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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Mousepad?

If your cat keeps sleeping on your mousepad you may be sick of it, wondering why it’s happening and looking for ways to stop it…

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Mousepad?

There are three main theories for your cat to sleep on your mousepad: They crave your attention, and know this may work, it smells like you, or simply because they know you like it. Depending on which one, there are different ways to deal with it.

White keyboard ,mouse and mouse pad placed on a black table.

White keyboard ,mouse and mouse pad placed on a black table.

Want attention

One theory that explains why cats sleep on mousepads is they see your attention fixated on the area, so they feel that if they lay in the area, they too will get attention. Cats like to be around us, even if they don’t always climb into our laps to do so.

Smells like you

Another theory is that your mousepad smells like you, given that you have so much physical contact with it. This can make your cat associate your mousepad with a comfort object because it smells like their favorite person. They might also be trying to make it smell like them instead as a way of taking ownership over it.

They know you like it

Your cat might also associate your mousepad with something you enjoy using, as they watch you using it often. They may want to share this item with you because you seem to like it so much, and they know you have good taste because you’re the one who picks out their food. They don’t understand the context of a mousepad being a practical item.

Is It Bad If My Cat Sleeps On My Mousepad?

It’s not harmful for your cat – or the mousepad – when your kitty takes a nap on your mousepad. That being said, they could get a lot of fur on it if they are prone to shedding. Thus, you might have to clean your mousepad more often than usual.

The only reason it could be bad for your cat is because it can be inconvenient for you when you’re trying to work. It’s also possible that your cat might roughhouse with either the mouse or the mousepad, thinking that it’s a toy.

Could A Cat Damage A Mousepad?

Cats could easily damage a mousepad, though they probably wouldn’t do it on purpose. They might start playing with the mouse as you try to use it, and their claws could get caught in the material, leading to tears and rips.

Harder mouse pads may be more difficult for your cat to damage, but it’s possible they could push it off the desk or get claw marks on the surface.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Sleeping On My Mousepad?

If it seems like your cat is vying for your attention when they start dozing off on your mousepad, you may want to spend some more time with them outside of when you’re using the computer. Cats can need more attention than we might realize, and they have no problem getting in our way when they don’t want to wait any longer for some pets.

Cats are pretty determined animals, so if they want to lay on something, chances are they will find a way around any effort you make to prevent them from sleeping on it.

What Are Mouse Pads Usually Made Out Of?

Mouse pads can be made out of a plethora of materials, with the most popular being silicone. Silicone also works well with many different types of mouses. Some mouse pads will also have a fabric top in order to help more modern mouses glide seamlessly.

Modern mouse pads may also be made out of glass, plastics, carbon fiber, or aluminum. These types of mouse pads are usually recommended for those who play games and need a larger, more durable surface for their mouse.

You want to choose a mousepad depending on the type of mouse you have. Not all mice will work on a hard mousepad and vice versa.

Could A Decoy Mousepad Help?

A decoy mousepad could help divert your cat’s attention from yours to their own. If you suspect that your cat enjoys your mousepad because of its softness, it could be worth getting your cat one of their own. If you place it near your own mousepad, they can still hang out with you and lay on a soft mousepad, which they will surely love.

If the surface area allows it, you can try setting up a little cat area on your workspace with a bed and a stationary toy your cat can bat at while you keep working or playing. They still get to stay close to you and feel like they are helping you out, while also having a comfortable area to sleep in.

If you don’t have enough space on your desk, you can try setting up a cat tower or condo close by for a soft surface that will entertain them before they get tired. There’s a good chance a box will do the trick as well.

Is It Safe For My Cat To Lay On My Laptop?

An orange cat lying next to a laptop computer.

An orange cat lying next to a laptop computer.

There’s nothing wrong with your cat laying on your laptop. It cannot harm them, and it won’t cause them to overheat. All they are trying to do is make it smell like them, instead of having it smell like you.

It’s also possible that your cat is trying to get you to pay attention to them instead of whatever you’re doing on your computer. If they are yelling at you while they’re sprawled on your laptop, it may be time to take a break and give your cat a snuggle.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Laying On My Keyboard?

Having an alternative surface for your cat to lay on could help them forget about how comfortable your keyboard is to them. This could be a small cat bed, a box, or a blanket. They’ll feel just as much a part of your work day when they are close by, and you can still get your work done.

It’s not unsafe for your cat to lay on your keyboard, but they can get their fur stuck in the crevices of the keys, which can make it difficult to use. Additionally, the cords going in and out of your keyboard can be a hazard for them if they like to chew on them or play with them.

You should cover up your workspace when not in use so your cat doesn’t get used to laying on it either.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Mousepad?

If you’re in need of a mousepad because your cat has stolen yours and need to get some work done, there are many materials around your home that will work in its place. For example, you can use some spare placemats that have a flat, smooth surface, without any divots or holes in the design.

You can also use some wax paper, a book with a smooth and hard cover, or a tightly folded bed sheet. If your desk is made of wood, you can use that temporarily until your cat gives up the mousepad. A plastic cutting board will also work.

Can I Use Paper As A Mousepad?

You can use paper as a mousepad, but you’re going to want a flat stack of paper. This will ensure the mouse can glide smoothly and seamlessly on the paper. Some paper products, such as a magazine or cardboard, can do the trick just as well.

That being said, paper can sometimes shift around underneath your mouse, so having a good stack should help add some weight to the paper, thus helping it stay in place.

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