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Why Does My Cat Fart In My Face? (Awkward Mistake?)

If your cat has farted in your face you may be left embarrassed, annoyed and wondering why this has happened…

Why does my cat fart in my face?

Cats may fart in your face to release the excess air in their digestive tract. However, it is less often than other animals, for example, dogs. This is because they usually eat without gulping in the air too much. However, there could also be other health issues, such as parasites that can also cause this farting.

So, now you know. But, what caused this to happen? How can you present it happeing again? Does a cat fart usually smell? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

Does a cat fart smell?

Why does my cat fart in my face?

A cat with its tail in the air.

Most of the time a cat fart does not smell or even make a sound. But, there are rare occasions when it will be overly gassy it even has a foul-smelling odor. This could happen if they happened to gulp down too much air while they were eating or have a health issue, for example, parasites.

Regarding gulping down too much air this could happen if your cat is feeling a bit greedy and eating the food too fast. This can make them take in too much air. If this is the case you will need to look into some methods to slow down their eating speed. This can easily be achieved using tactics like a puzzle feeder (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad).

What causes a cat to fart?

A cat will fart mostly from a build-up of gas in its digestive system. Once it reaches a certain level its body will naturally release it. For cats, this is often silent without much of a smell. However, if they have eaten a food item that disagrees with them or causes allergies it could cause a more drastic reaction.

In this sense, their body’s behavior is similar to us humans. Meaning, have you ever eaten something too fast and felt the sudden urge to fart? Well, cats are not much different. Or, have you ever eaten some food that you just know didn’t agree with you?

Well, if you have you will know where it leads to right? Cold hard flatulence, right? And, for us humans it’s embarrassing. But, mainly because, unless we control it, it’s often loud and smells bad. right?

How can I prevent my cat from farting in my face?

To prevent your cat from farting in your face you need to deal with the root cause of the problem, which is, what s making it fart? So, in this section I will give you some suggestions for each:

01. Switching up your cat’s diet

One of the common issues is your cat’s diet. There could be just one ingredient that may disagree with them causing this farting response. So, it’s not an exact science, but you need to test out other foods.

The idea is to switch some of its food and see how it responds. This may be just as simple as switching wet food A, with wet food brand B. Or more drastic such as switching from dry to wet food.

Unfortunately, you need to test and see how your cat responds. Why? Well, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for this. Each cat is different. Are you with me?

02. Seeking medical advice for any health issues

If your cat has other health issues such as parasites, other intestinal health issues you will need to seek advice from your vet to be safe. Because your cat may need medication or something else. And, it’s not worth wasting time at home guessing.

Do cats know it’s offensive to fart in your face?

Cats do not know that you get offended if they fart in your face. This is a human feeling and mostly causes social embarrassment. Cats do not acknowledge social pressure the same we do. However, if you have an aggressive reaction to it, they will see you are unhappy, but they won’t be clever enough to link it to their farts.

So, this is why many owners say negative discipline is not the answer. It often makes people feel they are solving the problem because they get an immediate response. But, long term the cat will be confused and just lose trust in you.

Do cats audibly fart?

Cats do audily fart. But the level of sound is low. Meaning, its not like a loud human fart. It is a subtle sounding one. However, this can sometimes be more noticeable if they have swallowed too much air while eating.

The reason why its often hard to hear is the amount of air that is ejected from their anus. This gas is normally minimal for cats because of their eating style. Meaning, they don’t usually take in too much air while they eat.

Why do cats like to put their bum in your face?

A cat with its tail in the air being stroked.

A cat with its tail in the air being stroked.

Cats tend to put their bum in your face to show their trust in you. When they position themself in thsi way they are vulnerable. And, being vulnerable around you is a sign of their trust.

You may feel that they are deliberately trying to fart in your face, but this is not the case. Yes, they could accidently do this. But, it is not their original intention with this maneuvre.

Why do cats want to get up in your face?

Cats get up in your face to show their affection. Unfortunately for us this is often when we are trying to sleep but its not done to annoy you. Thye want you to see that they appreciate and love you.

While they do this you may hear them purr which is another confirmation of their good intention. While it may be annoying accept it as a compliment and show your cat some love in return.

Why do cats show their Buttholes?

Cats are known to show you their butthole because they comfortable with you. It may seem like an odd thing to do but they know they are vulnerable at that time and they want you to know they are comfortable to be this way with you.

Its similar to your partner walking around naked in your presence. This is done because they feel comfortable while they are vulnerable in your prescence.

Do cats use their bum smell to identify each other?

Cats do use their bum smell to identify and greet each other. Cats rely on their scenes of smell heavily and you may see them checking out each others bums to smell, identify and greet each other.

As wild as this may sound to us this is perfectly normal for them, in their world. You may also see this similar behavior with animals, such as dogs.

Think of it this way, when us humans greet each other we often say “Hi, my name is…”, then you may offer your hand to shake, right? Well, cats do not have this gift, so they naturally use other ways to do this.

Can inappropriate food cause your cat to fart in your face?

Innappropriate food can cause your cat to fart in your face. These foods, such as diary or unintentional expired food can cause your cats stomach to get upset and make it respond with a fart.

And, if you are unlucky, and happy to be in the vaccinity of your cats bum, or holding it at that time, it could accidently fart in your face.

How are intestinal parasites linked to cat farts?

Intestinal parasites can cause farts, upset stomach or even diareahhea in cats. If these symptoms become out of control or you suspect your cat has parasites its worth checking in with your vet. They can help your cat out and make life easier for you.

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