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Why Does My Cat Dig In The Sink? (Secret Exposed!)

If your cat is digging around in your sink then you may be wondering why this is happening and what can be done about it…

Why does my cat dig in the sink?

A cat may dig in your sink for several reasons such as they generally like the shape of the sink, want to get your attention, boredom, or even feeling hungry. There have been some interesting observations regarding cats and sinks which lead many cat owners to believe cats like sinks more than you may think.

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So, now you know. But, how can you prevent it? Why do some cats drink from the sink tap? What is so great about your sink? Keep reading for these answers, and much more…

4 Reasons cats dig in sinks:

Why does my cat dig in the sink?

A cat sitting in a sink.

Earlier I briefly mentioned a few reasons why your cat may be digging in your sink. Therefore, in this section I will explain each one in more detail:

01. They like them

Some cats generally like sinks, this is why you may see them digging, or even just hanging out in the sink. The Theory is they like the surface, running water, and shape of the sink (more on this later).

02. Boredom

If your cat is bored it will look for ways to keep itself entertained. Therefore, it may deem your sink as a good alternative for fun and frolics. I know, it doesn’t;t sound that fun to us, but some cats beg to differ.

If this is the case, you need to look into other options for your cat such as offering it more toys (Click here to see the reviews, on Amazon #Ad), a cat tree (Click here to see the price, on Amazon #Ad), etc.

03. Hunger (or Thirsty)

When a cat is hungry, or thirsty it may go and search for food. Sinks are known to attract cats mainly for their running water. So, there may be occasions it diggs around or visits your sink when it gets like this.

04. Seeking your attention

When cats are struggling to get your attention they may do unexpected things. And, digging around in your sink could’ve one of them. This is even more of a thing if you are in the room with them preoccupied with another task.

Also, if you feel compelled to shout the cat down and out of the sink, think again. Why? Well, this is playing right into its hands. After all, it wants your attention, and if you do this, it got it!

How can you prevent your cat from digging in the sink?

If you have had enough of your cat digging around in your sink, and you understand why it’s happening now, you may be keen to get some solutions to stop it. Therefore in this section, I will share some with you:

01. Block access to the room with the sink

The first most effective and simple is to just block access to the room. As simple as this sounds it’s not always possible. for example, you live in a small open apartment, like a studio flat.

If that is the case then you will need to look for another option. Also, some cat owners may see this as too extreme, and prefer to focus on the sink, rather than the entire room.

02. Cover the sink

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If you prefer to focus on the sink itself then using one of these sink covers is ideal. They will not only block the sink temporarily, but they will provide another surface to chop up or prepare food while it’s covered.

While it’s covered your cat will not get any access no matter how hard it tries. And, hopefully, in time it will learn not to bother with the sink again.

03. Place double-sided tape around the sink

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If you would prefer not to cover the sink, or close the room you can try using double-sided tape. This is a crude method but can get some short-term results. It may be enough to make your cat think twice about using your sink.

Simply stick the tape around the edge of the sink, or inside of the sink. Obviously, you cannot use the water during this time. The idea is the cat will get turned off resisting the sink once the tape is removed.

Truthfully, this is a hit-and-miss technique. meaning, it could work perfectly, or just be overlooked by some cats.

04. Get the cat its own sink

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Another, more drastic measure, which has been known to be done is getting your cat its own sink. This will free up yours and keep it happy.

However, this needs some warning. Your cat is not guaranteed to use it, even if it’s theirs. This is similar to cat beds, some cats will have their own and persist to hop into their owner’s bed.

Why do cats love sinks?

Cats love sinks for a couple of reasons, such as the following:

  • The surface
  • The shape (Ideal bed size)

Firstly, the surface is desirable to some cats. For some reason, they seem to love smooth surfaces. This is not limited to sinks, but these are commonly used for this reason.

Regarding the shape, it is a great size for cats. Why? Because it fits their body just right for an afternoon nap.

Why do cats drink sink water?

Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity?

A cat drinking some water from a fountain.

Cats like to drink sink water because it is deemed fresh. The reason for this goes back to their wild ancestors. They seek running water, for example, a river stream, because it is fresh and not stale water.

This instinct seems to have been passed on for generations and one of the reasons you may see your cat hanging around in the sink in this way.

How can I prevent my cat from turning on the sink tap?

If your cat is constantly turning on your sink taps you may be looking for a solution. Therefore, in this section I will offer you some suggestions:

01. Rubber band

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A rubber band is a great and simple way to stop your cat from turning on the tap. But, it may not work on all taps, for example, the traditional twisting taps.

If you have a lever-based tap you can use this temporarily to train your cat not to use it.

02. Bar Clamp

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Another option, more firm than a rubber band, is a bar clamp. Again, this won’t work on all taps, but it will hold it firmly shut for those that can.

03. Keep the door closed

A more simple suggestion is just to keep your door closed refusing entry by your cat. As discussed earlier, this will not only prevent your cat from digging the sink but also from turning the tap on.

But, same as before, this may not work on all taps.

Why does my cat sit in the sink?

You may notice your cat sitting (could it resemble a kangaroo? click here) in the sink because it wants to cool off. This is even more noticeable on hot days, or if you have the heating on, on a cold day. Also, this is mainly relevant for porcelain-based sinks that are ideal for your cat to cool down on.

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