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Why Does My Cat Never Meow? (Temperament or Trouble?)

If your cat never meows you may be wondering if this is a genuine issue or if it’s just the way your cat is…

Why does my cat never meow?

Your cat may not be meowing for several reasons such as its personality type, breed, or because of a health issue. If it’s the latter, you need to get it checked out to rule this out. Otherwise, it could just be the way your cat is based on its personality or breed.

So, now you know. But, should I be concerned if they rarely meow? Why is my cat’s meow silent? What if my cat used to meow then stops all of a sudden? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 Top reasons why a cat may not meow:

Why does my cat never meow?

A cat laying down looking sad/stressed.

Earlier I briefly mentioned a few reasons why your cat may not meow. Therefore, in this section, I will explain each one in more detail:

01. Infection

If you notice that your cat is not meowing there is a chance that it could be suffering from Upper Repository Infection (URI). This is a virus or bacteria that is often contracted from contact or sneezing.

If you notice your cat has watery eyes or nose. Or, even discharge from these areas then this could be more evidence to suggest this is the case. But, without checking with your vet it is hard to say for sure.

02. Personality or Breed

Some cats are just quiet by nature. Meaning their personality is just that way. Or, their breed is often a certain way inclined. For example, some cat breeds such as the Japanese bobtail are known to be loud.

And, on the other end of the scale, Abyssinian cats are known to be quiet. So, if you have one of these cat breeds and you haven’t heard it meow, it could just be because it’s from a quiet breed.

It could be a genuine concern if you have a Japanese Bobcat, for example, and it becomes quiet all of a sudden. That would need to be looked into.

03. Growth in the throat

Some cats may have issues meowing due to a growth in their vocal cords or throat. This could be a minor polyp or something more serious such as cancerous growth.

If you notice your cat’s voice has suddenly become hoarse or it’s struggling to meow all of a sudden it is a good idea to get it checked out to rule this out.

Why do cats meow?

A cat’s meow is its way of communicating with us humans. They may choose to do this to ask for something or direct us in some way. Cats mainly use this meow to communicate with us humans rather than cat to cat.

The theory is that this meow sound is to purposely resemble a baby. And, this is believed to be because they know it gets a response. And, to be fair, it does work, right?

Should I be concerned if my cat rarely meows?

If your cat rarely meows it may not be a concern. For example, if its personality is reserved and quiet, or it is a known breed of cat that is typically quiet and revered, like an Abbissian, then it may be fine.

However, if it’s a loud cat, personality-wise, or a breed of cat that is typically loud and boisterous, like a Japanese Bobcat, and it suddenly changes behavior and stops meowing, then it could be cause for concern.

Why is my cat’s meow weak and raspy?

Your cat may have a weak or raspy sound for a few reasons, such as if your cat is stuck somewhere and crying for assistance or has a health issue.

As discussed earlier, this could be an Upper Repository Infection (URI) regarding the health issue. But, if it’s stuck somewhere, like up a tree it may meow a lot which can cause its voice to become hoarse or raspy like this.

Why is my cat so quiet all of a sudden?

Your cat could be quiet all of a sudden if they are upset or depressed. Cats can become depressed for many reasons such as changes in their home environment, problems with a local cat, or even a health issue.

Regarding issues at home, this can be caused by simple things like the addition of a new pet or baby which may make it feel it’s getting less attention.

Why can’t my cat meow properly

Your cat may not meow properly for many reasons such as it’s physically painful to do so, chooses not to due to anxiety, or feels weak, making it feel like a challenge.

If it feels physical pain then it could be many things, but as discussed earlier a URI could be an obvious problem. Otherwise, if it feels weak, it could have a health issue affecting its energy levels.

Why is my cat’s meow silent?

If your cat’s meow is silent it could just be a choice your cat made rather than using a standard loud meow. But, there is also a chance that it has a problem with trying to get the meow out.

For that reason, it is worth checking your cat out with the vet to rule out any health issues, just in case. Then, if you get the all-clear you can monitor it to see if this keeps happening or it’s just a rare occurrence.

Can a cat be mute?

A cat can be mute. However, it is more expected from kittens that are still developing their vocal cords. If an older cat suddenly becomes mute it could be an issue with old age or even an issue with its environment.

If the cat is not a kitten, senior cat, or no known environmental issues then it could suggest it has a health issue causing it to be mute instead. If that the case you will need to get it checked out with your vet.

Can cats get laryngitis and stop meowing?

Cats can develop laryngitis and this is likely to affect their sound such as their ability to meow. When this happens it could cause them to have a hoarse sounding meow or stop completely until it is sorted.

If it does have this it is not likely to just go away on its own. It will need to be checked and treated by your vet. So, it’s not wise to sit back and hope it will just pass.

How can you tell if your cat is not meowing due to unhappiness?

The best way to detect if your cat is not happy is to look out for their body language. This can be seen by simple things like their ear, and tail position. Or, even things like its fur standing up.

Some of these body language signs are quite subtle, and without experience, they may easily be overlooked.

Do feral cats meow much?

A dirty looking white cat outside.

A dirty-looking white cat outside.

Feral cats hardly meow. This is because they do not have much if any, contact with us humans. Meowing is mainly used by domesticated cats that wish to communicate with their owner(s).

This is why you may see two cats yowling, instead of meowing. Some people may mistake this for the same thing, but technically it’s different.

Lindsey Browlingdon