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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Back? (Warmth & Protection?)

If your cat keeps laying on your back, you may be wondering why it does this and if you should encourage it to do this…

Why does my cat lay on my back?

Your cat may lay on your back for several reasons such as the warmth your back projects, to show love, a form of protection, and a way to bond with you. They will only do this to the person they truly love and appreciated so it should be taken as a compliment.

So, now you know. But, should you let your cat lay on you? What does it mean when a cat sleeps on you? Is it a good idea to let your cat sleep in your bed? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

4 Top reasons a cat will lay on your back:

Why does my cat lay on my back?

A cat laying on a bed.

Earlier I briefly explained some reasons why your cat will lay on your back. In this section I will give you more detail on each one of these:

01. Love

When a cat loves you it will show it in many ways including this as well as sleeping in your bed, rubbing up against you, laying in your lap (click here if this is not happening), etc.

These simple body language triggers is a way to express the love and trust it has for you.

02. Warmth

As you lay down your back will emit some great warmth. Your cat is not silly, it will capitalize on this by laying there (Click here if its putting its head on you too) and absorbing this body heat. This is even more common on cold winter days when this warmth is greatly appreciated.

If you do not have a warm cat bed (click here to see my best one) for them then they are even more inclined to hop onto your back for this comfort.

03. Protection

While your cat lays on your back it feels a level of protection. It knows that it can trust you and guard against any other aggressors while you are with it. So, your back is ideal, because they are right there with you.

You may feel this is far-fetched in a domestic environment, right? Well, cats can get anxious about small things and then feel comfortable and protected by you when they feel this same way.

04. Bonding

Cats are quite social animals and they definitely like to share their time with their trusted owner. Therefore, as they lay on your back it is a great opportunity to bond with you.

Cats can be seen to bond with you in many ways, not just laying on your back. Such as relaxing with you on the sofa, playing games, etc.

Should you let your cat lay on your back?

You should let your cat lay on you if you are comfortable with it. As long as you are careful, ad not likely to roll on them, it a chance to bond with them.

Obviously, if your cat is not making this experience comfortable for you, such as digging its nails into your back, or biting you, then in that case it’s not such a good idea.

Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

Cats like to sleep with their owners for the same reasons they lay with them, comfort, love, and protection. A cat may even have its own cat bed and still choose to hop in bed with its owner.

Sleeping with your cat does have some pros and cons though (more on this later). So, there is mixed feedback on owners that have experienced this before.

What does it mean if your cat sleeps on you?

When a cat sleeps with you it may not always be about comfort and love. One theory is while they do this they may be marking you, as their territory. I know, it is more common for a cat to spray to mark their territory.

However, they can also do subtle things like this, as well as rubbing against you, scratching, etc.

How do cats pick their favorite person?

Why does my cat ask to be picked up?

A cat being picked up & cuddled.

Cats tend to choose their favorite owners based on two key things: the person that feeds them and spends the most time with them. They are appreciative of their feeder in particular, and that can be a heavy influence on their decision on their favorite person.

You may have situations where your cat shows loves to you and then hates your dad, for example. When this happens you may see it being hostile towards this person.

Should cats sleep in your bed?

Earlier I mentioned that there is mixed feedback on owners that have slept with their cats before. This is because there are pros and cons on both sides. Here are some of the main ones:

01. Benefits

A cat in your bed can be soothing and comfortable, especially if you live alone and miss the closeness of a partner. Some even say it helps them to fall asleep easier.

02. Cons

The negatives of sleeping with your cat is the fact that it can move around a lot while you are trying to sleep, meaning it can actually interrupt your sleep. They have even been known to bite their owner’s feet or toes.

How can you calm your cat at night?

To help calm down your cat at night you need to find a way to use up their energy before you go to bed. This can be done by simply playing with them just before you go to bed and even offering them some food before you go to bed.

These small things can help it rest when you sleep to help you get better sleep. Also, if you find that your cat is leading you to the door in the morning, then you can consider a cat flap (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

Do cats lay on their owner because they fear them leaving?

Some cats do fear that their owner will leave and may lay on you when this happens. A recent study compared a cat’s reliance on its owners, in comparison to babies, and there seems to be a correlation.

You may have noticed that when you leave your door, and then return, your cat is there waiting for you. Some cat owners have even noticed their cat pooping on their return, almost suggesting that they waited for them.

Do cats like the sound of your body?

Cats are known to love the sound of our bodies. The theory is they appreciate the sound of our heartbeat, blood flow, etc. This seems to be calming for them and one of the reasons they may be drawn to your back to lay on.

When cats are young, they used to be physically close. And, this may be why they are attracted to laying on your back in this way.

How can you tell if your cat loves you?

One of the best ways to tell if your cat loves you is their body language, in particular, if they follow you. around. This is a classic signal that they want to be around you.

Think about it, they are not forced to this, right? But, they have chosen to use their time to follow your every move.

Lindsey Browlingdon