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Why Does My Cat Prefer to Sleep On The Floor?

If your cat just seems to choose the floor to sleep on each day you may be confused and wondering why…

Why does my cat prefer to sleep on the floor?

Your cat may prefer to sleep on the floor because it either feels cooler on the floor, hates its cat bed, or is not happy with your movement in your bed at night. Either of these can make a cat opt for the floor. Also, cats are more than happy with the floor, it’s more relaxing for some of them.

So, now you know. But, should you let your cat on the floor? Are they comfortable on the floor? Why does my cat sleep on the floor of the bathroom? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 top reasons why your cat may prefer to sleep on the floor:

Why does my cat prefer to sleep on the floor?

A ginger cat sleeping on some hardwood floor.

In this section, I will explain each of the top 3 top reasons why your cat may choose the floor. This will expand on the brief description I mentioned earlier:

01. To cool off

Sometimes a cat may choose to sleep on the floor because it is cooler there. Meaning, if you live in a hot country, or it’s just a summer season right now, although your bed is cozy it may be hot for a cat.

Therefore, your cat may prefer to sleep on the floor away from duvets that may make it feel hot and uncomfortable while it sleeps.

02. Because you move too much

Some cats get sick and tired of your constant movement in the night. If that happens they may opt for the floor instead.

If you are a person that starts your night on the left, and ends up on the right, with no recollection of what happened in between, then this is exactly what your cat wants to avoid!

03. They dislike their cat bed

If your cat is not happy with its cat bed it could just opt for the floor. It sounds ideal getting a cat bed. But, if you get the wrong one it could be a waste. Why? Well, your cat may never use it.

Should you let your cat sleep on the floor?

There is no problem with your cat sleeping on the floor. All that matters is that it is comfortable and happy there. And, if you are unsure if it’s happy there here is how you know, if it placed itself there, on its own choice, the chances are it’s happy there.

Top 10 Cat Breeds

Cats are not like us humans because they can happily relax on the floor with no issue. And, in their world, this is deemed as normal behavior, not a concern.

Are cats comfortable sleeping on the floor?

Cats are more than comfortable on the floor. Remember, their natural habitat is outside in the wild. Therefore, in the wild, they could sleep in many places such as the floor. And, this floor is not likely to be carpeted like your home is.

To some cats, the simple fact that there is the lining, or a basic rug may be a big plus. As much as a comfortable bed is to us. You understand, their opinion of comfort is very different from ours, even if there are overlaps.

Is it normal for my cat to lay on the floor?

It is normal for a cat to lay on the floor. This is because when they are outside they sleep in various conditions. Also, when the temperature rises too much they appreciate the cooler surface the floor offers.

This is even noticed with big cats that live in hot countries. They are known to relax on the floor and lay their belly against the floor. When they are on the floor it can temporarily cool them down.

Do cats prefer their own cat bed?

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Some cats do prefer their own cat bed. But, this is not the case for all cats. You may even have a situation where you have a cat bed, and for whatever reason, it still chooses your bed or even the floor.

Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for a cat’s preference to a cat bed. It’s almost like assuming your entire family would like to wear this pair of jeans, right? Some may, others will be repulsed by them.

A cat’s personality is often a big driver for most of its decisions. And therefore, they can be unpredictable at times.

Why does my cat prefer to sleep on the floor under my bed instead?

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Your floor, under your bed, may be attractive to your cat because it makes it feel safe. This is because the bed above it offers it some cover. This is an instinctual reaction based on their constant pursuit of safety and security.

Also, your cat may like the fact that this area is unused by you, or anyone else. Therefore, they can avoid being prodded and poked in the night when you move around while sleeping.

Why does my cat only sleep at the foot of my bed?

A cat waiting, eyes open on a bed.

A cat resting, eyes open on a bed.

Your cat may choose to sleep at the end of your bed because it is unused space, and deemed as its own. This can allow them to escape your arms and feet thrashing around and bumping them in the night.

At the same time, they can benefit from the comfort of your bed and the warmth that your body may omit.

Why does my cat prefer hard surfaces?

Cats may prefer hard surfaces because of the following:

  • Its cooler
  • Has some scent of you there
  • Instinct

Its cooler

To cats, a hard surface, such as a floor, can be attractive because of the temperature. For example, hardwood floors, lino, or laminate flooring.

They may choose to lay with their legs sprawled out wide to appreciate the excessive space they have there as well.

Has some scent of you there

Hard surfaces may just look boring to you. But, to cats, they can hold your scent. Or, they can mark the with their own scent. After this is done, or discovered, they may choose to lay there to enjoy the aroma!


Another simple reason cats love hard surfaces is the fact that they appeal to their instinct. Meaning, in their natural habitat, their ancestors would roam around outside and often lay on hard floors.

Therefore a random hard surface, such as the floor in your home, maybe appealing to them.

Why does my cat sleep on the floor of my bathroom?

Your cat may choose to sleep on the bathroom floor for these reasons:

  • Privacy
  • The tiles


When a cat is in your bathroom they can sleep or relax while you have the bedroom. Some cats like to be on their own when they sleep and they may choose the bathroom floor for this reason.

The tiles

The tiles on some bathroom floors are often cooler than carpet throughout your home. Therefore, they may choose to use the floor instead while it is hot in your home.

Lindsey Browlingdon