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Why does my cat blink at me when I talk to her?

If your cat seems to blink when you talk to her you may be curious and leave you wondering why…

Why does my cat blink at me when I talk to her?

Animal behaviorists actually have a name for when your cat gazes at you and slowly blinks. This cute behavior is called ‘slow blinking’ and it is believed to be a sign of affection. While dogs simply stare at you, cats tend to stare and give the ‘slow blink’. 

So, now you know. But, I blink back? Do cats understand us when we talk? How can I show my cat love? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Does this mean my cat loves me?

A white and gray cat staring.

A white and gray cat staring.

If the behaviorists are correct, it’s a sort of kitty ‘I love you’. If your cat is doing this and especially if they are relaxed while doing so, this is quite likely a sign of affection that they are giving you.

‘Cat linguistics’ seems a little weird, from our perspective, but it’s very clear once you start noticing it and learn what to look for.

Should I blink back at my cat if it blinks at me?

Yes! While it feels a little weird, a study posted on nature.com found that narrowing your eyes and blinking slowly at a cat is viewed as a form of positive communication – much like ‘smiling for cats’. So, if you want to blink back at your kitty, you certainly can.

Just narrow your eyes at them and then slowly blink, giving it a few seconds between blinks. This will communicate affection back to your kitty at the same time that they are saying the same thing to you!

Do cats understand us when we talk to them?

Yes, in a way, but it’s not so much about the words in most cases. Cats understand a certain amount of your body language, for instance, as this is something that they have had a lot of time to observe and to learn.

They also understand scents quite well, so cats can often tell if you are angry, sad, and likely even ‘scent’ the love between you and your significant other, due to minute changes in both of your scents. They also notice the tone of your voice, as well.

So, while they won’t exactly understand complex sentences, your cat is still experiencing communication with you, interpreting what you say in their own way and sending signals back to you in their own body language, scents, and behavior.

How can I show my cat I love her?

You can show your kitty that you love them in a number of ways. The ‘slow blink’, where you narrow your eyes and blink slowly while looking at them, communicates affection and is almost the same as giving your cat a big, affectionate smile.

You can also pet them or brush them, if they like this, and treats are never looked down upon. Finally, scheduled playtime is something that all cats love – especially the scheduled part, since cats are creatures of habit.

If you play with them every day before or after work, for instance, they will pick up on this and come looking for you if you don’t ‘show up’ in the right spot at the right time for play – and making time for them like this definitely shows that you love them.

Do cats feel love when you kiss them?

While cats will eventually learn to see this as a form of affection, most cats really don’t like being kissed. You need to see it from their point of view. As predators, cats see a larger animal (even though you are a ‘trusted’ one) bringing a mouthful of teeth close to their face!

Even though they trust you, their instincts are screaming at them that this is not normal.

Eventually, they will learn otherwise, but you might also consider showing your love in other ways. Scratching behind the ears, giving treats or extra playtime, or even an affectionate cuddle if your cat seems to like this are all good.

Just remember that while they might tolerate a kiss, at best for them it is just a very strange thing that you keep doing to them!

How does a cat show love to its owner?

Cats show their love in lots of different ways. For instance, audio cues such as purring or ‘chirping’ are little signs of affection. One really ‘weird’ one is when your cat is lying next to you and pushes their body at your face.

Cats have scent glands all over them and when they do this or brush against you, they are actually marking you with their scent! This is another high form of affection and also makes your kitty feel comfortable – they love smelling their scent mixed with yours.

Even showing their back to you is a sign of love and trust – predators don’t do that without trust, because they are making their back vulnerable. So, even when it looks like you are being snubbed, you can rest assured that your cat holds you in the highest regards!

Why does my cat look away when I talk to him?

Don’t take it personally if your kitty looks away when you are talking to them. This is not a sign of contempt or boredom, but rather it simply means that they trust you enough to relax in your presence.

They don’t perceive you as a threat, so if some scent catches their attention or they just feel like looking around, they’ll simply do so. It’s not some sort of snub – your cat just feels comfy enough to ‘be themselves’ around you.

Do cats like it when you talk to them?

A brown and black cat being stroked by a person.

A brown and black cat being stroked by a person.

Yes, cats do like the sound of their owner’s voice, so you should feel free to speak to them whenever you like. Cats might not understand everything that you are saying, but they will get more of it than you might think.

They will understand your tone, for instance, and from the way that you smell they will also know your mood. So, feel free to be vocal if you like – your cat definitely likes this communication with you.

Can you stare a cat in the eyes?

You can, but it’s really not a good idea. If your cat doesn’t know you very well, then staring is considered a sign of aggression and hostility. You need to remember that your cat, however small and fluffy, is still one of Nature’s perfect little predators.

If an animal was staring at them in the wild, most likely they have bad intentions, and this is how your cat will interpret it.

Whether this makes them mistrustful, frightened, or they flatten their ears in preparation for an attack is going to be up to the cat, but it’s a good general rule not to stare at a cat unless you know 100% that they are going to take it the way that you intend it.

Does my cat see me as her mom?

No, your cat is not going to see you as their mom, unless you had to nurse them to health and you were the first thing that they saw when they opened their eyes. Aside from this unlikely scenario, your cat won’t think of you as their mother, but that doesn’t mean that their affection won’t be something close to this.

When a cat loves you, it’s not something that they give lightly, and it only grows as the years pass – so, while you can’t be their ‘momma’, you can certainly count as a ‘step-momma’ in their eyes.

Lindsey Browlingdon