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Why Does My Cat Poop When I Poop? (Safety or Stealthy?)

If you have noticed a trend of your cat always pooping when you do you may be confused wondering why this is happening…

Why does my cat poop when I poop?

Your cat may poop when you poop for several reasons such as the security of you being there, comfortability, or just the timing of your pooping. Whichever one it is regard it as a compliment because cats would only do this with a trusted person.

So, now you know. But, why do cats watch you poop? Should you even let your cat in the bathroom with you? When do cats usually poop?

3 top reasons why your cat may poop when you poop:

Why does my cat poop when I poop?

A white toilet with the lid open.

So far I have briefly mentioned a few reasons why your cat may poop when you poop. Therefore, in this section I will explain each one in more detail:

01. Comfortability

Some cats choose to poop when you poop out of comfortability. This is a good sign, believe it or not. Why? Because it shows that they are happy and choose to be around you.

Obviously, this is only really likely if you have placed the litter box in your bathroom, or in view of your toilet. But, the share fact it even uses it with you there is a compliment.

02. Security (Safety)

If your cat continually poops while you are there, or when you do it could be a sign that it appreciates the security that you offer. Just your presence may make your cat feel more secure when it poops.

Historically, as wild cats, they know that pooping is a weakness. The act of pooping, as well as the poop itself. Regarding the latter, it is one of the reasons why they bury it after to reduce the chances of their detection.

My point is this, with you there it offers them some type of security while they are vulnerable. It’s similar to them cuddling up to you while you sleep basically.

03. Timing

If you poop consistently, meaning, at regular intervals. For example, I like to go between 9 & 10 AM most mornings, sorry for that, just had to let you know! Well, your cat may follow your schedule and may just feel the urge at the same time as you.

This is possible and perfectly understandable.

Why do cats watch you poop?

A cat may watch you poop, without pooping itself, because it knows it has your full attention. In the busy world, we live in your cat knows there are limited chances to get your attention, and this is one of them.

However, with that said, many people now use their mobile phones while they use the toilet and this may be why you may get cats blocking phones.

Should you let your cat into the bathroom when you poop?

If you feel comfortable letting your cat in the bathroom while you poop then there no reason to stop it. However, if it’s annoying and undesirable, then you should discourage it.

I get it, when you poop it is often regarded as a private time for you only. Some people feel this way, but others are fine with it. in fact, some people even poop with their partner in the same room, yes, that’s right!

Why do cats insist on being in the bathroom with you?

A cat in a bathroom looking out.

A cat in a bathroom looking out.

Cats love to know what’s happening with you in your home at all times. So, if you close the bathroom door your cat will go crazy. In fact, any door closed, even your bedroom will cause this.

Basically, cats are curious and feel that they own the house. Yes, they feel that you are blocking them from their own bathroom door, are you with me? hence the reason they don’t like it.

When do cats usually poop?

Cats usually poop at least once a day. But, it is not uncommon for them to poop after every meal or multiple times per day. This is because it largely depends on what they have eaten and how their metabolism reacts.

But, if a day has passed without any poop, it could be a cause for concern. And, if you are worried, the best thing is to check in with your vet to rule out any health issues or blockages.

Is cat poop harmful to humans?

Cat poop can be harmful to humans if it passes on the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. This is one of the reasons pregnant women are strongly advised to keep away from cat litter or poop.

Although many cat owners deal with their cat’s poop (click here if its leaving stains) each day, like anything, there is always a risk to consider.

Why is my cat’s poop so stinky?

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Cat poop is so stinky because it contains protein. In fact, most meat-eating animals have smelly poop for that reason, including us humans. Other plant-based animals, like rabbits, usually smell better.

However, let’s be honest. Any poop is going to be smelly to an extent. Why? Because whether it’s from a meat-eating animal or vegetarian, it is still waste that needs to be disposed of, right?

Why do cats get energy after pooping?

Cats have energy after pooping (click here if it approaches you after) because of the positive feeling they feel stimulated from their vagus nerve. This is known to create a “feel-good factor” as the large poop is released.

This is not just reserved for cats, this also is experienced by us humans as well. Have you ever finished in the toilet and felt amazing after releasing that humongous stool? Well, that is what I am talking about!

How do I stop my cat from stepping in poop?

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The best way to stop your cat from stepping in poop and then tracking through your home is to deal with it as soon as it steps out of the litter tray. The simplest solution is to get a litter trapper mat (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

This can pick up the litter particles and pieces of poop that pick up on in the litter box.

Can you flush cat poop without litter?

Cat poop should not be flushed down the toilet even without litter because of the risk of Toxoplasma in their poop. The problem is the toilet system cannot get rid of this meaning it could end up in the ocean. This can cause issues with sea life, such as otters.

Some owners disagree with this and use cat training systems (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad) all the time. So, it is a controversial topic in the cat community.

Why is my cat not covering poop?

If your cat is not covering its poop there is a chance that the litter you are using could be hurting its paws. if this is the case then you may need to either replace the litter and see how that pans out or get your cat’s paws checked to rule out any potential issues.

It may be beneficial to only try a small amount of new litter in case you end up not using it and therefore reduce the chance of wasting a large-sized pack.

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