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Why Is My Cat Ejaculating? (Should I Be Concerned?)

If you have noticed that your cat is ejaculating you may be wondering why this is happening and if it is something to be concerned about…

Why is my cat ejaculating?

Your cat may be ejaculating because it has either been humping or masturbating. This is pleasurable for the cat and is quite common, especially with unneutered male cats. However, it is still possible for a neutered cat to do this, it’s just much less likely.

So, now you know. But, is it normal for a cat to masturbate? Can neutered cats still do this? Why does my cat hump me? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more…

What is ejaculating?

Ejaculating is when a male cat, animal, or human eject semen from their body, according to this site. This is typically encountered at the point of climax during mating, for animals, or sexual intercourse for humans. However, it can be simulated without mating or sexual intercourse by masturbation or humping.

Regarding the latter, this is why you may see your cat ejaculating and this may concern you. It is embarrassing for some people so it is understandable, but it is a natural behavior.

Cats, in this way, are not much different from human teenaged behavior. However, the biggest difference is their lack of shame, because this could be done in your presence.

Is it normal for a cat to masturbate?

Why does my cat gurgle?

A cat with its eyes closed, and mouth open.

It is common and normal for a cat to masturbate. It is more common in male cats but females can also do this as well. And, neutered cats are much more likely to do this. It is something that is not often discussed in public because it can embarrass some people.

Although it is normal some cat owners would prefer if they can control it some way, there is ways to reduce the chances of it happening, but no way to stop it completely. This is because this is how nature intended it.

Can you stop your cat from ejaculating like this?

Some cat owners reduce the chances of their cat ejaculating like this by neutering them. Once this happens they are likely to lose the desire and gradually stop doing it. It is still possible for them to do this after they have been neutered, contrary to what you may have heard.

The reality is, this is a natural behavior that cannot really be stopped completely. The cat feels pleasure and desires it because nature intended it this way. But, you can try to reduce it at best. And, even if you do it is not a sure-fire solution, but it’s likely to help.

Why does my cat get boners?

A male cat will get “a boner”, scientifically known as an erection when they are sexually aroused and a necessary prerequisite to mating. However, they are known to have random boners, as humans do. This is normal.

Also, if there are neutered they can still get boners. This is usually because the male cat has recently been neutered and may still have some higher levels of testosterone present.

These boners just prove that your cat can happily reproduce. And, from a natural perspective, this is good news. Maybe not for you if you find it hard to look at (excuse the pun), but this is the way nature intended it.

Can neutered cats get boners?

Neutered cats can still get boners (erections). This is mainly for those cats that may have recently been neutered. And, when I say recently, I mean like within weeks, that recent. When this happens they may still get boners while their body adjusts and their testosterone levels drop.

You may see your cat with a boner after it has been neutered and shocked wondering why this is happening. And, you may have assumed this is impossible, based on what you have heard. But, now you know how this can happen.

Can cats be sexually attracted to humans?

Why is my cat ejaculating?

A cat with its tongue out looking thoughtful.

Cats are not known to be sexually attracted to humans. But, the odor created during human sexual intercourse can attract them. Meaning the actual smell the human body emits during sex can gain their attention. This may be why you may assume they could be attracted.

Daily, cats try to smell out natural body odor because this is how they detect loved ones and navigate. But, humans have a habit of covering their natural odor with scented creams, fragranced shampoos, or an expensive perfume.

For whatever reason, humans feel compelled to cover themselves in artificial smells to fit in with society. which is completely different from the world of cats.

This can confuse the cat’s scent. Hence the reason they may appreciate the raw odor during and straight after sexual intercourse.

Why is my male cat licking his private area so much?

If your male cat is licking its private area so much it may have a health issue such as a urinary tract infection (UTI), or some potential obstruction causing it pain. This continuous licking could be its way of relieving the pain from one of these issues.

If in doubt it’s worth consulting your vet because, like most things, the earlier you get onto it the better chance you have of helping your cat with the least problems caused. Hopefully, your cat is fine, but at least you will have that peace of mind.

Why does my male cat hump me?

Your male cat may hump you (click here to see if they will do it to other objects) for several reasons. This can be from frustration, enjoys the pleasure from it, or craving some attention from you. It is quite common for neutered male cats.

The reason why neutered male cats are more likely to do this is that they are still usually active and have high testosterone. After being neutered you should notice a behavior change including them potentially stopping this humping.

This is one of the reasons why cat owners choose to neuter their cats to stop things like this from happening, as well as issues like spraying, etc.

Will a cat still try to mate after being neutered?

A cat may attempt to mate after being neutered. This is common amongst cats that have recently been neutered because their bodies are still adjusting to the hormonal changes. And, during this time you could see them attempting this.

The neutering surgery effectively removes the cat’s reproduction organs meaning they typically lose their drive for mating. But, it can take some time, potentially weeks, to fully calm down.

So, if you witnessed your cat doing this before you read this article, you may have been confused and even felt like the surgery was a waste of time. But, now you know.

Should you discipline your cat for ejaculating?

You should not discipline your cat for ejaculating. Firstly, it is cruel and lastly, it is not usually effective. Meaning, cats often get confused about why they are being disciplined and assume you are being mean for no reason.

Long term this could lead to. a breakdown in your relationship with your cat and make it trust you less.

Lindsey Browlingdon