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Why Does My Cat Hold My Hand? (Love or Attention?)

If your cat holds your hand you may be wondering why it chooses to do this and if it’s normal…

Why does my cat hold my hand?

Your cat may hold your hand for several reasons such as wanting your attention, appreciating the security you offer, and last, but not least, pure love. If it’s the latter, pure love, then feel good because it means that you have a great bond with your cat.

So, now you know. But, why do cats paw at your hand like this while you sleep? What if your cat tries to hold your hand down? Why do kittens like to hold hands? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

3 top reasons a cat will hold your hand:

Why does my cat hold my hand?

A cat touching a hand with its paw.

Earlier I briefly shared a few reasons why your cat may hold your hand. In this section, I will explain each one in more detail:

01. Pure love

One of the main reasons a cat may hold your hand is because of pure love. Meaning it enjoys your presence and wants to be near you. Therefore it may want to hold your hand like this.

Also, if it is not in the mood to cuddle or lay in your lap it may just offer you its paw instead. This is usually a good alternative. And, most cat owners will appreciate it.

02. Security

Some cats will want to hold your hand for security. Meaning, one of the benefits of having you as a cat owner is a comfort and security. And, when they are holding your hand or laying on you it makes them feel secure.

This varies from cat to cat. because sometimes you may have a cat that takes on the protective role and insists on guarding you.

03. Get your attention

Lastly, your cat may be feeling neglected and wants your attention. For example, you could be on your phone and it wants to block you. When it holds your hand it can guarantee your attention.

If this happens try not to act annoyed, it means your cat loves you and wants some time with you. And, it could be a direct signal that you need to spend more time with it.

Why do cats paw your hand when you sleep?

why do cats get in your face while you sleep

A cat on its owner’s bed

A cat may paw your hand when you sleep because it either wants to be near you or sees your hand moving and is confused. If it’s the former then feel thankful, assuming you are happy with it in your bed. If the latter, it could start with your hand (Click here if your cat is avoiding it) and happen with your feet, etc.

Cats are known to disrupt sleep due to seeing movement in the night such as feet, or hands. And, if they are awake, which is likely, they may react and either jump on it or hold your hand in this way.

What does it mean if a cat lets you hold its paw?

If a cat lets you hold its paw it’s because it trusts and loves you. If the cat had any concerns about you it would not extend its hand to you. Not all cats will respond in this way though, so if it’s not happening it does not mean it loves you less.

Some cats may prefer to be picked up by you, or another display of affection.

How do cats feel about holding hands with humans?

Some cats love to hold hands with humans while others may not be keen on it. Therefore, it is largely based on their personality. In this context, they are similar to a human because they have their own individual choices.

You may find that if a cat does not offer its hand to you and you try and hold it, it may back off and refuse. But, that does not mean it does not like you. On another day it could be fine, or just its overall preference.

Why do cats hold your hand when you are stressed?

A cat may hold your hand when you are stressed because you are available. Meaning, other times you may be busy and your cat may struggle to find a spare moment to do this.

An example of an unhappy, or physically upset human could include them sitting silently or laid out on a bed. This is a perfect opportunity for a cat to come along and hold your hand if that is what they like to do.

The good thing is when you feel this way, and then your cat does this it can be soothing for some people. And, may even help them feel better when they are low.

Why does my cat lay next to me and put her paws on my hand?

If a cat lays next to you and puts its paws on your hand it may be a loving gesture and an opportunity for it to connect with you. For example, if you are laying on your couch, relaxing, with your hand extended. your cat may come along and offer its paw.

This is a classic example of a loving gesture when it has the opportunity to do so. You may assume it’s something else, like a hint for some food, etc. But, it’s more likely to be as simple as this.

Why does my cat hold my hand down?

If your cat holds your hand down then this is usually an indication that it does not want to be petted or cuddled. For example, you extend your hand to pet your cat on the head, and it responds with its paw directly on your hand pinning it down.

This is body language from your cat to say not right now. Or, not ever, please. Some cats may never want to be petted. So, in this case, it may pin your hand down regularly.

If your cat gets aggressive with this it can cause concern. But, this tends to happen if you refuse to take the subtle hint and keep trying to pet it.

Why does my cat make me hold his paw while he sleeps on my lap?

If your cat is making you hold his paw while your sleep it means it wants to be close and bond with you. Some cats may feel happier sleeping with your hand on their paw in this way.

This is largely based on their preference. It’s possible to have two cats, even from the same litter. And, one will want to have your hand its while it sleeps on your lap, and the other pinning it down with resistance.

Why do kittens like to hold hands?

Some kittens like to hold hands whenever possible while some prefer to respond to your gesture in this way. For example, if you extend your index finger to them, they may paw at it and request that you hold hands.

Kittens are known to be more playful and for this reason, it may seem that they want to hold hands, and then it evolves into some kind of game for them, which can be cute at times, right?

Lindsey Browlingdon