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Why Does My Cat Try to Climb the Door Frame? (+ Solution)

You may have noticed that your cat is destroying your door frame (Click here for the best solution, on Amazon #Ad) by climbing up it. But, why is she doing this and how can you prevent it?

Why does my cat try to climb the door frame?

Your cat may be climbing your door frame because she prefers to be high up. This gives her the best view of her territory. And, if she has no other objects to climb, such as a cat tree, she will happily climb up your door frame instead.

3 Best ways to stop your cat climbing your door frame

Description Image My Rating
01. Tall cat tree (Best Option)
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5 stars
02. Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray
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03. Double-Sided Tape
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4 stars

So, now you know why your cat is climbing your door frame. But, how do you stop it happening? Is declawing the answer? Could she start scaling your walls next? Keep reading for these answers, and so much more.

How do you stop your cat from climbing your door frame?

You may be looking for ways that you can stop your cat climbing your door frame in the future, right? Here are a few options:

  • A tall cat tree (Best option)
  • Cat scratch deterrent spray
  • Double-sided tape

A tall cat tree (Best option)

A tall cat tree (Click here for the availability on Amazon #Ad) can help to prevent your cat from climbing your door frame. If you position it well, specifically, next to your door frame, it is likely to climb this instead of scaling your door frame.

Cat scratch deterrent spray

Using a cat scratch deterrent spray (Click here to see why I like this one, on Amazon #Ad) will deter your cat from wanting to climb your door frame. This is because the spray will drive them crazy and make them not want to come in contact with it.

Double-sided tape

This double-sided tape (Click here to see my best one, on Amazon #Ad) is another option. Use double-sided tape along your door frame to make it unattractive to your cat. They do not like the texture of this tape (Click here to see how to prevent your cat eating painters tape) and it will repel them from climbing it.

However, my only issue with this is the fact that it makes the door frame look ugly and it’s quite difficult to put up.

Install a climbing pole

A climbing pole has been used by other cat owners as a clever way to stop their cats from climbing the door frame. This works as a more attractive alternative to most cats.

Truthfully speaking, it’s not always going to work on every cat. Why? Because, occasionally, you will get a persistent cat that prefers your door frame regardless.

But, it is more likely that they will love this purpose built climbing pole. So, it’s worth trying to give your door frames a break.

Use some aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can help to deter cats from areas that you want them to avoid. For example, it’s been known to work on counter tops. Therefore, you can try it on your door frames.

Don’t worry, this is not proposed as a long-term fixture. Meaning, the idea is to train your cat to not climb on it. The hope is, in time, it will just avoid it even if the foil is gone.

And, there is nothing stopping you using this same technique alongside another solution. For example, using a climbing pole and placing this foil on the frame.

So, now you know a few options that you can use to stop your cat from climbing your door frame.

Why declawing is not the answer

If you get frustrated with your cat climbing your door frame you may think about drastic measures such as declawing your cat, right? However, I will explain why I would not recommend this.

Declawing your cat is not the answer. Because it is very painful for your cat, can lead to post-op infections or even bleeding. Also, part of the surgery can involve amputating one of your cat’s paw bones, which is very painful for your cat.

So, now you know my reasons why I do not agree with declawing your cat (Click here for the best clumping litter for these cats) as a solution.

Can Cats scale walls?

Now that you have noticed your cat climbing your door frame (click here if its attacking it) it may make you think that they can start doing this on your walls. But, is this even possible?

Cats do not scale walls. This is because it is difficult for them to grip. They can’t climb door frames, but they do have their limits. This is because the texture and the material of most walls will make it very difficult for them to gain any traction and climb the wall.

So, now you know you do not need to worry about your cat scaling your walls.

Why are my cats so hyper?

You may have noticed your cat going crazy. And, it may make you wonder if something is wrong with her. Or, is it just the way they are sometimes?

Cats can be hyper due to their instinctive hunting behavior. They are true hunters and it may seem that they are being crazy or hyper to you but, in their mind, they are expressing their natural predatory behavior.

