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Why Does My Cat Meow When I’m Gone? (Fear or Boredom?)

If your cat is meowing constantly while you are gone you may be worried and wondering what exactly is causing this…

Why does my cat meow when I’m gone?

The main reasons for a cat meowing when you are gone are fear, anxiety from it missing you, and feeling bored. There are many ways to help your cat feel happier while you are away such as leaving it some activities to pass its time.

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So, now you know. But, what can you do to prevent this? Are cats happier when they have a companion? Do cats feel abandoned when you leave? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.

3 top reasons why a cat meows when you’re gone:

Why does my cat meow when I'm gone?

A worried-looking cat near a window.

Earlier I explained, briefly, some of the top reasons why your cat is meowing in your absence. In this section I will explain each one in more detail:

01. Fear

Some cats are fearful. And, as their owner, they draw confidence from you. When you are not there they will meow because they are eager to get you back, “their rock”. Obviously, some cats are fine, while others can get really fearful.

Cats that are likely to fall into this state may have had issues in the past such as rescued or adopted cats. Their experiences may make them worry when you are not there.

02. Anxiety (Misses you)

Many cats will get anxious when you go away for work, or vacation (click here to see how to feed them while away) and when this happens they may resort to meowing. It is not clear if the meowing is a call to you or some way to comfort themselves in your absence.

One positive thing is, when this happens, you can be sure that your cat loves you. They will only do this for the person they love. This may be the reason it doesn’t get worried if your husband leaves or your wife.

03. Boredom

Sometimes, if your cat does not have much to do while you are away, they will get bored. When they get bored they will be keen for you to return so they can feel excited again.

To get around this it’s better to offer them something to keep them preoccupied until you return (more on this later).

Do cats miss their owner when they are gone?

Why does my cat bite me and run away?

A ginger cat hiding behind a door looking guilty.

Most cats do miss their owner when they are gone. This can be displayed in many ways, not just meowing. For example, they could wait by the door for you to return. Or, they could even get destructive and start damaging your furniture.

A cat’s behavior, when this happens, can be unpredictable. Therefore you should make them feel as comfortable as you can in your absence by using automated cat feeders (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), providing cat toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), etc.

How can you prevent your cat from meowing when you’re gone?

So, now you understand why your cat may be meowing. In this section I will explain how you can prevent this from happening:

01. Use pheromone spray/diffuser

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To help control your cat’s mood you can use a pheromone diffuser (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) or spray. This will help to calm down the anxiety it may be experiencing while you are away.

And, even if there are anxiety, or behavioral issues while you are at home this can also help with that as well.

02. Use cat music

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Another trick is to use music. You can get some music made specifically for cats. This is great because it can help them to calm down and feel entertained when you are not with them.

03. Cat Tree

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A cat tree is another great way to keep your cat happy and entertained when you are not home. They can climb around it and use the condo hideouts on it, assuming it has them, to relax in between climbing.

04. Cat toys

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A cat toy is another great way to keep your cat entertained while you are away. You can use a combination of these toys to keep them happy, and spread them around your home for them to play with.

Are cats happier with a companion cat?

A cat companion can make a cat happier while you are away. They will both still appreciate your company but can keep each other happier while you are away. This is likelier to keep them more entertained than using a toy, for example.

This is because cats are sociable animals and will appreciate their owner and other cats. however, it is worth mentioning that some cats may conflict with other cats too. So, you have to get two cats that live together well to get the benefit.

Do cats feel abandoned when you go on vacation?

Cats can become anxious and feel abandoned when you go away on vacation. This is because the longer you are away they may fear that you will not return.

Therefore, using some of these techniques mentioned earlier, such as using a cat tree, toys, etc can be used to help to distract it while you are away.

Do cats get sad when you leave?

Most cats do get sad when you leave. This is because, if they truly love you, they will miss your company. This can make them feel anxious and concerned that you may not return.

This is even more common with cats that have had a rough upbringing, such as adopted cats or cats rescued from a cat’s home. They will have memories of bad times or experiences of being abandoned.

What is cat separation anxiety?

Cat separation anxiety is when a cat has been removed from a family it loved being with or taken from its mother and littermates too early. When this happens they may feel anxious about any further changes in their life.

For example, you may just head out for work and find your cat is getting anxious, hiding, or panicking until you return home.

Can hiding food around your home help it stop meowing?

Hiding food is a great way to help your cat stop meowing (click here if its stopped completely). This obviously needs to be dry food, like cat treats, or you will have some real mess on your hands.

The best way to do this is to spread these treats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) around your home, so it is almost like a cat treasure hunt. this way you can avoid your cat gobbling them all up in the first 30 minutes of you leaving.

Could your cat damage your home when you’re gone?

A cat could easily damage your home when you are gone. They may even go as far as soiling or peeing in your home while you are out due to the anxiety of you not being there.

Therefore, your cat must be made to feel happy in your absence to reduce the risk of this happening.

Lindsey Browlingdon