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Why Does My Cat Sit in the Kitchen Sink?

If your cat is constantly in your kitchen sink you may be getting frustrated and trying to understand why it’s happening…

Why Does My Cat Sit in the Kitchen Sink?

Your cat likes to sit in the kitchen sink for several reasons such as the cool temperature, the shape of it, and the view they get from that level. If this is happening, and you are not happy with it, there are ways to prevent it.

So, now you know. But, should you just let your cat hang out there? How can you prevent this from happening? Why is your cat choosing to sleep there? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Top 3 reasons Cats Sit in the Kitchen Sink

Cat on top of a sink.

Cat on top of a sink.

Earlier, I briefly mentioned some reasons why your cat may hang out in your kitchen sink. Therefore, in this section I will explain each one in more detail: 

01. The temperature

Aside from the fact that it’s cold, your cat most likely sees your sink as a source of relief from the sun or hot weather, depending on the time of year. Most sinks have a rounded shape, which fits a cat’s body perfectly.

02. The Shape

Have you ever noticed that most cat beds are oval or round? That’s because they, too, fit your cat’s body like a glove.

03. The View

Cats also love having a view, as being up high allows them to see what is happening around them. So what better place than your cool sink that offers a room with a view?

And the kitchen sink is a built-in security system for your cat as they have the feeling of being snuggled in with the protective surrounding of the sink.

Should You Let Your Cat Sit in the Sink?

Cats are actually pretty clean, a lot cleaner than dogs. But they are still walking around on paws that have no doubt been in the litter box recently.

According to veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, there isn’t any harm in letting your cats relax in the sink. It’s not going to hurt them at all.  

However, if it bothers you or you consider it unclean, you can always do things to try to keep your cat out of the room. You can also continuously wipe your counters and sink down with an antibacterial spray or cloth, especially before preparing food.

How Can You Prevent Your Cat From Sitting in the Sink?

This may be easier said than done in the kitchen sink. If you are able, you can keep the cat out of the kitchen by partitioning it off, but this may be tough, depending on the layout of your home.

With the bathroom, you can simply prevent your cat’s access to the sink. Keep the door closed, and do your best to encourage your cat to relax somewhere else.

Most cat beds are shaped like a sink, so you could try offering a new bed as a place to sleep. And try placing the new cat bed in a quiet part of the house because chances are your bathroom is relatively quiet.

Why Is My Cat Sleeping in the Kitchen Sink?

Quirky as they may be, we sometimes have to scratch our heads when it comes to things that cats do. And sleeping in your sink is one of them. 

One theory is that cats prefer the oval shape and contour of a sink because it resembles a bed or covered box. It may give them a sense of security as well, which makes it easier for them to fall asleep.

Kittens and puppies also sleep together in a pile of warm fur, with their limbs and heads piled all over each other. As they get older, many cats and dogs still like this feeling of pressure against their bodies.

The secure feeling of a sink surrounding them gives that same sense of safety that being with litter makes gives.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Sink Water?

Cat pawning at drippng water.

Cat pawning at drippng water.

Your cat’s sink water obsession may, in fact, have to do with where his water dish is located in your home. Cats are fond of being high up, and drinking from the sink gives her a view of her surroundings that she won’t get on the floor.

She may also prefer being up there if the dish is located in an area of the home that is busy or has people walking past it a lot.

Another reason your cat may love sink water is that it’s fun. A dripping faucet for a cool drink is one thing, but a dripping faucet as a source of amusement is another.

Have you ever seen your cat stick her paws into a glass of water (and most likely tipping it over)? Since they can’t see the flat surface, their curiosity gets the better of them. So much so in the same scenario of dripping water. It’s fun for a cat to paw at dripping water.

In most cases, she just wants to figure out what it is. We all know curiosity killed the cat. But thankfully, in this instance, it would just get her feet wet!

Could Your Cat Be in the Sink Because it Needs More Water?

She may be drinking from the sink because she needs more water, but it’s probably more so because the water tastes better. Let’s face it, we clean our sinks almost every day but do we clean our cat’s bowls every day too?

Your cat’s bowl may have an unpleasant odor and can easily collect residue that makes her water less than desirable. Fresh dripping water from the sink is going to taste a whole lot better than stagnant water from a bowl that may or may not have been cleaned recently.

If you see your cat drinking from the faucet a lot, make sure her bowl is being cleaned every day and filled with fresh, cool water. This may help deter her from sitting in your sink altogether!

Does a Kitchen Sink Make Some Cats Feel Secure?

There is a good chance that your cat feels very secure in the kitchen sink. She is surrounded by the comfort of the ceramic bowl and is also up high. Cats feel much more confident when they have the advantage of being able to see their surroundings.

Why Do Cats Appreciate the Shape of a Kitchen Sink?

The porcelain of your sink acts almost like a concave bed for your cat. Think of how your cat sleeps?  It’s almost always curled into an oval shape, with her tail tucked under her.

The pleasing curvature of the sink makes a cat feel safe and sheltered. This often resembles the denning instinct that they had when they snuggled up to littermates as a kitten.

The picture-perfect scene of a litter of kittens all curled together up against mom would make a pretty interesting sink ornament!

Why Does My Cat Drink From Dirty Dishes in the Sink?

Cats may be drinking from your dirty dishes because they aren’t crazy about the water in their bowls or where their bowl is placed. Cats in the wild usually won’t drink water close to where they hunt their food in fear that the meat may contaminate their water.

Because of this, your cat may not be interested in drinking their water if it sits close to their food. This is just simply your cat’s strong instinct.

Why Do Some Cats Sit Under the Kitchen Sink?

Probably for the same reason you like to sit under a tree on a hot, sunny day. It’s most likely cooler under your sink, especially if you have a cold tile floor. It may also be shaded from any hot sunlight that is streaming through the window.

Cats also enjoy that feeling of being surrounded as they would if they were in a cardboard box.

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