generally keep away. Citrus is unpleasant to kitties too, but be careful using that as a fertilizer, as will likely raise the acidity of the soil.

Why does my neighbor’s cat meow at me?

Well, cats meow generally for one of two reasons – either they are in heat or they want something.

While there are certainly exceptions, such as if a cat sounds like they are in pain, barring this the neighbor’s cat is probably just trying to see if you have some yummy snacks to share or even if they can come inside.

If you already own a cat, then it could well be that this is why they are meowing – they want in and if you let them come, you might be in for kittens very soon! If you don’t want the kitty coming around, it’s best to ignore them – don’t even look their way – and eventually they should leave you alone.

Why does my cat freak out when it sees another cat?

Cats are very territorial and when another cat comes into their home territory, it’s only natural for them to be a little nervous. If you want to keep that other cat away, you might be able to accomplish this by installing some motion-sensor sprinklers to spray it with water when it gets close.

You can also try to limit your cat’s view of the outside with some thick blinds and keep them distracted with plenty of playtime. After a while, if the other cat doesn’t see yours, they should give up for a space but until then it’s best to keep those windows covered.

Why is my neighbor’s cat pooping on my lawn?

This is actually instinctive behavior for cats, who are basically hardwired to ‘do their business’ in sandy, soft, mulchy areas by depositing poop and burying it there. You can discourage this with a motion-sensor sprinkler or by planting a little rue or lavender in the backyard – cats really don’t like the smell.

If this doesn’t work, try sprinkling a little white or apple cider vinegar around the yard and this might well drive the cat to seek out backyards more to their liking.

Lindsey Browlingdon