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Why Does My Cat Like Eggs? (Dangerous For Cats?)

If your cat has been hovering around your eggs recently you may have been surprised and assumed they wouldn’t like it. But, why is this? And, can they really eat them?

Why does my cat like eggs?

Cats like eggs because they are protein-rich and quite filling. They have also been known to attack bird nests and steal eggs as part of their hunting instinct. Many cats enjoy their flavor and will typically be appreciative when they are served up as a natural food option.

So, now you know. But, are there any health benefits of these eggs? And, what about any risks? Can kittens eat them? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Can cats eat eggs?

Cats can eat eggs. They are loaded with protein and many cats enjoy them as a way to vary their diet. However, they should not be considered as a replacement for their standard nutritious cat diet, such as canned wet food. But, as an alternative treat they can be a good option.

Cats are known to gravitate to eggs when given a chance and this may make some cat owners fear the worst. But, as long as the eggs are cooked they can be a delicious alternative for them. Just make sure they are cooked and have no seasoning in them. Cats do not appreciate the seasoning in our food.

What are eggs?

Why does my cat like eggs?

A box of eggs on a kitchen table.

Eggs are typically laid by animals, according to Wikipedia, in particular females as part of their reproduction. Many animals produce eggs such as fish, lizards, chickens, etc. However, most humans will assume chicken eggs if the animal is not specified.

These chicken eggs, like other animal’s eggs, have a hardened outer layer to protect the membranes inside. Even though the outer core is hard, they still are treated as fragile as they are known to crack with limited impact. This is why you hear people use words like “fragile as eggs”, right?

Nutritional Content of eggs

Source: USDA (per 100g) *

Name Amount Unit
Calories 136 Kcal
Protein 13.64 g
Carbs 0.00 g
Fat 9.09 g
Calcium 45 mg

* See the source for the full list

Are there any health benefits of eggs?

There are several benefits of eggs. So, in this section, I will point out a few for you to appreciate…

01. Source of vitamins & minerals

Eggs are known to be a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. In particular, Vitamins A, D, E & K. And, other minerals like iron and zinc, etc. They are typically regarded as a healthy part of a meal for this reason.

02. Good source of protein

One of the reasons cats may gravitate to these eggs is their protein content. They are rich in protein and contain amino acids. For humans that crave protein, such as bodybuilders, are known to use eggs to boost their daily intake.

You may have even heard of some athletes cracking raw eggs into their protein shakes to boost the protein levels, right? Well, the egg white in particular, because this is known to carry the most protein and least fat.

03. Reduce your calorie intake?

Eggs are known to be quite filling. So, if they are eaten, especially early on in the day they may help to curb cravings and snacking that could reduce your overall calory intake.

The idea is you can feel so full after eating these eggs that you may pass up on a cheeky mid-morning snack, like a candy bar, etc. Whether or not that will really work, is another thing.

Are there any health risks of eggs?

One of the biggest concerns with eggs is their potential to increase cholesterol levels. This can, potentially, impact your heart health. There has been much debate over this but for this reason, they should not be over-eaten.

The yolk of the egg in particular carries the most fat and calories. This is why, as I mentioned earlier, you may hear of some athletes just consuming the whites.

Should you feed your cat eggs?

You can give your cat eggs. But, if you do consider it as a rare treat rather than part of their daily, or even weekly diet. There are other nutritional offerings designed for cats so there is no reason to stock up on eggs for them.

Like many things in life, you can eat them, but this does not mean you should, right? But, in this case, it’s fine, but in moderation. If you offer it here and there it is unlikely to be an issue for them.

Is eggs OK for Kittens?

I would not offer kittens eggs. This is because Kittens are growing rapidly and need a nutritional and balanced diet. When they are really young they should not be consuming anything but their mother’s milk, failing that, gruel.

Then, when they grow old enough to wean off the milk they need a stable diet. Eggs are a luxury, in my opinion, leave that for adult cats, if at all. Cats are typically regarded as adults once they get to the one-year mark so that is an idea of when this may be more acceptable if you still want to pursue it.

Are there better food alternatives than eggs for cats?

There are many alternatives to eggs that cats can eat such as quality wet food. Or, if wet food is not your thing, dry cat food. You could even look into ways to achieve a bit of both with dry food converted to wet.

Basically, it’s best to stick to food that is tailor-made for your cat to keep them in the best of health. Wet food in particular is great because it can keep your cat hydrated as well as full. This water content means they won’t need to drink as much water directly from the water bowl.

And, some cats do not drink much water directly. So, offering them this wet food can help you get around this.

Can eggs cause cats diarrhea?

Cooked eggs have not been known to cause cats diarrhea. But, if cats are feed raw eggs, which they should NOT be fed, by the way, this can upset their stomach and cause food poisoning resulting in diarrhea, or even vomiting.

Just like raw meat, raw eggs should be avoided at all costs. This can make your cat seriously ill and should not be served up. realistically, there is no need to consider offering them this anyway.

Do eggs go bad?

eggs do go bad. Chicken eggs often come with a sell-by date when purchased in stores. Eggs go off quite rapidly so it’s important to check the dates regularly so you do not let them slip by the sell-by date. Feeding your cat expired food is not good.

There are other theories on testing eggs by dipping them in water, etc. But, personally, it is safer, especially when thinking about your cat, to focus on the expiry date. These dates are often earlier than the real expected time for it t g off so it can give you some contingency time.

Lindsey Browlingdon