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Why Does My Cat Lick the Blinds? (Texture or Attention?)

If your cat is licking your blinds you may be wondering why this is happening and if there is anything you can do about it… 

Why does my cat lick the blinds? 

Oddly enough, there are many reasons that your cat enjoys licking blinds. From the texture against their tongue to your reaction when you see them doing it, cats are detail-oriented animals, and they take notice of their surroundings. 

So, now you know. But, should I be concerned about this? How can I stop it from happening? Why do some cats like cold windows? Keep reading for these answers, and much more.

4 top reasons why your cat like to lick blinds

Cat licking its nose.

Cat licking its nose.

That means, once they find something that intrigues them (or intrigues their human companion), they will continue coming back for more! 

01. They enjoy the texture on their tongue

Cats have a major preference for texture which is why they become intrigued by the strangest things –including blinds! Blinds are smooth, thin, and cold! Cats enjoy feeling this smooth texture against their tongues!  

A delight for vinyl blinds is especially common since it does not resemble anything in the cat’s normal diet or daily life. When they are introduced to this atypical texture they often cannot resist exploring it more! 

02. They like your reaction

Believe it or not, the reaction you give can encourage your cat’s behavior! If you laugh and coo every time your cat licks the blinds, it is likely they will associate this as a positive behavior.

When your cat wants to please you or look cute, they will go ahead and lick blinds! Similarly, if you fuss at them every time they lick blinds, they will likely use blind licking as their way of acting out!

If your cat’s box is not clean enough or you did not feed them exactly when they wanted, they may use this as their way of showing anger! 

03. They enjoy the smell

Cats have an elite sense of smell which is why the smell of your blinds might pique the interest of your fierce feline!

Whether they are plastic, wood, or metal, cats have a very particular sense of smell, and once they find something that they enjoy they will continue investigating it until they are no longer interested in it! 

04. They like playing with them

Cats are playful creatures with the primal instinct to hunt! At the end of the day, playing with blinds is just an enjoyable experience for them!  

Blinds can be shaken and even destroyed all while they enjoy their licking experience. Talk about enjoyable! 

What are blinds? 

Green leafed plant beside window blinds.

Green leafed plant beside window blinds.

Blinds are used to filter light into your home and can be purchased in a variety of styles, textures, and finishes. Cats will lick any type of blind they can find if they are interested in them! 

Should I be concerned if my cat is licking my blinds? 

There is no reason to be concerned if your cat is licking your blinds. This is a prime example of a cat’s overactive curiosity in action! 

You should, however, always pay attention to the cleanliness of your blinds and the sharpness of the edges of your blinds.

If you notice the edges of your blinds are too sharp, this may be a sign that you need to replace them with something less dangerous so your cat can lick the blinds without the danger of harming themselves!  

Some behaviors are completely natural for your cat which is why these unusual animals make for very entertaining and enjoyable pets.

However, when your cat starts acting exceptionally unusual, it might be a sign that you should visit the veterinarian for an evaluation. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

How can you stop your cat licking the blinds? 

There are a few simple measures you can take to stop your cat from licking blinds, all at a low cost to you! These tactics will stop your cat from licking the blinds! 

01. Ban your cat from the room 

If blind-licking is isolated to a single room or you only have blinds in one area of your house, you can ban your cat from that room entirely. This is a drastic measure but can be the cheapest way to solve your blind licking issue.  

Unfortunately, this can be inconvenient for both you and your feline. It can also cause pose a threat to your relationship given you are taking away some of your cat’s freedom. Closing off some of their roaming areas might make them feel neglected. 

02. Replace the blinds 

This is a plausible solution if you have exhausted all other options and blind licking is a major problem in your house. However, replacing your blinds can get pricy and it is not always guaranteed to work, either! 

Instead of using whichever blinds you are currently using like the frequently purchased vinyl blinds, you can choose another type of blinds like wooden blinds or another less appealing texture that your cat will not be tempted to lick.  

Even if you choose another type of blind, it is not always guaranteed that your cat will stop licking. The texture is not the only reason cats will lick blinds, and they just pick up their blind licking addiction right where they left off, now with newer, more expensive blinds! 

03. Distract your cat 

If your cat is an avid licker, you may need to create a distraction to save your blinds! One great distraction you can use to deter your cat from this strange behavior is a repellent which stops your cats from licking furniture and other items like window blinds! 

You may also want to put out move toys, mazes, cat scratchers, and tunnels which can provide entertainment for your cat instead of the window blinds.

Take more time out of your day to entertain your cat. Playing with blinds may be a sign that they are bored and need a little more social interaction.  

When they choose to play with you instead of the blinds, it might be a good idea to give them a reward and use positive reinforcement to change their behavior! 

Why do some cats lick the window blind strings? 

Some cats have been known to lick window blind strings but there is no scientific evidence to determine why exactly they are doing this.

The most common explanation given for why cats do this is that they like the remnants left behind from human fingers but there is no direct proof supporting this! 

Why does my cat lick cold windows? 

Your cat might lick cold windows if they are interested in what is outside. This might mean they are trying to interact with a bug or an animal on the other side of the window or they are trying to lap up the condensation that is on the glass itself. 

If your cat licks cold windows, that is nothing to be concerned with. It is a completely normal cat behavior.

Still, any cat owner whose cat is lapping up fresh condensation from their windows should pay more attention to the cleanliness of their windows so your feline friend can stay healthy as they do this strange behavior. 

Are curtains better than blinds for cats? 

Curtains and blinds both have different benefits. Some cats can fair better with curtains, however, other cats may attack these curtains and cause mischief.  

It all depends on your cat’s personality and behavior. 

Do cats lick curtains? 

Cats are known for licking curtains. However, the type of curtains they are licking can be a major determiner for the reason behind the cause for their licking!

A) Shower Curtains 

Cats may sometimes lick shower curtains for a wide variety of reasons like thirst, exploration, and emotional distress.

As long as your cat appears to be in good health and is not showing any obvious signs of physical illness, licking shower curtains is safe for the most part. Just be sure they are sanitary! 

B) Decorative Curtains 

Cats do not typically enjoy licking fabrics because of the unpleasant texture therefore seeing your cat lick a decorative curtain made from fabric is a clear sign of distress and evidence that your cat is experiencing pica. 

Why do cats lick furniture? 

Since cats enjoy licking things with pleasurable textures and smells, it is not uncommon to see your fluffy feline licking strange things like furniture. This abnormal behavior can be concerning at first but there is generally nothing to be worried about. 

Lindsey Browlingdon