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Why Does My Cat Hiss At My Husband? (Jealousy?)

If you have noticed tat your cat is hissing at your husband you may be wondering why this is happening and if this is normal behavior…

Why does my cat hiss at my husband?

Cats may hiss at your husband for several reasons. However, the most common reasons are it feels threatened by him, or he has picked up the scent of a rival cat without knowing it. If it’s the former, it can be difficult but you will need to get your cat to build trust with your husband.

So, now you know. But, can cats get jealous? Do they hold grudges? Also, do they really have a favorite person? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

What could provoke a one-off hiss at my husband?

Why does my cat hiss at my husband?

A Siamese cat with blue eyes hissing.

If your cat has hissed at your husband randomly, meaning a one-off, and this is out of character it could be that it picked up the scent from another cat. This can happen if your husband was in the cat’s presence, stroked the cat, or even accidentally stepped in its mess.

If it’s the latter, and your cat is targeting its anger at one particular body part, for example, his foot. Then, you can try and clean off this area to get rid of the scent. Once this is done you can then see how your cat responds to him.

If it continues it is either you did not do a good enough job to get rid of the scent or there could be a bigger problem or fear towards your husband.

Can a cat be jealous of a person?

A cat can get jealous of a person. This is because they may fear that person is taking you away from them. This is often seen when a new family member is introduced to the house and the cat feels rejected and jealous.

This is one of the reasons why some cats show signs of anxiety when new babies are born in a household or if a new kitten is introduced to the family home. This anxiety can even been seen for friends that pass by.

Cats do not appreciate changes very well. So, when new faces pop-up they may become unsettled. We may see this and think it is totally unreasonable, and in our world it is, but for cats, they think differently.

Do cats get jealous of boyfriends?

Cats can also get jealous of boyfriends. They can see your boyfriend as a threat. Meaning they feel that your boyfriend could reduce their time with you or potentially squeeze them out of the family home.

This is not a lot different to how a child may feel if they have just seen you introduce a new boyfriend into your home. They may get jealous or resent the guy being there. They may see the guy as a substitute for their father or resist their authority.

Do cats get angry at their owners?

Cats can get momentarily angry with their owners but they are unlikely to carry a grudge, unless it suffers continuous problems or abuse. Cats can be sensitive to changes and affected by small changes in their environmet.

So, sometimes it is not clear why their behaviors change. This is because it may not appear as direct anger, it can be a change of behavior or even hiding away from you. One thing is clear if you see these changes its worth looking into so you can make some changes.

Do cats have a favorite person?

A cat rolled-over getting stroked.

A cat rolled over getting stroked.

Cats do usually have a favorite person.  This is usually quite obvious by who they naturally gravitate to. For example, if you and your partner, or family enter the door after a day out, who does the cat greet first? If itsyou, then the chances are you are the favorite one.

If you have ever wondered if its true that cat’s have a favorite, well, now you know this is true and your suspicions were correct. If you are also wondering how they make the decision on who that favorite person is then keep reading because I will cover this next.

How do cats choose their favorite person?

Cats seem to choose their favorite person based on two main factors: whoever gives them the most attention and more importantly who feeds them. They know that their feeder is important so mostly it will be the latter.

If there are multiple people in your home or just a couple, it is likely it will gravitate to one of you more than the other. This can also be caused by the lack of interest the other person offers them, wich can be a big factor.

Do male cats prefer female owners?

There has been research to suggest that cats gravitate to female owners more than males. However, know that specifically state that male cats prefer female owners. It is unclear why cats take a preference to female owners but maybe it could be similar to how babies tend to favor females.

However, one of the biggest factors for a cat to like you is how you treat them and also who feeds them their meals. If you are that person, the chances are they will be happy with you.

Do cats get protective of their owners?

Cats can get protective of their owners. Although this may not be as obvious as other pets, such as dogs, they still can be. Obviously, this varies from cat to cat depending on their personalities and connection they have with their owner.

Some of these protective behaviors include your cat hissing at other visitors, or friends that they fear could get between them and their owner. It can be difficult to work out why your cat is acting this way so some patience will be needed to get to the bottom of it.

Do cats hold grudges?

Cats are not known to huld grudges. But, they will show anger, or be physically upset by something they are not happy with. For example, there are occassaions when you make a mistake with a cat, like stepping on its paw. And, initially it will be mad, but after some time it is likely to want a cuddle and make up (click here if it won’t do that).

I always remember being a young kid and accidently stepping on my cats tail. I was not paying attention and felt so bad about it. I thought my cat would never forgive me after the sound it made. But, within a short while it returned to me for a stroke like nothing happened. I was so happy to make friends again.

Should you discipline your cat for hissing at your husband?

You should not discipline your cat from hissing at your husband (click here to see why some cats actually prefer them). It may seem like a natural thing to do in the heat of the moment but it is unlikely to get you the results you wish for.

And, it may affect your relationship with your cat as well. Instead, be patient and reward your cat when it acts they way you want it to, in a positive way.

Lindsey Browlingdon