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Why Does My Cat Run In Front Of Me? (Needs Attention?)

If your cat is running in front of you all the time you may be getting frustrated or wondering why this keeps happening…

Why does my cat run in front of me?

Cats typically run in front of you to either make you stop, in need of something (such as food), or they just want our attention for few moments. This behavior is often called “herding” because they are trying to guide you to the desired place or make to stop in your tracks.

So, now you know. But, what should you do when this happens? Could your cat be trying t herd you? Could your cat just be hungry? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 reasons why your cat may run in front of me:

Why does my cat run in front of me?

A cat looking back at its owner, outside on the grass.

Earlier I highlighted a few reasons why your cat may run in front f you. So, in this section I will give you more detail on each of these:

01. Make you stop

Sometimes your cat will just want you to stop in your tracks, right there, no messing around. And, the reasons for this can vary, a lot. For example, it may just be hungry and want some food from you. Other times it may just want to play with you.

It may be annoying at times, but it is worth giving your cat some time to see what the issue is because one time it could be serious.

02. They need something

Sometimes your cat will run in front of you because they genuinely need something. For example, they may have an issue that they need you to solve, and it could be urgent.

Remember this, cats can’t talk, obviously, so this is one of their limited ways of communicating with you, so it’s worth paying attention to them.

03. Just need some attention

In some cases, your cat may just want your attention. When this happens it could just want you to lift it or show it some affection. Cats do love their owners, so it may seem minor to you, but to them, it could be just as urgent as their next feed.

If you give your cat affection they will be easier to manage in the future, so it’s worth spending just a few minutes, like when it runs in front of you, to keep it happy. It will be quick and keep your bond tighter.

What should you do if your cat runs in front of you?

If your cat runs in front of you first assess what it wants. It could just be quick, lick directing you to the door to let it out, assuming you do not have a cat flap (click here if you are worried your cat flap may not be fitted correctly) so it can let itself out, for example.

Sometimes you will be extremely busy, but unfortunately, your cat will still make it difficult for you because they will block you (click here if it messes with your phone too). Therefore, you will need to pause, even if it’s just to avoid it.

Do cats know if they annoy you?

Cats do know when they annoy you. they have the ability to sense your mood. However, according to a recent study, they learn this over time, not right away. So, if you are new to the cat then it may take some time for them to get used to you and confirm when you are annoyed.

So, if you seem like you are getting annoyed when your cat jumps in front of you, then the chances are your cat will detect this. And, it may not be obvious. Some cats will acknowledge it and take note. Which could lead to issues later on.

Do cats intend to trip you over?

Cats do not intend to make you fall or trip over them when they run in front of you or herd you. But, in their mind, this is the only way they can think of to get your attention. Yes, they can meow, but this will guide you to a certain location right away.

So, if your cat has just made you trip over embarrassingly, hold in your anger or shouting. Why? because we already established that this was not intended and you need to give it a break.

Could your cat be trying to herd you?

When your cat runs in front of you it could well be trying to herd you. Meaning, it is trying to guide you to a certain location. The theory has it that the term “herding” is taken from the process of herding sheep, like farmers.

This makes sense, right? Why? Well, your cat is trying to control your movement by blocking, and getting in your way, right? This is a classic example of herding.

Could your cat be trying to show dominance?

Why does my cat hiss at my dad?

A cat hissing.

When a cat runs in front of you like this it could well be a way for it to assert its dominance as well. Sometimes they will do this to test your response. Male cats are known to want to dominate other male cats, as well as us humans as well.

It can be difficult to be sure if it is its intention, or just to get your attention for something else unless you follow its direction first. Which, one could argue is a way of being submissive, right? So, it is really a vicious circle.

How can a cat’s separation anxiety make them run in front of you?

A cat with separation anxiety can run in front of you in an attempt to block you from leaving. This is because they may fear that if you leave, you may not return. This may stem from some issues they had in the past, such as being deserted or taken from their mother too early.

With these cats do this, you will need to be patient because they may be delicate and need time to build confidence. And, if you make an aggressive outburst to them it may affect them psychologically.

Will a hungry cat run in front of you?

A hungry cat is very likely to rin in front of you because they want to feed right away. This, in fact, is quite common and may frustrate some cat owners especially if they are sure their cat has had enough food already.

If you feel that your cat is overweight, you may have a greedy cat. In this case, you will need to find ways to control its portion sizes and slow down its eating speed using a food puzzle (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), or something else.

Can a cat manipulate you in this way?

When a cat runs in front of you like this it may seem playful. But, the reality is part of this game is a subtle way to manipulate you. It may seem far-fetched, but it’s worth keeping an eye on so you do not let them control you.

It may sound petty, but it is important to remain in control of your relationship with your cat to make them respect you.

Lindsey Browlingdon