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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Xbox?

If your cat keeps sleeping on your Xbox you may be wondering why it’s happening and what you should do about it…

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Xbox?

Just like your cat will look for a cool table or plop down on the soft kitchen linoleum to cool down, they will also seek out places that are warm. Your Xbox console just happens to be one of them. Cats like the smooth, warm, plastic.

So, now you know. But, do they use it to keep warm when the AC is on? How can I prevent my cat from doing this? Could it feel jealous of my Xbox? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Do some cats use the Xbox to keep warm when the Air Conditioning (AC) is on?

An Xbox and its console.

An Xbox and its console.

Yes. When the AC has cooled down the apartment considerably, your kitty can sit on the Xbox and stay warm and toasty. While you certainly don’t want a kitty spending time on your expensive equipment, to them it’s basically just a plastic heating pad.

What is an Xbox?

Xbox is Microsoft’s premier and popular gaming and entertainment system, designed for playing games, watching subscription entertainment such as Netflix, and more. As their functionality increases, so does the price of these consoles, and the fact that they are quite warm makes them also quite attractive to your kitty.

Thus, sometimes a cat will sidle-up next to a standing console, putting it in possible danger of getting fur inside or being knocked over, and with the flat-sitting versions of the console, a cat might simply curl up in a ball on top. It’s cute, but it can certainly panic the owners of said console.

How can I prevent my cat from sleeping on my Xbox?

You have a few methods at your disposal for keeping your cat away from your console. Citrus repellent sprays, for instance, can be applied to nearby furniture, giving it a pleasant scent that you will like but which your kitty will not.

You can also try applying double-sided tape in the area around the console and this will keep your cat away as well. Cats don’t like the sticky feel of the tape on their paws, so most will give up and simply look for another spot that’s warm and good for lounging.

Finally, if your Xbox is on a shelf, there are often extra pegs which allow you to shorten a shelf and thus create a smaller space that your cat is less likely to fit into. This should help to keep them at a distance and keep their fur out of your electronics.

Could my cat feel jealous of my Xbox?

Your cat is jealous from time to time of anything that takes your attention away from them, although you can often make a little compromise and get the best of both worlds. The thing that you need to know is that cats, however mysterious they pretend to be, are actually quite fond of dependable schedules.

A little scheduled playtime with your cat before you start up and play that Xbox can mollify your cat’s desire to block your view, sit on your controllers or console, and in general ‘compete’ for your attention. You can also try putting up a ‘kitty tower’ nearby and sprinkling a little bit of catnip inside.

Some of these towers have built-in toys, or you can put some inside, and if they are close, then your cat can be nearby and playing with their own toys while you play with yours!

Is it OK for my cat to sit on my Xbox?

No, your Xbox is not a good place for your kitty to sit. The reason for this is that your console is essentially the same as a high-end gaming computer and the same reason that your cat likes it is the reason that they shouldn’t sit there – the warm air coming out of the vents.

High end machines incorporate cooling fans inside which help to maintain an optimal running temperature while ensuring that your console does not overheat. When your cat is sitting on top, these vents can be slightly obstructing, but they are also quite vulnerable to the introduction of cat hairs inside with your electronic components.

This is not a big deal with just one or two sitting sessions, but other times those hairs are going to add up, and your expensive console will be in danger of overheating. As such, you should definitely NOT let your cat sit there.

A very simple solution to keep them off is to put a small, inverted clothes hamper over the top of your Xbox. This should keep your cat away or at the very least, if they get on top of the hamper, the amount of fur that can inside has been greatly reduced.

Could my cat damage my Xbox?

A brown cat staring while on a furry textile.

A brown cat staring while on a furry textile.

Yes, there is a possibility that your cat could damage your Xbox by sitting on top of it or even close beside it. Aside from the very real danger of getting fur inside of your console, when a cat is sitting on top of the unit it also adds extra insulation.

Also, while it’s unlikely, there is also the possibility that your cat might decide to ‘mark’ this favourite area with urine, which could get inside of the console or even short it out – not to mention the safety hazard to your kitty when they do this!

As such, you need to keep your expensive electronics and your kitty separated to avoid safety concerns for everyone in the house.

Could an empty box nearby stop my cat laying on it?

Yes, this is an excellent tactic, and might well work a treat for keeping your cat away from the Xbox. While we still aren’t certain why, cats can’t seem to resist an empty box. They spot one, hop in, and then things get weird.

Cats will happily chase their tails inside, pop out like a ‘jack in the box’ to swat anyone who passes… well, you’ve seen it. So, give this a try if your cat won’t leave your Xbox alone. It takes up a little space, yes, but it can save you a lot of money if your cat takes the ‘bait’.

Why does my cat lay on my controller?

Most often it’s a combination of your cat enjoying the feel of the smooth plastic and the fact that your regular play of the Xbox has put your scents all over the controller. Cats are very scent-oriented creatures and even have scent glands in their face and other parts of their body – this is why they always rub against things.

Simply put, your controller smells like you, so your cat likes the controller mostly for this reason.

Do cats like their owners’ scent?

Yes, although if you aren’t around, your scents on different objects can also make your cat miss you and a little more depressed. That said, they certainly know and like their owner’s scents and they especially like how we smell when their scents are mixed with ours.

Cats are comforted by familiar scents, especially their own, so yours are definitely on their list of top things that they like and that make them feel more comfortable.

Why do some cats choose to sit on any object their owner is using?

When they sit on an item of yours so that you can’t use it, then this is simply your cat’s way of telling you that they want attention right away. Xbox or PlayStation consoles are an example of this and cats are also notorious for climbing right on top of laptops while the owner is trying to use them.

Try putting up a cat tower nearby, so that your cat can be close while you use the things that you want or need to use. In some cases, these dramatic attention-grabs just mean that your cat wants to be close to you but there’s not a very convenient spot for this handy.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to start scheduling a little time for your kitty before your ‘usual’ time for gaming or the PC. Cats are schedule-minded, so this compromise might just work for the both of you!

Lindsey Browlingdon