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Why Is My Cat Fountain Blinking Red? (+ Solution)

If you have a cat fountain, and its blinking red, you may be looking at it confused, and wondering why its doing this… 

Why is my cat fountain blinking red?

It depends a lot on the model, but in most cases when you see a blinking red light on your cat fountain then this means that it is time to replace the filter. Grab a new filter and unplug the fountain, so that you can replace it safely, and then plug it back in when you are finished.

So, now you know. But, why is it still blinking after I replace the filter? Do they all need filters? What is the benefit of these filters? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Why is my cat fountain still blinking red light after replacing the filter?

A cat staring at running water.

A cat staring at running water.

If you still see the red light, some models require you to hold the filter button in for a few seconds so that it may check the filter status and reset. This should make the red light go away until it’s time to change your kitty’s fountain filter again.

What is a cat fountain?

If your cat loves running to the sink to get a drink, then a cat fountain might be a good choice for you. A cat fountain is just a device that keeps the water running, draining, and recycling so that your cat can drink water that hasn’t been sitting still or given the chance to stagnate.

While it might seem a bit of a luxury, it keeps the water fresh and clean through motion and constant filtration, so a fountain is actually a great choice for your cat’s health and it’s also a little fun to watch!

Cats tend to love fountains and when you see your cat drinking running water, you’ll know that it’s clean if you’re lucky, they might even play with it a bit when you can see it!  

Do all cat fountains need a filter?

While you can certainly find ‘display’ type fountains that would work, you only want to go with a fountain that has a filter. That’s because a filter-less fountain is only meant for display purposes and not for consumption of the water.

If it’s going to be a water-source for your cat, then you don’t want contaminants leeching into the water that could eventually make your cat sick. A fountain not intended for drinking could even have toxic components in it – there’s really no way of knowing in advance unless you find a really analytical review.

For best results, just stick with a simple rule – if your cat is going to drink from it, then it needs to have a filter so that your kitty’s water is always clean.

What is the benefit of a cat fountain filter?

Think of it like your own water quality. Over time, small contaminants can get into water and build up to toxic levels. These could be simple things like dirt or something more complex, but the water filter helps to ensure that the water remains pure, refreshing, and potable.

Without a filter, there’s no telling what could get into it, and without a microscope you might never know if there’s something in there that could make your cat sick. Some cats are attracted to the ‘sparkle’ of the water, for instance, and bat at it – what if they’ve just used the litterbox?

Having a filter just makes good sense. You’ll know that the water is always clean and the chances of your kitty getting sick from this novel method of water delivery are minimal to none!

Is a cat fountain better than a bowl of water?

Water bowls are fine, provided that you clean them out regularly, but a fountain adds the benefit of constant filtration and circulation. It’s also aesthetically pleasing when your cat gets their water from a pretty little fountain, but the biggest benefits are that the water doesn’t have a chance to stagnate.

When you come home from work, you’re likely a bit tired, and you might not think to change out the water bowl unless it’s empty. If your cat has batted at the water or dropped a piece of cat food in it and quickly eaten it, then germs will be inside that you simply cannot see.

With a fountain, they’re getting captured in the filter and the water will always be clean.

Are cat fountains worth it?

Definitely! The cost in electricity is minimal and as long as you keep your fountain filled, then the water will be properly circulated, filtered, and quite drinkable. Fountains also come in a number of different designs, so your cat might be drinking from a small waterfall, a flower, or even simply a sharp-looking stainless steel design.

Cats love running water, which may be a throwback to their instincts, as stagnant water in the wild tends to be in isolated, still ponds. By giving your cat a fountain you are giving them what they would look for in the wild and it comes with the perks of knowing that their water is completely filtered and clean.

Why do cats not drink water next to their food?

A cat eating food from a bowl.

A cat eating food from a bowl.

This is another aspect of kitty instinct – they don’t drink close to where they eat and they don’t drink close to where they make potty. It makes sense when you think about it, as this practice helps to keep bacterial contamination to a minimal.

A little spacing of your cat’s bowl can help and some cats will still drink from a bowl close by, it really just depends on your cat, but if you see them avoiding it then the reason is that they don’t trust water close to their food and so you’re going to need to move the bowl.

Can you leave a cat water fountain on all the time?

It’s best to leave the water fountain on. The electricity costs are quite minimal, literally pennies a month, and it ensures that your cat always has filtered, pure water that is kept in motion and thus more appealing to your cat.

If you absolutely insist on it to save on electricity, you could turn it off at night, but it’s really better just to leave it full and running.

 Cats are nocturnal, and so while you won’t see it, they are going to pop in for a drink from time to time and it’s always better to make sure that the drink will be well-filtered and unlikely to make your cat ill.

How do you reset the filter light on a Petkit fountain?

All that you need to do is to pre-wet the filter thoroughly, put it into the filter containment, and then press the reset button. Hold it in for about 5 seconds and the orange warning light should disappear, indicating that the filter has been recognized, tested, and operation has returned to normal.

If you’ve got a Smartpaw Petkit fountain then good for you! Cat’s love these and they are quite easy to maintain. When you want to replace the filter, then you should soak it for a minute or two in water first.

This will help your device to recognize and rate the new filter that you have put into place.

How do you clean a wonder creature pump?

Cleaning your wonder creature pump is a matter of disassembly, cleaning with soap and water, and replacement of the filter. Keep in mind that the impeller is bound by a magnet, so you’ll need to exert a little force to clean it properly, and if you get any buildup then you soak the parts in an equal mix of vinegar and water.

After a thorough cleaning and soaking, rinse the parts well, reassemble and replace the filter. Your cat’s water fountain is now good to go!

Lindsey Browlingdon