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Why Does My Cat and Dog Sleep With Me? (Proven Love?)

If your cat and dog often creep into your bed you may be wondering if there is a genuine reason for this and if so, what is it?

Why does my cat and dog sleep with me?

Your cat and dog sleep with you because they have formed a unique bond with you. And, not just with you, amongst themselves. When they sleep in your bed, with you, they get your full attention, tighten their bond and benefit from your cuddles.

So, now you know. But, what are the pros and cons of them sleeping with you? Can they disrupt your sleep? Why are cats generally scared of dogs?

Should you sleep with your cat? (Pros & Cons)

Why does my cat and dog sleep with me?

A cat and dog laying together on a bed.

If you sleep with your cat there are pros and cons. For that reason, I will explain the reasons for both and let you decide what is more important to you.


01. Something to cuddle

When a cat is in your bed it will offer you some loveable cuddles. This will allow you to feel comfortable and warm if it is winter. If you are single, this is also a great way to not feel lonely at the night.

02. A companion if you’re lonely

If you tend to feel lonely a cat is a great companion. They will help you through those lonely days. This is why there is a stereotype, in movies, that single people have cats as a way to make them feel better.


01. Could scratch or claw you

The first downfall of having a cat in your bed is its claws. In particular, accidentally scratched during the night. This could be triggered by you sleeping bad and accidentally nudging or rolling onto your cat or another reason.

02. Might sleep on your head

There is a known behavior from some cats that includes them sleeping or even peeing on their owner’s head while they sleep. I know, this sounds outrageous, and if you have never experienced this, borderline unbelievable, but trust me, it does happen.

Should you sleep with your dog? (Pros & Cons)

There are also pros and cons of sleeping with a dog, the same as with cats. Therefore, in this section I will explain each of these:


01. Protection

Dogs are great for protection. Whether they are big Doberman pinchers or small Jack Russels, just their presence may make an intruder think twice about entering your home. And, if it’s in your bed, even better, right?

02. Keep you warm

Let’s face it dogs are just cuddly, right? This is the reason why they are such a popular pet worldwide. They also keep you warm in those cold months as they cuddle you.


01. Might fidget in the night

Like cats, dogs may fidget, roll around or just move a lot in their sleep. Not all dogs, but yours might be the one to annoy you. Therefore consider that when you consider them sharing your bed.

02. Could take up your space

If you have a big dog it is likely to command a lot of space. So, this can become an issue especially if you have a standard double bed, or even a smaller one. And, even an average-sized dog, like a  labrador, can command a fair amount of space as well.

And, smaller dogs (Click here to see if you can use their leashes), like Jack Russels may not take u as much space but might sleep awkwardly.

Do cats disrupt your sleep?

Cats are known to disrupt sleep for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are it feels restless in the night and moves around, or reacts to your movement and may either smack, scratch, or bite you.

Obviously, some cats do not do this and sleep fine in the bed with you but some may do this.

Do dogs disrupt your sleep?

Dogs are also known to disrupt sleep, like cats. They are known to move and fidget around. Or, if they wake up before you they are inclined to lick your face or interact with you to get your attention. However, the dog’s personality plays a big part in this.

So, if you have ever thought about letting your dog sleep with you, but haven’t done it yet, then this is a consideration you have to think about before you do.

Do all dogs & cats get along?

Why does my cat headbutt my dog?

A cat and dog on some grass.

Not all cats and dogs get along. And, the likelihood is, they will not get on. But, there are many examples of cats and dogs that get along just fine. Some will need some time to get used to each other before they form a bond or are capable of being left together.

Some will never get along, no matter how many times you try so it depends on the personalities of the cat and dog in question. And, that is just the way it is for some of them.

Why does my cat cuddle with my dog?

Your cat may cuddle with the dog because the dog has accepted it as a trusted and loved family member. When this happens, because dogs are quite sociable animals, it makes the cat feel comfortable with them and in some ways protected by the dog.

This may be classed as rare though because in many homes the dog will chase the cat especially if it is new to the cat in your home.

Why does my cat sleep on my dog’s bed?

A cat may sleep in your dog’s bed because it is comfortable for them and they have chosen it as their spot. Cats are also quite territorial meaning that they want to claim certain locations as their own so it may be trying to show the dog who is boss.

Another reason could be because it does not have a suitable bed of its own and is craving the bed your dog has. If this is the case then you need to consider getting your cat its own bed (click here for my best one).

What is the relationship between cat and dog?

The relationship between a cat and dog can vary. In most cases, it will be the dog becoming aggressive towards the cat and the cat running or becoming defensive. One of the reasons for a dog to attack a cat is because it runs. Obviously, it may need to, but a dog’s hunting instinct is often triggered when they see an animal running away.

A cat, on the other hand, can’t afford to test the dog’s patience or gamble that it won’t attack it, so it will rin with instinct. However, in most cases, it will be more nimble and faster than a dog and will get away. 

Why cats are afraid of dogs?

Cats have an instinct to be fearful of bigger animals themselves, and, as a species, they have experienced what dogs are like and what they can do. It is a natural survival maneuver to run from any large animal rather than chancing it and standing still.

So, if you have ever looked at a cat running from a dog and wondered where this all started, you now know where this comes from.


Lindsey Browlingdon