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Why Does My Cat Never Leave My Side? (Love or Anxiety?)

If you have noticed that your cat is always with you and never leas your side, you may be wondering why and if this is normal…

Why does my cat never leave my side?

Your cat may not leave your side for several reasons such as dependency on you, anxiety, or just genuine love. If it’s the latter, that is great and what most owners want. However, if it’s the others you may need to look into the reasons for this.

So, now you know. But, what if your cat is a kitten and never leaves you alone? Why do some cats start sleeping by your side all the time? Why are abandoned cats so clingy? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

3 Top reasons why cats may never leave your side:

Why does my cat never leave my side?

A cat hugging its owner.

Earlier I briefly mentioned a few reasons why your cat may be sticking to your side so much. In this section I will explain one of these reasons in more detail:

01. Showing love

One of the biggest motivation for a cat sticking to you and never leaving your side is love. It basically wants to beside you because it can’t get enough of you.

For some people this is too intense (more on this later), for others this makes them happy and wanted. Especially for those people that are lonely and crave some copmanionship.

02. Dependant on you

Love is one thing, but then there is dependency. this is when the need for you may become unhealthy. Why? Well, if you are out for the night, or on vacation it may seriously stress out your cat.

This means that some cat owners feel obligated to be around to keep their cat happy and sane, which can become a problem.

03. Anxious

Anxiety comes in many forms, but separation anxiety is specific to cats that get stressed when you are away. This may stem from their life as a young kitten.

Some of these cats may have left their mother too early (more on this later), or left their original home, and litermates, too early.

Why does my kitten never leave my side?

A kitten may never leave your side because they are new to your environment and maybe adjusting. For example, they just have left their mother’s home and are getting used to your home.

When thsi happens they may latch onto you because you are the only one they trust for now and may stick to you like glue, as the saying goes. Some see this as cute, others may get annoyed with the extra responsobilty.

Why is my cat starting to sleep by my side?

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Cats may start randomly sleeping in, or around your bed if they feel anxious about changes in their home. This can be really simple changes like re-aranging furniture or new family member, like a newborn baby.

if the cat feels like they are no longer valued or not getting your attention they may do things like sleeping in your bed, acting aggressively to your family member, etc.

Why do curious cats never leave your side?

Cats are naturally curious. Therefore they often stay by your side to see what you are up to. For example, you may be carrying something and they are wondering if it could a tasty snack for them (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

This is obviously just one example. They may even be curious just to see what you are doing, and this includes the times you use the toilet or shower.

Why do abandoned cats never leave your side?

Abandoned cats arenotorious to for either being needy, or shy and skittish. The ones that are needy will often want to be everywhere you are. This is because they may have psychological issues from when they were rejected from their household.

You need to be patient with these cats because they are fragile and often trying to rebuild their confidence.

Why are cats separated from their mother early never leave your side?

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Cats that are separated from their mothers too early are often overly reliant on their owners. this may result in them staying close to you, as a substitute mother.

The best way to take this is as a compliment. Why? Because they will only do this with people that they truly trust and love.

Do cats rely on their owners?

Cats do heavily rely on their owner, in general. This is assuming they are domesticated cats and in particular indoor cats. this could be for various reasons. But, there is a theory that indoor cats are more likely to be this way because they spend so much more time with their owners.

For the record, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that your cat is this way, by the way. It can be a great quality that some cat owners love about their cat.

Can cats get too attached to their owners?

Some people say some cats get too attached. This is when the cat struggles to function when it’s owner is not there. This puts a heavy burden on their owner. And, some cat owners may adjust their social schedule around their cat’s needs for this purpose.

Why is my cat being so clingy?

If you have noticed that your cat is getting clingy all of a sudden, and this is out of character it may be a bad sign. This could be the result of a health issue and it may need your assistance.

If you have some concerns that this is the case you will need to consult your vet to rule out any physical problems to be safe.

How can you get your cat to be more independent?

If your cat is too reliant on you, in your opinion, and you are looking for some days to make it more independent here are some suggestions:

01. Distract it

Firstly, you can offer it distractions in the form of cat toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). These will not completely stop it from coming to you, but they will give you a bit of a break. And, the objective is to give you some time, not to completely stop it coming to you, right?

02. Don’t encourage it

Some cat owners complain about their cat being too clingy only to keep becoming their cat into their arms or onto their lap. If you need some space simply stop encouraging it in this way.

Instead, let your cat request it and save the other times for yourself, are you with me?

03. Offer it more activities

Another tactic is to offer your cat more activities, such as a cat tree (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad). This is especially for indoor cats that have limited options and may choose to fill that time with being on your lap.

How does a cat’s personality affect its independence?

A cat’s personality influences its tendency to be independent or clingy in a big way. For example, you may have two cats, of the same breed, and one will never leave your side. While the other one will not always want to be picked up.

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