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Why Is There A Black Cat Outside My House?

If you have seen a black cat hanging around outside your house you may wonder why it’s chosen to be there…

Why Is There A Black Cat Outside My House? 

Don’t worry, this isn’t bad luck, this is just a lonely kitty. Cats will come by a house and if they see you, they are hoping that you are going to feed them or to invite them in. If you have a cat already, then they may have spotted your cat in the window, and are looking for a new friend or potential mate.

So, now you know. But, Should I feed this cat? How can I prevent it from keep coming around? How can you check if a cat has an owner? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Should I feed a cat outside of my house?

A black cat staring while outside on the pavement.

A black cat staring while outside on the pavement.

Feeding the cat is up to you but it could definitely use your help. Outside cats have a hard time of things, with other cats, the occasional dog, and people who don’t like cats going through their trash!

Homeless cats have to forage for themselves and a little food from you would be greatly appreciated and can help them immensely when it comes to survival.

So, you can leave a little food out for the cat if you are so inclined and if you don’t have a cat already, you might just make a new best friend.

How can I prevent a cat from coming to my house?

The best thing that you can do is to ignore the cat. Once they see that you aren’t going to feed them, then they will eventually give up. You can also use things that won’t harm them, such as water, to get the cat to go away.

The cat is just hoping that you will let them inside and that you will feed them and once they figure out that it’s simply not going to happen, most cats are going to leave and look for greener pastures.

How do you know if a cat has an owner?

If you don’t see a collar and tags and the cat is friendly with you, then you can try checking their footpads. If the pads are very soft, rather than calloused, then this is likely someone’s housecat. Another method is to let a vet check for a microchip.

Finally, if the cat looks groomed and is in great shape, this might also mean that someone out there may be looking for their cat, but it could also mean that the cat has been abandoned. If you are so inclined, let them inside and get some pictures to make flyers to put around town.

If no one claims the cat then you can keep them and then there is a happy ending for both of you.

Is there a spiritual meaning if you see a black cat?

There are superstitions on both sides of the spectrum. Some people believe that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck, while others believe that a black cat absorbs the negativity in your life and brings you good fortune.

It’s best to simply forgo the superstition – this is just a cat with black fur and if it’s visiting you, then it’s hoping that you will feed it and take it into your home.

In this way, it’s a very lucky thing indeed, because if you see a black cat and feed it, then you have a good chance of making a new, lifetime friend, and that’s one of the luckiest things that can happen to anyone!

Is it a compliment if a black cat comes to your house?

A black cat staring from behind a wall.

A black cat staring from behind a wall.

It’s definitely a compliment. While dogs love everyone, cats tend to be choosy when it comes to humans, so if a black cat is coming to your house, then it means that they like you and hope that you will share a little food and friendship with them.

Cats choose YOU. It’s a part of their charm and if you have a friend who owns a cat, then you’ve seen it for yourself firsthand. Most cats reserve their affection for one person and everyone else is simply tolerated.

Take advantage of this cat choosing you by showing them that you are interested in growing this new friendship. Leave a little dry food outside, out of the way, for the kitty.  If they start visiting regularly, then consider getting a litter box and a bowl and letting them inside. You’ll be happy that you did!

Is it bad luck to see a black cat at night?

The meaning of seeing a black cat varies from culture to culture – especially in Europe, wherein in some parts it’s a lucky thing to see a black cat, while in other locales it is considered bad luck. If you happen to see a black cat at night, we suggest that you consider it good luck.

It means that you have excellent night vision and with any luck, you might also have a new friend at home if you play your cards right and invite them in.

What does a black cat signify in Japanese superstition?

In Japan, black cats are not considered to be unlucky, but rather quite the opposite. Black cats in Japan are viewed as a sign that good fortune is to come, and this goes doubly so for women who are single.

Single Japanese women often have the belief that a black cat will attract excellent suitors to court them, and so the black cat is always a welcome sight for those who still carry this belief.

What should you do if a stray cat comes to your house?

When a stray shows up at your door, the best thing that you can do is to leave them a little food and water in a place that is out of the way. Make sure that they see you leaving out the food and then step away from it a goodly distance so that the cat does not feel threatened.

Do not attempt to pick up the cat – a stray will feel threatened and may well bite or scratch you, but you can try to get them to come to you. After a few days of feeding, try calling the cat over to you with your handheld out for them to sniff.

Make sure that you haven’t cornered the cat and crouch down. The goal is to be as non-threatening as possible. After the cat sniffs you, if they rub up against your hand then you can try to pet them or even invite them inside.

Congratulations! You’ve just made a new friend!

Could a black cat at your door just be hungry?

Yes, it’s quite possible that they are just hungry, and they might even have an owner already. That said, there are always stray, feral, and ‘free range’ cats living outside that could use your help and you should leave a little food out just in case this kitty has no home.

Stray cats are quite capable of hunting but they aren’t well-received by the general public. Kids may shoot bb’s at them, adults sometimes poison food, and they can also become sick from eating from the garbage and other unsavory places.

By leaving out some dry food and fresh water, even if you don’t invite the cat into your home you will be increasing their chances of surviving and possibly finding a home that can take them in.

Lindsey Browlingdon