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Why is My Cat Scared of Her Collar? (Is it normal?)

If you have a cat color and you have noticed that she’s acting a bit sheepish and scared of it you may be wondering why this might be happening.

Why is my cat scared of her collar?

If your cat is scared of her collar it’s likely to do with this Bell. The bell on the color scares and freaks out most cats. They don’t like the sound and it is known to cause long-term ear damage. If your cat’s collar does not have a bell it could just be she needs time to adjust to wearing it.

And now you know cats often do not like wearing collars, especially with bells on it. But why are these bells on collars in the first place? Is it ok to use these collars? How can you encourage your cat to keep it on? Keep reading to get all of these answers, and so much more.

Why are there bells on cat collars?

A cat with a bell and collar on.

A cat with a bell and collar on.

If you are considering a cat collar with a bell for your cat you may be wondering why people bother with them in the first first-place. Especially if you have an indoor cat, right?

Cat collars with bells are mainly used to reduce the amount of prey they catch. However, for outdoor cats, it is also helpful for cat owners to work out where their cat is when they call to them.

However, some cat owners refuse to use cat collars because they believe it alerts their cat’s predators, and then they can become victims, are you with me?

Why do cats take off their collars?

So, if you have fitted a cat color for your cat and you have noticed that she is continually tugging at it. And, maybe even removed it, you may be wondering why this is happening.

Cats take off their colors because they do not like the feeling of the collar. The color interferes with their feeding, makes them feel uncomfortable, and also interferes with their daily grooming. So, their solution is to try and remove it.

So, now you know, cats generally do not like collars. However, in time they learn to tolerate them. But, what about the bells on these collars, do cats mind wearing them?

Do cats mind wearing bells?

So, you may have fitted a collar with a bell to your cat. And now you are wondering if this was a good decision or not, right?

Cats, in general, do not like wearing bells. On the surface, they may appear to like it for a while. But, this is because they just get used to it. They have just surrendered and given up because they have no way of getting it off.

So, you have learned that cats do not like the bell on their collar. But, in time, they will just learn to tolerate it, rather than loving it. But, what about all collars, not just ones with bells, are the okay?

Is it okay to put collars on cats?

A cat with a red collar and bell on.

A cat with a red collar and bell on.

So, you have a cat collar and you may be wondering if you’ve made the right choice. Should you be putting a collar on your furbaby?

Yes, it’s okay to put a collar on a cat. Especially from a cat owner’s perspective. If your cat is lost and found without a collar there is a chance she may be mistaken to not have a home. And, maybe taken into a cat shelter.

However, if she has a collar, it is obvious to any person that may find her, if she is lost, that she has a home to go to. It limits the chance of her being mistaken as a feral cat.

So, now you know it’s okay to use a cat collar to protect your cat. But, how do you get your cat to keep the collar on?

How do I get my cat to keep his collar on?

If you are struggling to keep your cats collar (Click here to see if it should be kept on at night) on. And, she is continuously tugging at it, you may be thinking of solutions to make it stay on.

To keep your cats collar on you should use a lightweight collar, the lighter the better. For example, a lightweight fabric. This will stop your cat from being annoyed by its heavyweight. Also, offer your cat some treats and positive reinforcement such as cat treats and snacks.

When your cat receives these treats or a meal, following the collar being put on, she will associate the experience as being positive rather than negative, are you with me?

It will help her to stop resenting the cat collar. But regarding this collar, in particular, the tag on it, what should the ID tag have on it?

What should I put on my cat’s ID tag?

Cat collars, generally have an ID tag, which is one of the main reasons people have a cat collar in the first place. But, you may be wondering what should you have on the cat collar ID tag?

You should put your name and contact phone number on your cat’s ID tag. This will help if she is lost and then found. She can easily be identified. The finder can easily contact you so you can make arrangements to go and pick her up.

