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Why Does My Cat Sleep Downstairs?

If your cat keeps sleeping downstairs you may be wondering if there is a reason for this…

Why does my cat sleep downstairs? 

If your cat is new, then they may still be learning to trust you, but if you have had your cat for a while then it might simply be that they have a favorite spot downstairs that is quite comfortable.

So, now you know. But, is it cruel to leave your cat there? Where do cats typically sleep? Should it have its own bed? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

How can you encourage your cat into your room?

A cat sleeping on the couch.

A cat sleeping on the couch.

You can encourage your cat to sleep in your room by giving them treats when they lay down there and a nice, soft comforter is also a good way to tempt them.

Finally, if all of your cat’s toys are downstairs, then consider putting a cat tower near the bed and a few new toys. That way your cat can have some goodies to look forward to in your room and they might just be tempted to sleep there when playtime is over!

Is it cruel to leave a cat downstairs at night?

Not at all, but your cat might well protest if this is something new that you are doing. If your cat gets vocal, the only thing that you can do is ignore them, because if you come running when your cat meows then they are going to notice this and they will take advantage of it.

You can soften the blow a bit by leaving some catnip and toys downstairs to keep your cat occupied, or even get a nice, soft cat bed so that your kitty has a very comfy place to sleep down there and will be more inclined to decide that sleeping downstairs is not so bad.

Cats are creatures of habit, so while it may take a while for your cat to get used to sleeping downstairs, don’t worry – your cat will make it a new habit and will eventually stop fussing about it.

Where do cats usually sleep?

Cats will basically sleep anywhere that they like. As long as the spot is comfortable and preferably a little on the warm side, your cat will curl up and sleep like a rock as long as they are comfortable with the environment enough to sleep in an open area.

If your cat is still getting used to the house, but they know you well already, then your cat might want to sleep with you or may select a location out of sight in order to feel safer, but more often than not if you are in the house with them then they will simply find a warm and soft place to settle down and snooze.

Should my cat have its own bed?

Since they are such creatures of habit, a cat bed is an excellent idea, and you can easily make one for them with a plastic bin, pillows, and some linens or you can get some nice and soft beds online or at your local pet store and they are fairly inexpensive.

Cats love to schedule their day and they definitely have a list of favorite places and things in the house.

A cat tower is also an excellent choice and if you like having your cat close at night, you can put it next to the bed. The tower gives them a soft place to sleep and since it’s close to the bed, it’s only a matter of time before your furry feline comes to pay you a visit for some petting and a nice, long nap.

How can I get my cat to sleep upstairs?

The easiest way to get your cat to sleep somewhere is to provide them with a comfy spot and to sprinkle it with a little catnip. You can get a retail bed that looks like a small cave, as cats love little enclosures like this, or you can even modify a cardboard or plastic box on your own and put some soft materials in it.

Cats are famous for their curiosity, so you don’t even have to show it to your cat – they’ll find it and if they find the bed comfortable then you can bet you’ll catch them sleeping there in no time flat!

Why is my cat sleeping on the floor all of a sudden?

A kitten asleep on the carpet.

A kitten asleep on the carpet.

Your cat is sleeping there because it is both comfortable and it offers a good view, just in case any action occurs that your cat wants to be part of. More often than not, when a cat changes their sleeping location, it has to do with temperature and comfort. If the season has just changed, then your cat might have moved just to be hotter or cooler.

Another reason for this behavior is that it is instinctual, and it’s a pretty good survival instinct to change the location where you sleep from time to time in order to be less predictable. That said, it’s most likely that the floor just happens to be comfortable and that’s why your cat has moved there.

Why does my cat sleep on the carpet?

It’s most likely a matter of comfort. The carpet is plush and fluffy and most cats seem to love it. If your cat plays around a lot in that spot, then it might also be a matter of scents.

Cats have a number of scent glands, in places like their paws, their bums, and even their faces, and so if your cat rolls around in the carpet then it’s going to absorb your cat’s scents. These scents make your cat feel safe and comfortable, so this is another possible reason why your cat is suddenly sleeping on the carpet.

Especially if you’ve just washed their scents out of the sheets and comforter in your room!

Why is my cat suddenly sleeping in odd places?

A lot will depend on whether or not there have been changes in the house. If you have a new roommate or have brought a new pet into the house, then your cat may be sleeping in odd places as a fear response because they do not yet trust the newcomers to the house.

Cats will also change their sleep locations frequently by instinct because this is a way to make it harder for other predators to find them.

Sleeping in odd places can also be a sign that your cat is sick, however, so if this behavior is ‘out of the blue’ and nothing has changed in your environment recently, a vet checkup might be a very good idea just to be on the safe side.

Why do cats switch where they sleep sometimes?

There are a number of reasons why cats switch up their sleeping spots. The first is the instinctual urge to relocate as a way to make it harder for predators to find them. A second reason can be hierarchy if you have another cat in the house. The dominant cat gets the best spots, while the submission one is only allowed to share them from time to time.

Seasonal changes are also a common reason for your cat to relocate, as an old and favorite spot might no longer be the most comfortable spot in the house. Finally, if a cat feels a little sick, then they may also relocate their sleeping spots to feel safer while they heal.

If your cat is acting strangely, exhibiting lethargy or any changes in appetite to go with the switching of sleeping spots then a vet visit for a checkup is in order to rule out any health issues.

Where should kittens sleep at night?

If you have roommates or other animals, such as a dog, in the house, then it might be best to isolate them to a specific room or even a comfy blanket-lined box for the night. Kittens wander sometimes and isolating them helps to prevent accidentally harming them if you or someone else in the house gets up in the middle of the night.

It also keeps kittens out of trouble, because they can wander quite far sometimes before mom takes notice and brings them back. While you could let the kittens sleep on the bed with you, this is generally not advised unless you are 100% sure that you won’t turn in your sleep as this can harm a fragile kitten.

Use your best judgment, but isolation, where the mother can still get to them, is recommended as the best course of action.

Lindsey Browlingdon