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Why Does My Cat Ask To Be Picked Up? (Being Lazy?)

If your cat keeps begging to be picked up you may be wondering why, and if this is the case for all cats…

Why does my cat ask to be picked up?

Your cat asks to be picked up for several reasons. The most common ones are sheer comfort, being close to you, safety, and keeping warm. They know when you pick them up this is likely to be followed up with a gentle session of petting that will make them feel happy.

So, now you know. But, do cats get more affectionate as they age? Can you pick your at up too much? How can you make your cat want to be picked up? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Do cats like to be picked up?

Why does my cat ask to be picked up?

A cat being picked up & cuddled.

Most cats like to be picked up. This is clear by their body language and reaction to this. For example, some cats will instantly start purring with enjoyment once they are picked up to indicate they enjoy it. Also, some cats put up resistance when you attempt to put them down.

When you see these responses it is clear that being picked up is important to them and how much they value it. So, if there was any doubt before this should make it crystal clear.

Do cats get more affectionate with age?

Some cats do get more affectionate when they age. However, others become more introverted and wish to be left alone. So, it should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The best cause of action is to show it love however it feels comfortable.

So, if your older cat is getting needy and clingy, then go ahead and pick it up and offer it cuddles (click here if it won’t cuddle). But, if it is the complete opposite back off and wait for it to approach you for something. And, in the meantime, keep it well fed and looked after.

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Can you pick your cat up too much?

You can pick up your cat too much. This may happen when you are feeling a bit needy and rely on your cat for affection. The side effects of this is your cat pulling away from you, or starting to avoid you. Basically, when this happens, the cat is giving you a sign it needs a break.

Obviously, your cat can’t voice its concern well, so these subtle body language signs need to be followed. If you give your cat some space the chances are, in time, it will come back to you for cuddles soon because it will wonder why you stopped.

Similar to a human when dating?

Does this sound familiar? Yes, because it is not far from a reaction from a new partner when dating, right? You know, that finds you too clingy. The reaction your cat may give could easily resemble your dating partner’s response.

5 Reasons why some cats don’t like to be picked up:

If you have noticed that your cat does not always like to be picked up, or not at all, you may be wondering what could be the problem. If so, here are some possibilities:

01. Health issues

If your cat is feeling pain or discomfort you may assume it would cry or come to you for help, right? Well, not always. Some cats start to hide away and want to be alone. So, this could be one reason for them avoiding your requests for being picked up.

02. New to your home

If your cat is new to your home and unfamiliar with you and its surroundings it could also act this way. It needs time to get used to its environment and feel more trust with you before getting picked up.

This may confuse you because you may have picked up a random cat on the street with no objections, right? Well, yes, this can happen. But, the point is each cat is different, and your new cat may not appreciate it.

03. Feeling anxious

If your cat is feeling anxious, for example, it got chased by a local cat outside. It may reject your offer of being picked up. Anxiety in cats can be caused by many situations, so just keep in mind that this could be a factor.

04. Feels disrespected

Some cats may be fine with being picked up sometimes, but not others. This is normal. So, if you just man-handle it regardless of it wanting to, it may feel disrespected and put up resistance.

05. Bad Experience

If your cat is continually refusing to be picked up, and you have never had a chance to pick it up (click here if it squeaks), this. could be because it has had a bad experience in the past. maybe someone, like their previous owner, has used a bad technique that hurt them.

How can you make your cat want to be picked up?

By now you should understand why your cat may not want to be picked up. But, if you are keen to learn of some ways you can change this, here are some suggestions:

01. Spend more time together

Sometimes just dedicating more equality time with your cat is enough to make them more comfortable with you. Once this happens they may, in time, be more susceptible to being picked up.

02. Reward it with treats

If you have a cat that may let you pick it up, but very rarely. When it does reward it for this. This reward can be some cat treats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) or another snack they love.

The idea is to allow them to associate being picked up with positive thoughts. So, in time, they may love to be picked up and look forward to it.

03. Let it come to you (don’t grab)

The temptation may be to grab your cat if it tries to run off. This should be avoided because it will make your cat fear it even more. In fact, do the complete opposite, give it space and let it come to you. Just make it enjoyable for your cat whenever it does.

This can be achieved with loving cuddles, or even incorporating rewards, as discussed in the last option.

Why is my cat being so clingy all of a sudden?

Your cat may become clingy all of a sudden because it feels anxious about something or lacks trust in anyone else but you. This can sometimes be triggered by a change in your home environment. For example, a new pet may be introduced.

When these small changes are made they may seem insignificant to you. But, for a cat, it can be all they focus on all day.

Will my cat get used to being picked up?

Why does my cat fart when I pick him up?

An Abyssinian cat being picked up.

Some cats will get used to you picking it up with persistence from you. But, not forceful persistence. Gentle persuasion and patience. However, some cats will struggle to get used to it. Why? Because they may have had a bad experience and full of fear.

So, if you think this could be the case, you need to be patient and see how the cat progresses. And, use some of the techniques I explained earlier to help you.

Will my cat ever let me hold her?

If you have a cat that is not used to being held, for example, they are new to you and never had this before it can take some time. There is a chance that they won’t ever be comfortable with it. But, usually, with patience, they can be adjusted to loving it.

Could cognitive dysfunction make your cat want to be picked up?

Cognitive dysfunction can make your cat want to be picked up. This condition is noticed in older cats. As they age they may experience various signs of determination such as eyesight, confusion, hearing, etc. These changes can make them overly reliant on their owner and keen to be picked up.

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