However, the ID tag is only effective if the color is fitted securely. This will stop it from dropping off. However, it is important not to fit the collar too tight because it could choke your cat.

Will a bell stop my cat hunting?

If you have a cat and you are sick and tired of it dragging in birds from hunting or other small animals such as mice you may be wondering if a bell will stop this from happening, right?

Yes, a cat wearing a belt will stop it hunting. Worse case it will drastically reduce its success rate. Other cat owners have reported a 40% reduction in bird hunting when cats have bells. So, it is effective in this regard.

However, there are mixed opinions on cat bells. But, as I mentioned earlier, some cat owners complain that it puts their cat at risk of being hunted by their predators.

Because the bell sound alerts them to their whereabouts. Remember this, cats instinctively rely on their stealthy, quiet approach to not only hunt but to also avoid their predators. Are you with me?

But, what if you have a kitten, will they get used to wearing a cat collar?

Will my kitten get used to her collar?

If you have a new kitten you may be wondering if she will ever get used to her collar.

Yes, kittens are known to be less resistant to a collar. And, they will get used to wearing it faster than adults. This is because while they are young they will assume a cat collar (Click here to see if her collar needs changing) is a normal thing to do rather than an older cat that needs to be re-trained.

Don’t be fooled, initially, there will be some resistance from your kitten, like most things. But in time your kitten will get used to this color.

Another thing that you can do to help your kitten get used to it is to remove the bell temporarily. Also, if she is an indoor kitten you might even consider leaving the bell off completely. Because it is not needed indoors, right?

Can a cat collar cause hair loss?

If you have a cat with a collar and you have noticed that there seem to be bald patches around its neck you may be wondering if the collar responsible for this, or just a coincidence.

Yes, cat collars can cause hair loss. Some cats are known to have sensitive skin or even lose fur under their collar. You may even notice bald patches developing under its collar. So, it is important to monitor your cats to see how they react to it.

Why does my cat have a bald patch on her neck?

If you have noticed bald patches around your cat’s neck you may be thinking, straight away, this is to do with the collar, right? But, is this the real reason?

If your cat has a bald patch on its neck. It could be from the collar it’s wearing. However, it could also be a medical issue such as fungal skin infection or even parasites such as fleas. Fleas can cause skin irritation and make your cat scratch and cause bald patches.

So, you have learned that a bald patch on your cat’s neck may be connected to the collar it is wearing but it could also be a potential health issue that you need to look into.

Why does my cat freak out when I put a collar on him?

If your cat freaks out when you put its collar on it’s either because it’s not used to it, or it may have had a bad experience with it. An example of a bad experience could be a poorly fitted collar, or getting snagged on a tree branch with one on.

If it’s the former, you need to make sure that you check the collar on a regular basis because some cats, especially young ones, may grow out of the collar. Or, it could accidentally change the original setting causing your cat discomfort.

If it’s the latter, had a bad experience, make sure you are using a breakaway collar to avoid any serious injury going forward, and it may take some time for your cat to regain confidence in the collar again.

Is It Normal For Cats To Hate Collars?

It is normal for cats to hate collars initially because it’s not natural for them. But, most cats get used to it with time. Some take longer than others to adjust.

It can take longer for a cat to adjust if its collar is not fitted correctly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is fitted correctly.

How tight should a cat collar be?

A cat’s collar should allow you to fit one or two fingers underneath it. Too tight and it can be unfavorable or dangerous. But, too loose and it can get its paw in it and potentially take it off.

There are even times when one cat will attempt to help another cat to remove it. So, it’s important it’s well fitted.

Why is my cat acting weird after getting a collar?

If your cat is acting weird after getting the collar it could be because its uncomfortable or not fitted correctly. Regarding the former, being uncomfortable, look out for sharp objects pocking through it or sharp pieces of material on the collar.

These sharp objects may not be obvious until you take them off and inspect them closely, but can seriously irritate your cat.

Lindsey Browlingdon