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Why Does My Cat Ignore Me When I Cry? (Heartless?)

If your cat has been ignoring you when you cry you may be confused and wondering why it is behaving in that way…

Why does my cat ignore me when I cry?

Your cat may ignore you when you cry for several reasons such as it misreading it as you being fearful, its personality does not lend itself to feel empathy with you, or because it’s independent and doesn’t see the need to snuggle up with you when you cry.

So, now you know. But, do cats understand that you are crying? Do they understand human emotion? Why do some cats get scared when I cry? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 Reasons why my cat ignores me when I cry?

Why does my cat ignore me when i cry?

A cat sitting down and looking to the side.

Early I briefly explained some reasons why your cat ignores you when you cry. In this section, I will explain each one in more detail.

01. Thinks you are fearful

There is a chance that when you cry your cat may misinterpret it as you being fearful. When this happens your cat may want to move away because it detects danger.

However, this varies from cat to cat. Some may not interpret it this way at all and even gravitate to you when you cry.

02. Personality

Cat’s behavior, in general, is never the same across the board. Meaning, just because your cat moves away when you cry, another cat may do the opposite. So, there could not be one rule that fits all when it comes to them.

So, if you have ever been offended or assumed cats are just like this, in this context it may not be.

03. Independent mentality

Cats are not like dogs, they are independent. Meaning, you may need a cuddle at that time, when you are crying, but your cat may feel otherwise.

Other pets, like dogs, may act completely differently. Dogs are very much needy pets that want and appreciate your attention day in and out. Cats, on the other hand, are not like this.

Does my cat understand when I cry?

Cats do appear to understand when you cry. This is evident by the way they react. However, their reaction may not always respond in the way you hoped.

For example, you may be hoping that your cat will see you crying, then immediately come over to you and give you attention and cuddles, but that is not always the way.

Why does my cat get scared when I cry?

Your cat may get scared when you cry because it alarms it, it doesn’t understand what’s happening, or just needs time to work you out. Some cats may act one way, to begin with, and adjust with time.

If you are a person who rarely cries, then your cat may be totally confused when it sees you do this the first time. This is especially for new cats, like kittens, that may not understand you enough to see what’s happening.

Do cats understand emotion?

Cats do seem to understand emotion. However, they are unlikely to fully relate to it because they react differently to us in most situations.

When the emotions are obvious, for example, heavy crying, angry shouting, then it’s clear that something is wrong and they will react accordingly.

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However, they are unlikely to react to your emotions in the way that you always expect.

Why does my cat ignore me when I say its name?

A cat may ignore you when you call it by name because it just doesn’t want to respond. This is because most cats do understand their name. However, it may well respond to a random sound, like your kissy sounds.

The reason for this is it may either associate that sound with one of its prey, like a mouse. Or, it may understand that when you do this it will get a treat (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), and then that grabs its interest.

Your first assumption might be to assume your cat does not understand its name. But, in reality, cats respond when they want to. In their mind, they may be thinking: “what’s in this for me?”. And, if it’s not much, it may just ignore you.

Why does my cat ignore me when I speak English?

Your cat may ignore you when you speak English because it will respond to the individual words it either understands or chooses to respond to. So, if you say “Dinner Time”, the chances are it will respond.

However, if you go into a rant about something of no interest, it is unlikely to respond to you at all. Cats are pretty clever and can pick out the words that interest them.

Also, the tone of your voice plays a big factor in how a cat will respond. If you choose a friendly tone and offer it a treat, it may respond, for example.

Why does my new kitten ignore me?

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If you have a new kitten and you feel that it is ignoring you then you may be judging the kitten too soon. Meaning that it is probably still working you out, including your tonality.

Kittens do learn quite quickly, so the chances are they will learn how to react to you sooner than you think. Some new kittens will learn more quickly than others. So, patience is always the best policy.

Is it OK to ignore a crying cat?

Ignoring a cat crying is not a good idea. This can confuse the cat and make it lose trust in you. Also, other negative behavior like shouting or physically pushing a cat away is not ethical or effective.

If you have behavioral issues with your cat then it is worth using a positive reinforcement technique instead. This basically means you reward the cat for its good behavior, using treats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), or other favorite foods.

While this may sound the complete opposite to what you expect it will be easier to enforce and likely to get better long-term results.

Do cats give unconditional love?

Cats are known to give unconditional love. This is because regardless of what you have done, or what they have seen you do, they do not judge and offer their love.

Some could argue it’s because they do not understand what you may have done, or that they may not love you if you hurt them, and this is true to an extent.

However, when it comes to what you have done in your life, not to them, they will offer unconditional love.

Why does my cat attack me when I am sad?

A cat may attack you when you are sad because they may interpret the high-pitched sound you make, while you cry, as an aggressive sound. The theory is some cats may ignore it, and walk away, but some may rise to the challenge.

This may be why some cats can act aggressively in response to you crying whereas another cat owner may have a completely different experience with their cat ignoring them.

Lindsey Browlingdon