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Why Does My Cat Act Nice Then Attack Me? (Devilish?)

If your cat is acting nice then attacking you it may be confusing you leaving you wondering why and what can be done about it (click here for my best solution, on Amazon #Ad)

Why does my cat act nice then attack me?

A cat may seem to be acting nice then attack for several reasons. The most common issues are the static electricity created when you stroke it, or it gets overly stimulated during the petting causing it to lash out. This is why it may seem unexpected, but this is them letting you know enough is enough.

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So, now you know. But, why does my cat attack me from nowhere sometimes? How can you calm down a cat acting aggressively? How can you discipline a cat for biting? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Why does my cat attack me out of nowhere?

Why does my cat act nice then attack me?

An angry-looking cat with its mouth open.

If your cat has attacked you for no real known reason it could be for several reasons. Some of the common issues are it’s in pain and needs space, feeling fearful, or anxious over its territory. These issues may mean a lot to your cat but may not be obvious to you until you get attacked.

01. Issues with pain

If your cat is feeling some pain, this could be in many areas of its body, stomach, paws, teeth, etc. It can cause it to lash out if it’s touched. This is because they are feeling tender or you may accidentally touch their painful area causing them to react violently.

02. Feeling fearful

If your cat is feeling fearful it could cause your cat to act erratically, which could include a random attack like this. This fear could be caused by another local cat antagonizing, or chasing it, or another related situation.

03. Anxious over territory

Sometimes your cat may react negatively in this way due to some territory issues. This could be caused by another local cat challenging its area or a new cat that isn’t respecting its territory.

Why does my cat cuddle then attack me?

A cat may appear to cuddle you (click here if it won’t) and then attack out of know where. But, this may happen because you have crossed their tolerance for petting. This can happen if you pet them too rough or more than they are comfortable with.

The confusing thing is your version of rough petting may be completely different from the cat’s version. So, it may seem, to you, that the attack (could it kangaroo kick you? click here) is completely uncalled for. But, it’s your cat’s way of saying back off and stop what you are doing.

How do you calm down an aggressive cat?

To calm down down an aggressive cat you need to remain calm, give them some space, reduce the number of people around them and seek advice to avoid this happening again in the future. It is not always easy but avoids confronting your cat, this will just make matters worse.

Here is more detail on each of these points:

01. Remain calm

When you see your cat getting aggressive it may be easy, or instinct, to panic or immediately react. But, this often ends up badly. So, remain calm, back off, and evaluate the situation.

02. Reduce their audience

If you have a large number of people around your cat at the time, or even just a few, it’s best to reduce the numbers. Meaning, it’s best to just offer him your attention, assuming you are its favorite owner. Avoid its interaction with other family members that it tends to react negatively to, for example, a husband, wife, or significant other.

03. Give them space

Another important step is to give your cat some space. It may seem tempting to rush in and cuddle it, but it is unlikely to be receptive at this point, so resist this temptation.

04. Get advice

If this is happening regularly, or even more than just once, you should consider getting professional advice. This is best coming from your vert or another professional they recommend.

Why does my cat attack me after I pet him?

Why does my cat fall over when I pet her?

A ginger cat rolled over getting its head stroked.

If you are relaxing and petting your cat then it attacks you (click here if its happening at night) it could be for several reasons. The most common is it dislikes how you are petting it, or you went too far with your getting, in their opinion. Some common mistakes might be back-stroking the cat which annoys most cats.

Whatever you have done, while petting it, may not always be obvious. Especially if this petting is no different than usual, in your opinion. But, if in doubt stop all contact and give your cat a break and monitor their behavior.

How do you discipline a cat for biting?

If your cat is biting you can use a few simple methods to handle it such as separation, rewards, and get some advice for the way forward from your vet. Whatever option you take avoid negative discipline methods like shouting or acting aggressively in return, this rarely works.

Here is some more details on how you can deal with this:

01. Separation

The first thing you need to do is to separate the cat. If it bit another pet, such as your dog, separate them so there is no immediate retaliation, allow your cat to calm down and reflect on its behavior.

02. Reward it after it calms

When your cat calms down and follows your commands reward it. This can be some simple cat treats (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) or other snacks your cat likes.

03. Get Future Advice

You may get past this today but what about tomorrow, or the next week? My point is you need some advice for the long-term to stop this from happening. This can be a simple trip to the vets or a behavioral expert recommended by your vet.

Do cats want to kill you?

It is not believed that cats want to kill you. However, they do have a killer instance for their prey, such as mice or other rodents. But, domestic cats tend to love and respect humans, which is why they are popular family pets. And, feral cats tend to fear us, humans, rather than expressing a hunger to kill.

If you think about all of the cats being housed domestically it is clear they have many opportunities to attempt to kill a human but this does not seem to happen because of their mentality to love and respect their owners.

Can you medicate an aggressive cat?

There is medication available for aggressive cats. However, this should be requested by your vet and only given to your cat using the instruction. You may have better success in the short term using a pheromone diffuser to help it with its aggressive tendencies (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

How do you assert dominance over a cat?

To assert dominance over a cat you should be kind, firm, and consistent. It may be tempting to shout or get physical but this will not earn your cat’s respect or gift your dominance over it. In fact, it could just create a hostile environment for you.

Here is some more detail:

01. Be kind

Cats tend to respond well and react positively to kindness. This does not mean they can just do what they want. But, rather than shouting guide them with kindness and reward them positively when they follow your command.

02. Be firm

Just because you are being kind it does not mean you have to be soft, Be firm with your cat so they understand what you want them to do, or not do.

03. Be consistent

Lastly, be consistent. Meaning, don’t act firm and kind one day, then switch to aggressive and shouty the next day. obviously, we are humans, and our moods change depending on the stresses o the day. But, try to remain consistent with your cat.

Should I bite my cat back?

If your cat bites you, never bite it back. The best way is to be clear that you are unhappy and be firm. It may take some time to finally get the point across but you will need to make it clear and repeat it until it gets it. Just avoid any negative responses or getting physical, it rarely ends well that way.

Lindsey Browlingdon