So, now you know why some cats may act a bit hyper.

How come indoor cats have so much energy?

If you have noticed your indoor cat full of energy, and you didn’t expect this, you may be wondering where this energy comes from, right?

Indoor cats have so much energy because they have the energy to burn each day. If they are not hunting, as nature intended them to do, they will need an activity to burn it off. This excess energy can be used on activities such as climbing a cat tree (Click here to see why I live this one, on Amazon #Ad)cat toy (Click here to see the price on Amazon #Ad), etc.

So, now you know why indoor cats have so much energy and some strategies that you can use to control this.

How can you calm down your cat to reduce the climbing?

You may have considered some ways that you can calm your cat down to make her stop climbing.

To calm your cat down, to reduce her climbing your door frames, you need to wear her down each day. This will make her sleep better and less likely to wake you up in the night. And, in turn, reduce the chances of her climbing your door. Simple activities such as playing with toys (Click here to see this one’s reviews, on Amazon #Ad) and cat trees (Click here to see this tree’s reviews, on Amazon #Ad) can help to prevent this.

So, now you know some simple methods that you can use to calm down your cat and reduce her climbing your doors.

Do cats like to be up high?

You may be wondering if cats get some kind of enjoyment by being up so high, right?

Cats do like to be up high. They are true climbers and this comes from their tree-climbing ancestors who originally lived in the rainforests. They used this skill to wait for their prey or hide from their predators.

So, now you know that cats do like to be up high up and the reasons for this.

Why do cats like to sleep high up?

If you have noticed your cat is choosing to sleep high up you may be wondering why this is.

Cats like to sleep at high up because this is an advantageous spot for them. It gives them a full view of their territory. And, for the ancestors, it was a good way to keep an eye on their predators trying to sneak up on them while they are vulnerable and sleeping.

Even though cats are now domesticated, for the most part, they still have this instinct within them. This is why you may see it happening.

How do cats jump and climb so high?

While you watch your cat scale your door (Does your front door smell weird, like urine? Click here) frame you may be wondering how it’s even possible for her to do this, right?

Cats jump and climb so high using their powerful rear legs and back muscles. They use this to propel themselves several times higher than the length of their body. Also, they have extremely flexible frames that can deal with the impact of these large jumps and falls.

So now you know how cats jump and climb so high.

Is your cat climbing to show dominance?

You may have heard rumors that cats like to climb high to show dominance. But, is this true or just rumors?

Cats do climb to show dominance. It is part of their complicated social hierarchical structure. In their world, if their position is higher than their peers, it displays a higher social status. So, climbing to these high positions can make them feel that they are dominating.

So, now you know that cats climbing is linked to them showing dominance.

How can I stop my cat from jumping high on the door frame?

To stop your cat from jumping high on the door frame you can invest in a tall cat tree. This will help to satisfy their need to be up high. And, at the same time save your doors.

The reason why some cats like to be up high is an instinctual thing. It is a show of dominance, helps them feel secure, and was used by their ancestors to scope their prey.

How do you stop kittens from climbing screen doors?

If you have an issue with cats climbing, or damaging your screen doors, one tactic that has been used by one cat owner is using an Acrylic Lucite sheets to cover the inside of the door.

This has to be manually done, so you need some DIY skills to attempt this. It will need to be fitted so there is still some air flow through it.

This is helpful especially if you have one of those screen doors that are mesh style, which allows cats to climb it with ease.

Why does my cat stare into corners and door frames?

Your cat could be staring into corners and door frames for several reasons. One of the most common ones is a mouse, or rat hidden in the wall or hollow door that we can’t see.

However, it could also be a sign of a health issue, such as stress, seizures or their brain causing electromagnetic waves. If in doubt, it’s worth getting your cat checked out with the vet.

Do some cats like to climb door frames before they poop?

Yes. Some cats do get hyper before they poop. And, this can include climbing door frames, jumping on walls, or just doing other random acts out of the norm.

One tactic, to stop this, is to get a cat tree. This can help by channeling its energy towards the tree and not your door frames, or other surfaces in your home.

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