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Why Is My Male Cat Biting Kittens? (Avoid This Catastrophe!)

If your male cat is bing your kittens you may be alarmed and concerned. But, most importantly, you may be wondering why…

Why is my male cat biting kittens?

Your male cat could be biting your kitten fr several reasons depending on its age. For example, if the kitten is under six months old, the male is likely to be asserting its dominance over the kitten. However, if the kitten is over six months old and female, then the male cat could be demonstrating mating behavior.

So, now you know. But, is it a bad idea to keep these male cats around kittens? Do neutered male cats act the same way? Do father cats even recognize their own kittens? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

Can male cats be around newborn kittens?

Why is my male cat biting kittens?

A scary-looking cat.

It’s not a good idea to have male cats around kittens. Unlike humans, male cats don’t feel an obligation to their kittens. In fact, male cats will choose to leave the kittens and mother.

Male cats are sometimes even known to attack the mother because of how different they smell after giving birth.

Even more worrisome is that male cats will try to kill kittens, much like a lion would attempt to kill young cubs, especially if they are sired by another male. The reason for this behavior is that kittens mean the mother is nursing. If the male kills the kittens, the female will go into heat quicker, allowing her to mate.

Do some male cats like kittens?

Some male cats enjoy being around kittens and even take on mothering roles. Despite these cats’ existence, it isn’t easy to know which males will like kittens in which ones will not.

Because of how difficult it is to know which male cats will respond positively to kittens, it is wise to keep male cats away from newborn kittens. The best-case scenario is that the male will take on mothering roles and nurture the kittens.

The worst-case scenario is that the male cat would try to kill them. Given that the worst-case scenario is so extreme and normal, you should avoid keeping newborn kittens around male cats.

Are male cats really dangerous to kittens?

Male cats tend to be very poor fathers and go as far as to kill kittens. As a result, a male biting a kitten means that it is asserting dominance and you should watch the interactions carefully to assure that the male does not kill the kitten.

Regarding mating, which I briefly mentioned earlier, cats hit sexual maturity around four months old. Once female kittens hit this mark, the male cats may start to attempt to mate with them.

At what age are kittens safe from male cats?

Most kittens reach sexual maturity around the four-month mark. At this point, the cat can breed and produce kittens. After this point of sexual maturity, they will generally be safe from adult male cats.

Female kittens are unsafe around male cats before this because they are not ready to mate. As soon as the kittens can live on their own, they are generally considered safe from male cats, given that they aren’t being fed anymore by the mother.

Will a male cat care for his own kittens?

Male cats are not known to take care of their kittens. Instead, it is up to the females to raise the kittens on their own. Because of this fact, researchers have found that males do not respond to their offspring crying out as the mothers do.

More so, mothers can evaluate the emotional need of the kitten based on the cry’s sound, whereas males cannot. Sometimes, males will respond to cries, but it is not guaranteed. It is rather unclear why some males would respond to and care for kittens while others will not.

Do male cats get along better with male or female kittens?

Although relationships with other cats will depend on several factors, studies suggest that cats of different sexes get along better, such as an adult male cat with a female kitten. This fact is most likely biologically and evolutionarily ingrained for reproduction purposes.

Still, male cats are not particularly known to get along with kittens of either gender. Though it is more likely that a male cat will get along with a female adult cat, the same is not necessarily true of male adult cats and female kittens for the reasons described above.

Do neutered male cats kill kittens?

A scared looking kitten.

A scared-looking kitten.

There are plenty of cases of neutered domesticated male cats killing kittens, especially when the kittens are not their own. Many people think that neutering their male cat will avoid this problem. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

As discussed earlier, male cats are not known to be good fathers. A male cat will abandon the mother and offspring in best-case scenarios, leaving them to their own devices. However, some male cats go as far as to attack the mother or kill kittens, especially if the kittens are not theirs.

This desire for male cats to kill kittens of another cat goes back to the instinct to kill a rival’s young. Doing so prevents the rival’s genes from spreading throughout the globe.

Do father cats know their kittens?

Studies suggest male cats recognize their own offspring. However, they do not take an interest in raising offspring of their own, and they are wildly known to kill the offspring of another male cat. As a result, it may be easy to assume that father cats do not know their own kittens.

However, there are certain stories where male cats recognize their own kittens. This may be demonstrated in the fact that male cats will kill another male’s kittens but not their own. Additionally, some male cats are more attentive to their kittens than others. These two occurrences show that father cats know their kittens, even if they are not willing to help raise them.

Do male cats nurture kittens?

It is rare, but interestingly, some male cats can nurture kittens. Many people and experts have watched male cats adopt kittens and take on rather mothering roles in their lives.

Many people assume that all male cats are the same: they want nothing to do with their offspring and will never nurture kittens, whether they are their own or from a different father.

This shows that some males do have the ability to nurture kittens. Because of this phenomenon, it raises a lot of interesting questions about the personality of cats.

However, most male cats do not do this. This means that you should be incredibly cautious when introducing a male to kittens. It is hard to know which male cats will want to nurture kittens and which ones will not.

Is it likely to see a male neutered cat around kittens?

Domesticated neutered male cats can and will attack or injure kittens in many circumstances, but other cats will not. It is really difficult to know whether or not your male cat will respond positively to newborn kittens.

It is not outside of the realm of possibility for a male neutered cat to be around kittens safely. Many male cats will take on the role of mother and enjoy being around the kittens. Other male cats refuse to take on such a role and can be aggressive, even if they are neutered.

Because of this fact, you might want to keep your male cat separated from the kittens, especially if you are not in the room. Even though it is not unusual for male cats to care for their kittens, you don’t want to risk anything going wrong.

This is especially true since mothers can be protective of their kittens. Even if the male isn’t necessarily being aggressive, the female may be stressed and agitated by the male’s presence, forcing her to be aggressive. Removing the male cat from the question ensures that the kittens are safe and that the mother is not aggressive.

Do male cats eat their own kittens?

Male cats are not known to eat their kittens. The only time that male cats will go to this extreme is because of starvation or some other extreme circumstance. It is entirely abnormal for a male cat to eat his own offspring.

On the other hand, male cats are known to eat kittens of a different cat. Since a male cat’s objective is to continue its own bloodline, it will kill other kittens and has no problem eating them.

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